The Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Bot

The Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Bot


Folks, it is finally here the Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Trading Bot, the number one way to make money in the world of Forex. The fact of the matter is that the FX market can be brutal. It can lead to big time losses if you do not know what you are doing. However, this Forex Pro Island system is here to provide you with the best FX signals without you having to know or do anything. This is our Forex Pro Island review and we are here to tell you about the fantastic benefits which it will bring to your day trading game.

Forex Pro Island Bot

What is Forex Pro Island Software & How Does it Work?

Alright, so first off, let’s explain exactly what this Forex Pro Island MT4 Auto Trading Bot is, how it works, what it does, and how you use it to finally start putting real money in your pockets through reliable FX trading. So, in layman’s terms, Forex Pro Island software is designed to provide you with live, up to date, and highly reliable trading signals for FX, and it will then automatically places trades for you.

All you have to do is download and install this software on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform to use it. Yes, it must be the MT4 platform, as it is specially designed for this platform. Anyway, once you have it installed, simply activate it within MT4 and allow it to generate FX signals for you. Once you receive the signals, all you have to do is nothing at all, because the software trades for you! 

Now, the beauty about the Forex Pro Island system is of course that it does all of the work for you. Here, there is a highly specialized algorithm encoded into the software. This performs all of the necessary fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and news analysis for you, and even places the trades too.

You literally don’t even have to do any work at all or even know much about Forex trading in general. It does all of the heavy lifting for you. All signals come complete with entry points, stop loss levels, and take profit levels. You literally just let the Forex Pro Island App do all of the work for you. 

One thing you should know here is that the Forex Pro Island bot is designed for short term trades. You must use it in conjunction with either 1 or 5 minute charts. This software is designed to produce short term FX trading signals for smaller trades. This makes it ideal for people who want to make fast money with quick trades, and for people who also don’t want to risk too much cash on a single FX trade.

Forex Pro Island Bot


Who is Behind the Forex Pro Island MT4 Bot?

It is of course understandable that you may be a bit weary of the Forex Pro Island system. After all, there is no denying the fact that there are plenty of FX trading scams out there, systems and pieces of software that want nothing more than to steal your money. Yes, this is understandable, but that said, we can assure you that this particular MT4 automated signal provider is as reliable and trustworthy as humanly possible.

To help reassure you of the legitimacy of this particular trading software, let’s quickly talk about who the creator of this software is. Well, the man with the master plan is none other than Andrew. A. Andrew is of course the creator of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, one of the world most prestigious day trading courses. Income Mentor Box is all about teaching newbies to become professional and self-sufficient day traders.

So far, Income Mentor Box has thousands of happy customers, the vast majority of which are now profitable day traders. Andrew is also the creator of Andrew’s Trading Channel on Telegram, as well as Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube. For all intents and purposes, when it comes to trusted and reputable trading gurus and mentors, Andrew is up there with the best of them.

If you want to confirm his identity, just to be safe, check out Income Mentor Box and his various trading channels. He is the real deal and he created this Forex Pro Island Automated Indicator program to help you make money. This guy is the real deal and he is here to help money in your pocket, if you are willing to let him help!

Forex Pro Island Bot


Forex Pro Island Indicator Bot – Main Features to Consider

One of the most important things that you should know about the Forex Pro Island auto bot is that it comes with plenty of beneficial features. The bottom line is that this automated signal provider for the MT4 trading platform has plenty of cool features that make trading easier, faster, and way more profitable than ever before. So, what are the main features that you get here?

  • An extremely user friendly platform that is easy for everybody to navigate, even newbies.
  • This indicator supports any and all major currencies that can be traded in the FX market.
  • You only need to trade for a few minutes or a couple hours per day to make substantial profits. It takes only a few minutes to generate profits.
  • The signals provided are up to date, reliable, and have very high profit potential. They are some of the best FX signals in the world.
  • There are multiple styles of trading which are coherent with the FX Pro Island Bot, so people of all trading styles can use it to make fast and easy money.
  • The unique trend power indicator will tell you how strong any given trend is, and how reliable any given trading position may be at any given time.
  • The signals are reliable and there is no re-painting that takes place, thus also making signals more accurate and much easier to use.
  • It takes under 5 minutes to set up a fully functional account and the cost consists of a very low one time payment with absolutely no hidden fees.

Forex Pro Island Bot


Forex Pro Island Bot – Expected ITM & Profits

Ok, so this is of course an automated trading bot for FX, or in other words, a piece of high tech software that provides you with highly reliable trading signals. Simply put, the main point of this whole thing is to put money in your pocket without you really having to do any work whatsoever.

Therefore, you are probably interested to know just how accurate and reliable these signals are. What is the win rate or ITM rate like with these signals? How much money can you actually put in your pocket using this awesome signals system?

Well, we have it on very good authority that you can expect the Forex Pro Island MT4 trading bot to win at least 74% of the trades placed with the signals which it generates. Folks, a 74% win rate is absolutely amazing. 74% might not sound like a whole lot, but in fact it is, and it’s way better than you can expect with any other sort of automated signals provider like this.

If you win 74% of the trades you place, so around 7 to 8 out of 10 trades every time you start a trading session, you can indeed make a ton of money. The fact of the matter is that even if you have only a very small trading account with limited funds, you can still easily make a few hundred dollars every single day, even with the smallest of trades. Being able to win the majority of trades placed makes the Forex Pro Island application one of the best in the world, something that will help you make healthy and consistent profits day in and day out.

Forex Pro Island Bot


Forex Pro Island Client Support

Yet another thing that is worth noting about the Forex Pro Island signal provider is the fact that it comes with truly excellent customer support. Yes, we did say that this MT4 trading indicator is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

Moreover, installing it on the Meta Trader 4 platform is also about as simple as it gets. However, this does not mean that you will never experience any issues of difficulties. Problems are a natural part of life and of day trading. If you happen to run into any sort of issue here, there is great customer support.

If you have any issues with the Forex Pro Island system, all you have to do is email This customer support is open 24/7, so you can email for assistance at any time of day or night. No matter when you ask for assistance, and no matter how big or small the problem is, the team behind this automated trading indicator will be there to help.

Forex Pro Island Bot


Forex Pro Island Testimonials – Some Good News!

Something that is worth noting about the Forex Pro Island Trading Bot is that it already has some rave reviews. Now, yes, it was only released to the public today, but there was a select group of people, beta testers so to speak, who got to try it out.

Well, the results which people were able to achieve with this particular FX signals provider seem to be very good. From what we have gathered, people are extremely happy with this brand new and super high class FX signals system for the MT4 trading platform. Let’s take a look at some of the positive things which people have to say about the Forex Pro Island Auto Trading Bot.

Paul Seegers had the following to say: “Was my first EA experience so far and these guys really did the job. I picked a robot and the rest was done by the support team. Very supportive and not afraid to walk an extra mile. Will probably never trade manually again”.

Finally, Jack Chuang had this to say: “Support is great and I recommend it to those who are not looking for the holy grail but want to make profits with low risk settings”.

James Whitaker has this to say about Forex Pro Island: “I trade with robots for years and never managed to keep them under control. With Forex Pro Island this is made extremely easy. In case you consider to trade with robots, I can definitely recommend the service of this team”.

Forex Pro Island Bot

Signing Up For Forex Pro Island Auto Trading Bot – The Cost

Alright, so for one, if you want to sign up with this particular MT4 auto trading bot, all you have to do is follow the official links which we have provided here in this article today. You will be redirected to the official Forex Pro Island website. You will see how to sign up for it there.

Folks, creating your account with this signal provider for FX takes only 5 minutes. After you have signed up for it and downloaded the software, you can then install it right into the MT4 platform, at which point you will start receiving high quality FX signals to make money with.

In case you are wondering about the cost, the Forex Pro Island Auto Trading Bot costs only $299, which is a more than fair and reasonable price. Folks, if you use this bot and the signals which it provides, you can easily make $300 in just a couple of hours. Therefore, you can get your money’s worth out of this automated trading bot in a single day. Any other money which this system generates after this point will all be pure profit that you can put in your pocket.

Let’s not forget the fact that the $299 is a single one time payment. There are no additional costs or fees, nothing like a membership or subscription fee, there are no commissions, and no hidden fees of any sort. This is a one time payment of $299 that will then allow you to use the Forex Pro Island for the rest of your life without ever having to pay another penny.

Forex Pro Island Bot

Forex Pro Island Trading Bot – The Bottom Line

Folks, you won’t know what you are missing out on until you try this Forex Pro Island auto bot for yourself. It is by far the most modern, the easiest, and the fastest way to make profits trading FX without even having to know or do anything at all. We would definitely recommend giving it a shot.


Forex Pro Island Signup

New Day Trading Platform Release

New Day Trading Platform Release

Yes, it is finally time people, there is a brand new day trading platform release set for any day now. When it comes down to it, it’s been way too long since a new day trading app has come to the public, far too long. Now, of course there are currently some half decent day trading systems out there, but none of them have managed to live up the hype and expectations which we had for them.

Sure, there are some decent ones, but by and in large, most of them have not performed as expected. Some of these pieces of software only allow users to trade a few assets, some are only available in a select few countries, and some simply are not profitable either. However, from what we can tell, this new day trading platform is set to be very different, much better than anything that has come before it.

Now, in terms of the exact release date, we do not have this yet, although it is safe to say that it should be out by this time next week. Unfortunately, at this time, everything is still a bit low key and hush-hush, so we are not at liberty to divulge too much information about it, such as its name for one. However, although we cannot tell you the name of this new trading software, there are indeed a few key details which we are allowed to inform you of.


Andrew’s Trading Channel

New Day Trading Platform – Some Key Info

One of the key pieces of information which we can divulge about this new day trading platform is that it will allow users to trade with a wide variety of asset types and classes, more than any other app to date. This brand new system will allow users to trade Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, and possibly even more. The fact of the matter is that at this time, there is no software out there like this.

Another thing which we can tell you about this new trading app is the fact that it will be available for use in the vast majority of countries around the world. It’s good news for anybody living in a country which is fairly restrictive with this kind of thing.

The other thing that we know for sure is that this new day trading platform is set to be semi-automated in nature.

New Day Trading Platform Coming Soon

The bottom line is that this new day trading platform release is going to be within the next seven days, at least we hope as much. No, we don’t have an exact date of release as of yet, but it will be soon.

Moreover, although we cannot tell you what the name of this new app is, we can say that it is set to be one of the very best in the world, without a shadow of a doubt. Get ready folks and stay tuned, because this new day trading platform is set to make everything before it look like child’s play.


Income Mentor Box

The CryptoTrixi Trading System Is Here!

The CryptoTrixi Trading System Is Here!


If you have been waiting for a new signal provider and trading system, you are in luck, because the Cryptotrixi application is finally here. It’s no secret that finding a good signals provider and platform for day trading is very challenging. There are often big problems that arise, with the biggest one coming to mind being that many of them are simply scams. Either they are scams or they just don’t perform well, often losing money.

Well, today we are introducing you to the Cryptotrixi app, a brand new trading platform that was just released. We do have some very high hopes for this app, as there has been a lot of chatter about it. From what we have gathered so far, this is set to be one of the biggest and best signals providers and trading platforms to come out in quite some time.

Now, today we don’t want to do a super in depth review of features or technical stuff. We just want to give you a little introductory Cryptotrixi review to introduce you to this new app. We want to talk about some basic stuff, like if it’s legit, how it works, what it does, and how it might perform too. Let’s get on with it and take a closer look at this new trading system that could potentially help you win a heck of a lot of trades.


What Is CryptoTrixi Software?

Alright, so we should probably explain exactly what this Cryptotrixi system is. In layman’s terms, this is a combination signals provider and trading application. It’s neat because it does both things, provide you with signals and allows you to place trades, so you don’t need to use multiple apps to place some trades.

Through a variety of algorithms and high tech programing, you are provided with the best trading signals at any given time. Then, using the trading feature, you can use those signals to place trades, hopefully profitable trades.


In case you are wondering what exactly this Cryptotrixi app can trade, as you might guess from the name of it, it’s designed for cryptocurrency trading. However, that is not all it can do, because as we have gathered, it is also quite the formidable Forex trading app as well. That’s right, here you get high quality Forex and cryptocurrency signals, which you can then execute trades upon, all in one convenient place.

You might also be wondering what level of automation this Cryptotrixi trading software features. Well, signals are automatically provided to you. Yes, you do have to enter some signal criteria, but other than that, signal generation is automated.


On the other hand, what this is not, is a fully automated trading system. This means that unlike with some other apps out there, you cannot just turn it on, let it run, and have it place trades on your behalf. It just does not do that. You manually and individually need to execute trades based on provided signals. Personally, we actually prefer this over fully automated systems, because semi-auto systems like this provide you with a lot more control over what and how you are trading.

Cryptotrixi App – Other Important Information

There are a few other important facts and points that we want to get across for this Cryptotrixi introductory crash course, stuff that’s probably fairly important for you to be aware of, so let’s do that right now.


Signing Up

Just in case you are wondering what signing up for this Cryptotrixi app is like, let us explain. First off, signing up for this trading software is totally free, and it’s free to download as well. There is no cost involved in this sense. If you do want to sign up, simply follow the links which we have included here today. Follow the links and go to the main website, where you will see the registration links.

You will just have to fill out some personal information, then verify your account and identity. After this, all that is left is to sign up for the right broker, deposit some trading funds, and you can get started. Folks, we do need to stress how important it is that you sign up using real information, such as your real name, email, and phone number. Many people try using fake personal information to sign up for this kind of thing, and it never goes well.


Cryptotrixi & Brokers

You might also be wondering what the story with brokers is like in relation to this Cryptotrixi system. So, when you create your account with this app, you will automatically be assigned a broker. This much we know. So for anybody who wants to be able to choose a specific broker, you are out of luck in this sense.

However, what we can say is that all brokers related to this application are real, legit, and licensed. These aren’t scam brokers that will rip you off. Sure, they’ll charge you fees and commissions, but that’s business, and nothing absurd at any rate. We will confirm this later on, but most of the time, if you are unhappy with your broker that has been assigned, often, signing up for a new platform account using a different email address should also change the broker.

Cryptotrixi Review – Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, we are definitely very excited to see what this Cryptotrixi app can do and how it will perform. From what we have gathered so far, it absolutely appears to be a 100% legitimate and trustworthy trading application and signals provider.

We will be doing testing on it later on, specifically live trading to see exactly how it performs, plus we will be doing some platform features reviews too. There is a lot of stuff to say about the Cryptotrixi app, more than we care to say in this intro, but there is a lot more to come. When it comes down to it, we do think that this is a great signals provider and trading app, one worth checking out for sure.



Cryptotrixi First Trades Success & More!

Cryptotrixi First Trades Success & More!


The Cryptotrixi app was just released today, and yes, we are very pleased about it. It’s been too long since a reliable and user friendly trading application was released, and this one is set to be quite the powerhouse. Now, this is supposed to be a reliable and profitable signals provider and trading platform for cryptocurrencies and Forex.

Of course, it is our responsibility to test out any new piece of software like this, and it’s what we are here for today. From what we have gathered, based on our own trading results, the Cryptotrixi system is indeed one of the best in the world. In our first live trading session with it, we already managed to make some pretty heavy duty profits, and it’s a good sign of better things to come.

Cryptotrixi App & Our First Trades

Alright, so of course, this is a brand new and untested piece of trading software. Yes, there are some really good signs that it will be one of the best systems in the business. However, we can’t take what the website says at face value, nor can we recommend any kind of app or system to our readers without testing it for ourselves. Therefore, we did a test run with the Cryptotrixi app, and we do have to say that it all went quite well.

So, in case you did not know, the Cryptotrixi trading app is a semi-automated system that provides cryptocurrency and Forex signals, and allows you to trade them in the same place. Now, we are not a fan of cryptocurrency trading right now, because profits are just not very reliable. It’s all quite risky, and it’s why for the most part, when it comes to apps like this one, we tend to stick with Forex trading. So, this exactly what we did for our first trading session with this brand new app, we place 2 Forex trades, and yes, we did make some money.

Cryptotrixi First Trades Are Profitable!

Ok, so we placed a total of 2 Forex trades using this new Cryptotrixi app. Before we did so, we had to use the included market analyzer tool to find the best signals to trade with, which was very easy to do. From what we can tell, the whole platform is very user friendly and easy to get the hang of, so that should not be a problem. At any rate, we executed both of the Forex trades we chose to go with, and they were open for just a short amount of time.

Well, you will be happy to hear, as are we, that both Forex trades turned out to be winners. 2 out of 2 trades were won, which translates to a 100% ITM rate. Now, you cannot expect any piece of trading software to win 100% of trades, especially not all the time, and no, 2 trades is not all that much. That said, winning 2 out of 2 trades is very good no doubt, and it’s definitely a good sign in terms of signal accuracy and reliability.

It’s also worth mentioning that out overall profit from these 2 Forex trades was over 200 Euros. That’s right folks, from just 2 small trades, into which we did not invest much money at all, remembering that this is a test run, we made over 200 Euros, and that in just a few minutes too. So, overall, the Cryptotrixi trading system performed very well. We will be doing larger trading sessions in the future, with more trades and more capital, and yes, we expect it to go quite well.


Cryptotrixi – Platform & Other Important Facts

Alright, so there are a few other important facts we would like to share with you about this Cryptotrixi app, mainly in regards to the platform itself, so let’s do that right now.

Market News Feature

One cool feature we personally like is how the Cryptotrixi app comes complete with a market news section. Knowing what is happening in the world, in terms of industry, economics, and politics, can affect cryptocurrency and currency prices, big time. Therefore, it’s very important that you check out the news section before you place any trades on any given day. Certain news pieces can have various effects on price directions, which is crucial for trading success.


Full Charting Solution

Something else that you might like to know about Cryptotrixi trading software is that it does come with a full charting solution. This is indeed a full charting solution, one where you can perform in depth analysis on currency pairs and cryptocurrencies alike. Lines, bars, indicators, and everything in between, this is truly a full charting solution, and that’s a big help no doubt.


The Market Analyzer

Yet another great feature that you get with the Cryptotrixi trading system is the market analyzer tool, which helps provide you with the right and the best trading signals possible. This tool allows you to select specific Forex pairs and currencies, short or long term trading, as well as the level of risk you want to engage in. Based on what you have selected, you will then be provided with the most accurate, reliable, and up to date signals as possible, all in real time. Simply put, it’s a very reliable way to select the right pairs that will end up putting money in your pocket.


Cryptotrixi First Live Trades – Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, we absolutely think that the Cryptotrixi trading system is probably one of the best in the world. Yes, there is some more testing and trading that needs to be done, but a 200 Euro profit from 2 winning trades, plus a 100% ITM rate from our first session are definitely all very good signs. If you want to trade Forex or cryptocurrencies for profit, or both, you should check out the Cryptotrixi program. It’s easy to use, quick to sign up for, and should help put substantial profits in your pockets.



Income Mentor Box: Learn & Earn!

Income Mentor Box: Learn & Earn!


Income Mentor Box is back with more, now featuring Andrews Trading Channel, Live Trading Streams, Forex and crypto signals services, and much more. Today we do want to focus on the brand new Income Mentor Box live streams, which allow you to earn money while you learn. It’s just another awesome resource for aspiring day traders, brought to us by the popular Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Let’s take a closer look at Andrew’s Trading Channel, the live streams, and the various signals services which these guys offer!

Income Mentor Box

Income Mentor Box: Andrew’s Trading Channel Live Streams

Something which we want to talk about right here and now has to do with the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy’s Live Streams. Now, these live streams are hosted on Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube. Andrew is of course the Mentor from Income Mentor Box, and now he has added a new learning resource to the mix, live trading streams.

That’s right folks, now, with Andrew’s Trading Channel Live Streams, you can watch Andrew live in action. There are plenty of things that you will learn from these live streams, such as how to trade Forex, finding the best Forex trading pairs, what indicators to use, what the best stocks of the day are, how to perform technical and fundamental analysis, and so much more. This is an awesome learning product courtesy of the same people who brought the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy to us.



The really cool part about Andrew’s Trading Channel live streams is that they are reliable. The point here is that everything is done live on camera for you to see. Trades are opened and closed live on camera, in real time, so you can see exactly what is going on for real proof. There are no video editing tricks here and no cuts, and no photoshopping either. Everything done in these live streams is real time, legit, an honest. It’s a great way for viewers to know that these live streams are indeed the real deal.

Now, for anybody who is serious about learning how to day trade, whether Forex, stocks, or crypto, we personally would recommend actually joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Yes, the live streams and other content on Andrew’s Trading Channel are all fantastic resources to learn how to day trade everything under the sun. That said, they are not totally complete lessons. For full lessons and tutorials, real in depth content on specific day trading topics, you do want to join the Academy itself.


Income Mentor Box Live Streams – Earn & Learn At The Same Time

One of the really neat aspects of these Income Mentor Box live trading streams is that not only will you learn the ins and outs of various strategies, and that you can see Andrew trading live in action, but you also get to copy the trades. Whenever Andrew places trades live on camera, they are most definitely going to be profitable.

Andrew always does his homework, and he only picks the most reliable pairings around to trade live on camera in real time. This therefore means that you can copy the Forex, stock, and crypto trades at the same time as Andrew places them. In other words, whenever Andrew makes money in his live streams, you can also make those profits for yourself. It’s a great way to learn about specific methods of day trading while also winning trades and making money at the same time.


Income Mentor Box Forex Signals & Cryptocurrency Signals To Copy Trades

What is absolutely worth mentioning about Income Mentor Box is the fact that you also get access to various signals services. First off, there is a Forex signals service hosted by these guys, one where you get up to 12 high quality and super accurate Forex trading signals per day.

All members of the day trading academy get free access to this Forex signals service. It’s super easy because here, with the Income Mentor Box Forex Signals Service, you get real time Forex signals, and you don’t have to do any work at all. Just wait for the signals to be released, copy them into your broker or trading platform, with all the parameters already included for you, and you are good to go.

Moreover, also keep in mind that there is also a Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Signals Service. This is just like the Forex signals service, but instead of being for Forex, you get cryptocurrency signals. Now, there is a basic version of Cryptocurrency Mentor Box that is free for everybody to use, but the premium version, with way more and way better crypto signals, will cost you a little but, although the price is very reasonable to say the least.



Crypto Mentor Box Telegram Access

Learn & Earn With Income Mentor Box – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is constantly growing, expanding, and increasing the amount of resources it provides to aspiring day traders. Of course, there is the full blown academy itself, which is nothing short of being a completely comprehensive and cost effective Forex, stock, and crypto day trading course. Realistically, here you should learn everything there is to know about all aspects of day trading so you can finally start making real profits.

There is of course more to it than just this, because Income Mentor Box also has its own YouTube channel, Andrew’s Trading Channel, which is free for everybody to use, not just members of the academy. It’s another great resource that everybody can use to learn how to day trade. Yes, the live trading streams, with strategies being explained and trades being placed in real time on live camera is definitely a bonus too.

Don’t forget folks, when watching Andrew’s Live Trading Streams, you can copy those same trades to earn money while you learn. Yes, the Forex signals service and the Cryptocurrency Mentor Box crypto signals service are both valuable resources as well, ones you can use to copy trades easily, efficiently, and profitably.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

Crypto Mentor Box Signals Service

Crypto Mentor Box Signals Service

As you know, here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we are all about teaching people how to day trade Forex, stocks, securities, cryptocurrencies and more. With our academy, you can learn to day trade like a pro from home, so you never have to work a 9 to 5 job again. However, we do so much more than that, with our brand new Crypto Mentor Box signals service being one of those new endeavours.

Crypto Mentor Box Crytpocurrency Signals

Now, as you might already know, we do already host an Income Mentor Box Forex signals group. This Forex signals group has enjoyed great success in the few months that is has been available to the public. Day traders have been able to make massive profits while doing little to no work at all. Well, the people have been demanding that we make a signals service for cryptocurrencies, hence our Crypto Mentor Box cryptocurrencies signals service. Let’s provide you with some details!

Crypto Mentor Box Cryptocurrency Signals Service Coming Soon!

The point we want to make here is that next week we are about to release Crypto Mentor Box, a great cryptocurrency signals service that will allow you to trade without having to do any of the heavy lifting yourself. If you are sick and tired of attempting to trade cryptocurrencies, without success, and with failure, you have come to the right place. Let’s go over what this new Crypto Mentor Box signals service is all about.

Crypto Mentor Box Crytpocurrency Signals


  • Keep in mind that our new cryptocurrency signals service is set to be released next week. As of now, it is not yet available.

  • Crypto Mentor Box signals service will be hosted on the trusted Telegram messaging app. This app is totally free to use and download, and it works fine on all major systems and devices.

  • Our new cryptocurrency signals service is going to be 100% free to use. This means that anybody can access Crypto Mentor Box to get our trusted cryptocurrency trading signals totally free of cost.

  • Our new Income Mentor Box cryptocurrency provision service will provide a certain number of cryptocurrency trading signals on a daily basis. These signals are brand new, always fresh and up to date, and 100% accurate. Our Forex signals service has seen great success, and there is no reason to think that Crypto Mentor Box will be any different.

  • The beauty here is that all of the hard work and heavy lifting has been done for you. All of the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and news research is performed for you. All you have to do is take the signals when they come, paste them into your trading platform of choice, and watch as the profits accumulate.

Crypto Mentor Box Crytpocurrency Signals

Crypto Mentor Box – NEXT WEEK!

So, please stay tuned guys, because our stellar Crypto Mentor Box signals service will be officially available starting next week. This is going to be by far the easiest way to get and trade cryptocurrency signals to put money in the bank on a daily basis!


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

Income Mentor Box NEW TRADING TIPS & INFO!

Income Mentor Box NEW TRADING TIPS & INFO!


The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy has just released a series of highly insightful and useful trading tips, tutorials, and profit videos. If you have not seem them yet, you really don’t know what you are missing out on!

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy EMA Strategy


Income Mentor Box – The 3,100 Euro Profit Session

One of the recent videos we here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy posted was where Andrew, our mentor, had one heck of a profitable Forex trading sessions. Guys, it can be really hard to make decent cash through Forex trading, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Heck, it can be hard to win trades at all and not to lose money. However, as you can see from this recent trading video, Andrew knows which rules, strategies, and indicators are best for Forex trading.

Folks, this recent live trading session saw Andrew make well over 3,100 Euros in pure profits through Forex trading, and it only took a few hours for these profits to accumulate. If making over 3,100 Euros on a daily basis sounds like something that you would like to do, you should definitely take a closer look at this particular Income Mentor Box live Forex trading session. You might just learn a few things that will help you increase your day trading profit margins by a whole lot.


Income Mentor Box – The Best Binary Options Trading Platform?

Binary options trading has gone slightly out of style, and since the advent of cryptocurrencies, people have been trading binary options less and less. However, this does not mean that BO trading cannot be highly profitable. Now, sure, you could use an online broker to place all of your trades, but that is neither fun nor easy, plus it is certainly no cost effective either.

In this particular Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy tutorial, Andrew discusses what the current best binary options trading platform is, how profitable it is, and why you might want to consider using it. The bottom line is that here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, our goal is to make trading as easy and profitable for you as possible. If you use this best binary options trading platform to trade BO, it will most likely result in profits, as long as you follow Andrew’s tips in terms of how to use it properly.


Income Mentor Box – Best 3 Minute BO & Forex Strategy

Do you ever think that you just do not have the time to trade binary options or Forex on a daily basis long enough to make significant profits? Yes, many Forex and BO strategies involve spending countless hours in front of your computer to make profits. Yeah, it is fine if you have the time to spare on it, but most people simply don’t have countless hours of free time every single day to spend day trading.

This is why in one of our more recent Income Mentor Box day trading tutorials, Andrew discusses short term trading strategies. Here specifically, Andrew discusses a 2 – 3 minute Forex and Binary Options trading strategy. It’s a good day trading method to keep in mind if you want to make decent profits on a daily basis, but don’t have lots of time to spend doing so. No, the profits doing this are not as big as if you spent hours trading, but being able to make a couple hundred bucks in 3 minutes is still a pretty good deal if you ask us.


Income Mentor Box – The World’s Laziest Forex Day Trader

Have you ever wondered with how little you can get away with doing, while still making enough cash to support yourself without having to work on the side? Yes, day trading, whether Forex, crypto, stocks, BO, or otherwise, can be very profitable indeed. However, is a single trade per month good enough to make substantial living money?

In this particular Income Mentor Box video tutorial, Andrew discusses how many trades you have you have to place per month, realistically, to support yourself totally without having to have a job on the side. It’s definitely an interesting topic, and for any day trader who wants to meek out a living, but doesn’t want to work on the side, it is absolutely worth watching.


Income Mentor Box – Free Support & Resistance Indicator!

What is pretty interesting as well is that Andrew from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy has a free support and resistance indicator that you can use. When you join the academy, you will get access to a totally free support and resistance indicator that you can use for day trading. Beware that this support and resistance indicator is designed to be used with the Meta Trader 4 platform. With that being said, as far as we here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy are concerned, it is one of the most reliable, accurate, and useful indicators that you could possibly have in your day trading arsenal.



Something else that you should not forget about is that we have our very own Income Mentor Box Telegram Forex signals group. Telegram is a messaging app, and when you join the Income Mentor Box Academy, for a limited time, you will get this Forex signals group for free. This is a messaging group where we personally provide you with up to a dozen Forex trading signals every single day.

The beauty here is that you do not have to do any of the heavy lifting, as all of the research has already been done for you. If you are a member of our Telegram signals group, you simply have to take the Forex signals as they come, copy them into your broker or trading platform of choice, and watch as the signals we just gave you put money in your pocket!



Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

Folks, if you want to become a professional and profitable day trader, you absolutely want to join the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. You should also stay up to date with our latest tutorials and lessons, courtesy of Andrew, because there is always something new to be learned about day trading!

 Income Mentor Box Indicators




Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – PROFITS!

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – PROFITS!


If you have not yet joined our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, after you see just how much money you stand to gain, you might change your mind. Today we are here to talk about our first live trading session with big profits, our free Ebook, and our easy to copy trading signals.

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – Easy To Copy Signals!

Something we do pride ourselves on is that we provide all members of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy with easy to copy trading signals. Folks, it really does not get any easier than copying our trades into your own trading platform and then sitting back as the profits roll in. When you join the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, you will get access to our exclusive Facebook group.

When you go the group page, you will see that there around a dozen signals posted every single day. These are usually Forex signals, but can also be CFD, indices, and stocks too. These signals come complete with price entry points, various take profit levels, and the stop loss level too.

All you have to do is copy these signals right into your own trading platform, and then watch as the profits accumulate. It really could not be any easier. Moreover, all of the signals provided by the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy are highly accurate. We don’t post random or bogus signals, and we only post the best around.

Also, don’t worry, because the signals are always brand new, fresh, and never out of date. This is one reason why as a trading newbie, joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy will do wonders for you. To copy the signals alone really does not take much knowledge or skill, thus allowing even the most novice of traders to make healthy profits on a daily basis.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – FIRST PROFIT SESSION!

If you are not too sure about the signals which we here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy provide, just take a look at the trading video we posted here. This is our first official profit session that we have posted, and it turned out very well. It is no joke that the signals which we provide on the Facebook page are accurate and reliable. These are the very same signals which we use to trade with ourselves. Just take a look at the embedded video below.

First off, this trading session is from January 23rd, and on this day, Andrew, the teacher of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, placed a total of 8 trades. All of the trades he placed on this day came in the form for Forex trades. Out of these 8 trades, a total of 6 of them were winning trades, while only 2 of them were losers. This is indeed even better than we ourselves expected at first. In other words, our ITM rate for this first session was a solid 75%. Make no mistake about it, because this is a better ITM rate than most other traders, even professional traders, can achieve.

If you are wondering about the profits for this first official trading session, the ROI here was extremely high. In total, the profits Andrew made were close to $3,000 Euros, or close to $4,000 USD. The fact of the matter is that this is a whole lot of money to make through Forex trading on a daily basis. Guys, these are the same signals which we here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy provide on the Facebook page. You can use these signals as well, and make just as much money as Andrew does!


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – A Free EBook & More!

Something that you might like about our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is that it comes with a free trading EBook. Now, you can access the EBook before you sign up, just to get a feel for it. No, this Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is not super comprehensive or in depth. However, this is purposely done in order to ease newbies into Forex and all kinds of day trading.

The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy EBook covers some basic concepts, trading strategies, and provides some useful tips for beginners too! Once you have read through the EBook, you will probably want to sign up for the full course, and we wouldn’t blame you for doing so.

Here, you will get access to just under 60 video tutorials for Forex trading and all kinds of day trading. It starts of nice and easy, and then works its way up to some of the more complex aspects of trading. Don’t worry, because once you pay your fee, you will get unlimited lifetime access to all of the educational resources available here. It really is a great deal, one that will set you up to be a professional and profitable Forex trader for life.

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – A Very Low Price!

We do want to reiterate that you can join the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy for a very low price of $299. Keep in mind folks, that while this might seem like a lot of money to spend, it is an investment for a lifetime of self-sustaining profits. There is also the fact that most other trading course like this would cost you anywhere from 500 to 1,500 Dollars. This makes the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy by far the cheapest option around. You definitely get a whole lot of value for the money here!

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – First Profit Session Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, and once you have gone through all of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy’s content, you should by all means be a professional day trader. With hours and hours of content, a free EBook, and ready to copy signals, you really can’t go wrong!

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

QBITS MEGA Profit Scam Warning!!!- You will LOOSE

QBITS MEGA Profit Scam Warning!!!- You will LOOSE

QBITS MEGA Profit is a new solution that just appeared on the market very recently and they claim that they solved the issues which come with binary trading simply by using quantum computing. You have to agree, it seems like a very clever solution and surely one that might appear trustworthy, at least at first. It’s a good idea to check it out or not?
As a computer professional I am actually accustomed with quantum computing and I know enough about how it works and what it delivers to be sure that what they are telling on their main page and inside the video is a lie.

Right off the bat, I have to state the fact that Jeremy Hart, the SEO of the Rich Nerd Club which created the QBITS MEGA Profit scam is not to be found on any social media, nor does he have a site or an online presence. This is by far very fishy right off the bat and definitely points to a scam, something we do not want at all, that’s for sure.
Moreover, the system that they showcase right there on that site is not one that can exist with the current tools. They actually claim the QBITS MEGA Profit does a great job as a binary options automatic trading system just because it’s way faster than a supercomputer, actually 3600 times faster. Unfortunately, this type of computing does not exist and it will take quite a lot of time until what they state here can actually be feasible. Even if quantum computing does exist and it really is powerful, it is not that powerful so you definitely encounter a lie here, which is really bad.
The information on the website is also misleading, because they do tell you that you can make a lot of money but they don’t really tell how much, nor do they tell you what you need to in order to harness the power of the program efficiently and access the best results on the market.
And while the idea is original, it’s not something that actually works so you might end up having to look elsewhere for stuff as it needs a lot of money and attention to detail which is what matters the most here. scam review deep
Even if it would work properly which it does not, this would not be a tool for inexperienced people, instead it’s definitely one that should be used by persons with a lot of knowledge in the sector. But since the app fails miserably at delivering good results, it’s crucial to try and check out some other ones because this is definitely a scam.
They tell that some members are making $800000 a month, but is this possible? No, unfortunately no one can really guarantee a sum in the binary options automatic trading world, so it does come down to you to get the best experience and results at all times.

So, should you use this QBITS MEGA Profit system?- NO It’s a Huge Scam

Even if it does sound like a very good investment at first, it most probably isn’t, so you should totally avoid it. This QBITS MEGA Profit scam is not to be trusted and because of that we recommend you to stay away from it and try some other, better solutions that can give the return on investment and high quality that you need. At the end of the day you want a solid tool to give you these results and the QBITS MEGA Profit is definitely not one of them for sure!

Alternatively if you are new to binary options trading and you wish to learn how to become a successful trader then you should consider joining Mike’s Binary Options Signals on Facebook. They offer Free binary options signals 24 hours a day 5 days per week (by professional traders) with (85%-92% ITM) consistent success performance rate. In Mikes Facebook Signals group you will be able to learn everything you need to know in order to succeed in this industry.

Thank you for reading our QBITS MEGA Profit Scam Warning review. If you think that this review is important please share and comment below. This will ensure that the truth will go viral all over the internet.  You can always email us: