OspreyFX ECN Broker Review


There are tons of online brokers out there, and today we want to review one known as OspreyFX. Let’s take a closer look at this OspreyFX broker to see what it brings to the table.



OspreyFX Broker: Important Details

Right now, we want to take a closer look at all of the most important facts and details that you need to know about this OspreyFX broker. There is a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it.

Trading Assets & Features

The OspreyFX broker is an extremely versatile broker that is designed to allow clients to trade a wide variety of assets. This particular broker allows clients to trade with a variety of assets. These include cryptocurrencies, regular currencies, and stocks, as well as commodities.

At this time, there are over 30 different cryptocurrency pairs to trade with period there are over 55 different forex currencies to trade with. There are also well over 100 stock to trade with, as well as a large amount of commodities. Simply put, OspreyFX is a one stop shop for all of your trading needs.

What you may also appreciate about this broker is that the minimum lot size per trade is just 0.01. Also, you only have to make a minimum deposit of $10 when opening account. On that same note, trades can be leveraged by up to a factor of 500 to one, which is a whole lot no doubt.


The Forex Calculators

One of the coolest aspects about this broker is that it comes complete with a Forex calculator. These Forex calculators allow clients to trade with much better insight into the market. These calculators are all about allowing clients to perform at that accurate evaluations so that they can get the most out of their trades.

All of the values used in the calculators are calculated using real time scenarios, as well as your broker’s current market prices. OspreyFX comes complete with a pip value calculator, a margin calculator, a swaps calculator, and a currency converter. All of these are designed to allow for the best possible risk management.

Daily News Updates

Something else that stands out above the OspreyFX broker the fact that it comes complete with daily news updates. Daily news updates are a big part of fundamental analysis. Knowing what is happening around the world, particularly in terms of economies, politics, manufacturing, and more, is extremely important for trading.

All of these things greatly affect the values of stocks, currencies, and crypto currencies, and therefore, being aware of these updates is vital to your success as a trader. This is something that the OspreyFX broker provides you with.


Trading Education is Included

Something that really stands out about this OspreyFX broker is the fact that it provides you with trading education, particularly for cryptocurrency trading and forex trading. this broker provides clients with an extremely wide variety of educational resources. Here, you will learn more or less everything that you need to know in order to be a profitable trader.

What is cool here is that there are various levels of education for you to engage in. There are educational resources here designed for beginners, for intermediate traders, and even for advanced traders too. The amount of educational content that is broker features is more or less unrivaled by any other broker out there.


Funded Accounts

Something else that stands out about this particular broker is the fact that it provides clients with so-called funded accounts. If you are using a funded account, it means that you get an account that already has money on it and do not need to make a deposit. In other words, here you get to trade with someone else’s money.

That being said, do only get to keep 70% of the profits that you make. However, being able to trade without any risk whatsoever, because you are trading with someone else’s money, is of course a huge benefit. Being able to keep 70% of the profits generated with someone else’s money is pretty darn good no doubt.

Keep in mind that there is a fairly lengthy process involved to get a funded account. Mainly, you have to use two different demo accounts. You have to use one demo account for a month comment and you have to make at least 10% profit in 30 days.

You then have to do the same thing with the second demo account. once you get it through these first two stages and have proven that you are a reliable and profitable trader, you will then be awarded with a funded account where you get 70% of all of the profits that you generate.


The Affiliate Program

OspreyFX also uses a special affiliate program to market its own services, and affiliate program that can allow you as a client to earn a great deal of commissions on your referrals. Of course, the main goal here is to get you to refer other people to use this OspreyFX broker.

When those people then trade using your affiliate link, you get a certain amount of money. To be specific, when you are an affiliate with this broker, you will start earning commissions for every lot that is generated by your referrals.

Every time a lot over $10 is traded using your affiliate link, you will get weekly commissions. Yes, these commissions are paid out on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that there are various tiers of affiliate here. For each additional tier of the affiliate program that you reach, you will get additional commissions.

ECN Connectivity

The next thing that stands out about the OspreyFX broker is the fact that it provides you with market leading rates and trading conditions. This is all thanks to the fact that clients are supplied with true ECN connectivity. This ECN connectivity is exactly what makes it possible for all kinds of this broker to trade using institutional grade liquidity.

This liquidity all comes from the world’s top investment banks, dark pool liquidity exchanges, and hedge funds. What this also means is that all clients who use this broker do not have to deal with any rate manipulation, dealing desk, or re quoting. If you are looking for flawless execution, great spreads, and high trading volumes, then this particular broker is definitely one that you should check out.


Risk Management

What also stands out about this particular broker is the fact that it engages in a high quality risk management.

What is meant here is that the OspreyFX broker regularly and consistently analyzes, pinpoints, monitors, and regulates each and every single type of risk that is associated with all of its day-to-day operations.

All policies and procedures are continuously monitored and updated. Thanks to this, this broker is able to cover all of its capital requirements and financial requirements with absolute ease.

Tier One Banking

The OspreyFX broker uses only tier one banking. This broker works with only the top financial institutions in the world, which helps to ensure great reliability. This also helps to ensure that there is a huge pool of liquidity available to trade with at all times.

This also helps to ensure that payment service providers are flawless and fast, especially when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. This broker works with banks around the world, as well as other top financial institutions. It’s all about ensuring that your funds are secure, and that trades are instantly and reliably executed.


Segregated Fund Accounts

What you may also appreciate about the osprey FX broker is that all funds that are deposited by clients are held either in your name or in that of the broker itself. You can choose to hold onto your funds in your own name and in your own account.

However, you can also choose to have OspreyFX hold your funds in a segregated and independent bank account. It’s a really good way to ensure that the funds of this broker and your own funds are tracked separately.

This broker can easily distinguish between funds held for you and another client, as well as from its own funds. What is also worth noting is that all funds from clients are kept off balance and they’re certainly never used to pay creditors.

MetaTrader 4

The final thing that we want to mention about this OspreyFX broker is the fact that it uses MetaTrader 4 for all of its trading purposes. MetaTrader 4 is of course one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, and it’s because it is efficient, reliable, and user-friendly.

You can use this trading platform to trade manually, automatically, or socially. When it comes down to it, this is often considered to be the best and number one performing trading platform in the world.


Osprey Broker Review – Final Thoughts

As you can see, whether you are a beginner or a pro trader, and whether you want to trade stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, or commodities, the OspreyFX broker is one of the best out there. It’s definitely a broker that we would recommend using.

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