Best Trading Guides for Beginners

Best Trading Guides for Beginners

If you are new to the world of day trading, whether Forex, stocks, crypto, or anything in between, you might be having a bit of difficulty. Yes, trading all of these assets on the market can be extremely profitable. For instance, if you do it right, you stand to make thousands of dollars per day. This is where the best trading guides for beginners come into play.

The fact of the matter is that trading something like Forex is much harder than just choosing random signals and executing trades. You need to have a lot of knowledge, skill, a good deal of patience, and yeah, a bit of luck too. However, if you go into trading without any prior knowledge or experience, you’re bound to lose money.

However, below we want to take a look at some of the best trading guides for beginners out there. All of these guides come to us courtesy of Andrew A. Andy is the leader of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, plus a large variety of other educational resources too. Today we are here to look at some of his most recent trading guides for newbies, as seen on his YouTube channel.

Best Trading Guides

Best Timeframes for Beginners

One of the most recent trading guides which Andrew released on his channel is all about finding the best timeframes to trade in. Timeframes in FX trading are extremely important to know about. There are 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, and so many more timeframes.

Choosing the right ones can be very hard, especially as a newbie. Finding the right trading timeframes can make all of the difference. Check out the embedded video for a comprehensive explanation on choosing the right timeframes for day trading.


EUR/USD Scalping

This is another one of the best trading guides for newbies out there, with this one being all about Forex scalping, specifically using the EUR/USD pairing. Here you will find out all about scalping, what it is, how to do it, and more. In short, scalping in FX trading is all about placing a large quantity of small trades.

The aim is to make lots of small profits. It can be a great way for newbies to minimize risk and maximize profits. The EUR/USD pairing is one of the best to work with for FX scalping. If making lots of small profits each day sounds good to you, then you should absolutely check this video out.


SL & TP Masterclass

Just to be clear, SL stands for Stop Loss, and TP stands for Take Profit. Stop loss and take profit orders are essential to understand if you plan on being successful in Forex trading. Both SL & TP are vital if you plan on maximizing profits, mitigating risk, and minimizing losses.

A well set stop loss order can stop you from losing a full investment in the event that a trade goes south. Moreover, a well set take profit level can allow you to bank profits before things turn around. When it comes to trading guides for beginners, this might just be one of the first ones that you should check out.


Trading NASDAQ for Newbies

The NASDAQ is one of the world’s largest and most popular stock exchanges. Of course Forex is a great way to make money trading currencies. However, there are some really great profit opportunities on the stock market too. Now, trading the NASDAQ does take a bit of skill and knowledge.

This is not something you can start doing blindly. In this particular video, Andrew is going to show you how to use support and resistance levels to trade the NASDAQ. As you will see from this trading guide, Andrew manages to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 with this trading strategy. S&P500 for the NASDAQ tends to work quite well.


Stock Trading for Beginners

Yes, the previous trading guide was about trading NASDAQ stocks, but of course, there are other stock markets out there too, all of which can provide you with massive profits if you go about trading and investing the right way.

This particular trading guide will provide you with some of the very best stock trading tips out there. If you plan on getting into the stock market, before you do so, you should definitely check this video out. It will provide you with a whole lot of useful info to help get you started.


Generating Full Time Income from Home

What is really interesting about this particular trading guide is that it is all about being able to make profits from home. Some people have day jobs and trade Forex on the side, which is fine, but not necessary.

Real Forex traders can spend their days trading Forex and make more than enough money to live comfortably. It is not necessary to have a day job when you are a pro Forex trader. With this trading guide, you will get some really awesome tips on how to trade Forex full time from home. The point here is to bring you to a level where you don’t have to rely on a menial day job for survival.


Best Trading Guides for Newbies – Final Thoughts

As you can see, Andrew from Income Mentor Box has a great YouTube trading channel, one that comes out with many new videos per week, particularly these trading guides for newbies. Remember folks, nobody stumbles backwards into Forex trading and is an automatic success.

Life just doesn’t work that way. Becoming a professional and profitable day trader takes time and effort. That said, with these best trading guides for beginners, you can speed up the learning process a whole lot and start making good money much sooner.

Remember folks, if you want a truly comprehensive day trading education that covers everything from A to Z, then joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is highly recommended.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

Stop Loss & Take Profit Masterclass

Stop Loss & Take Profit Masterclass

One of the most important things that you as a newbie need to know about Forex trading is the stop loss and take profit dynamic. Both stop loss and take profit orders are integral to all types of day trading. If you expect to be a profitable day trader, whether Forex or otherwise, you need to be familiar with stop loss and take profit. This is what we are here to learn about today.

Stop loss and take profit IMB


What is Stop Loss

A stop loss, also simply known as SL, is a certain price limit put on a trade by a trader. When this price limit is reached, the trade will automatically close.

SL is an integral part of the stop loss and take profit dynamic. The point of stop loss is to set it at a certain level below the value of the trade at the entered price.

Therefore, if the value of the trade goes down by a certain amount, once it reaches the price set in your stop loss order, the trade will automatically close. This allows you to save some money and recoup some losses in the event that a trade goes south.


What is Take Profit?

The other half of the stop loss and take profit dynamic is take profit, or simply known as TP. This is just as important to know about as stop loss.

A take profit order is a certain price limit put on a trade by a trader. When this price limit is reached, the trade will automatically close. The point of take profit is to set the price at a certain level above the opening price.

Therefore, if your trade increases in value, once it reaches the value where you take profit order was set, the trade will close automatically. It’s just like stop loss, but just in the other direction.

The point here is to allow your trades to close automatically when a certain profit point is reached. It’s a good thing to be familiar with if you plan on making substantial profits in any kind of trading, especially in Forex.


Benefits of Stop Loss

The main point of a stop loss order is to save you money in the event that a trade goes south. Even with lots of knowledge and preparation, things can and do go wrong. Sometimes trades are losers. It’s as simple as that.

The reason why stop loss orders are so important is because they can end up saving you a whole lot of money. Say you enter a trade with a value of $100, and your stop loss is set at $80. If that trade decreases in value down from $100 to $80, the SL will automatically force the trade to close.

Therefore, instead of losing the full $100 investment, you will only lose $20, and manage to salvage the other $80. As you can see, this is extremely important and it can indeed come in very handy, especially for newbie traders who might be placing some bad trades.


Benefits of Take Profit

Yes, the stop loss and take profit dynamic is quite interesting indeed. Just like SL, TP also comes with some big time benefits for all traders. Here, the whole point of a take profit order is to ensure that you end up with profits in your pockets.

The fact of the matter is that trades can fluctuate, and although they might be going up in value one minute, things can quickly turn around and go the other way.

With a take profit order, say that the trade was entered at $100. You can then set the TP to $120. This means that once the value of the trade reaches $120, the trade will automatically close, thus allowing you to bank the $20 in profits.

The benefit here is that this helps to ensure that you maximize your profits. In the event that a trade rises in value, and then appears to be turning around to lose value, a take profit order will prevent you from suffering from the downturn.


Andy’s Stop Loss & Take Profit Masterclass

Ok, so now that we have talked about what stop loss and take profit levels are, and why they are so beneficial, let’s quickly take a look at Andy’s stop loss and take profit masterclass. For those of you who don’t know, Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube is home to hundreds and hundreds of useful trading tutorials.

Andrew is also the owner and leader of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, one of the most highly respected trading schools in the world. This guy knows what he is talking about, as can be seen in his recent upload, the stop loss and take profit masterclass.

Here, Andy talks about what each of these things are, their various benefits, and most important of all, how to calculate stop loss and take profit levels for the best results. If you want to become intimately familiar and knowledgeable on this topic, we would definitely recommend watching the whole video from front to back.

Income Mentor Box & The Stop Loss and Take Profit Tutorial

Another thing that we do want to touch on has to do with learning this stop loss and take profit dynamic from the best in the business. Yes, Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube does have a fantastic tutorial on this subject.

However, for a fully comprehensive lesson on the subject, with all aspects and facets covered in great detail, joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is highly recommended. This day trading academy features over 55 different full length lessons on a multitude of trading aspects.

Simply put, this multi-part course will not only teach you the ins and outs of stop loss and take profit, but about any and all other aspects of day trading too!

Stop loss and take profit IMB

Stop Loss & Take Profit – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that learning about stop loss and take profit will bring you one step closer to being a successful and profitable day trader.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

Best Forex Strategies & Tips

Best Forex Strategies & Tips


Andrew’s Trading Channel is here to provide you with some of the best Forex strategies and tips for success around. Andrew himself is the owner of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, as well as other educational resources too. We really like his YouTube channel because he produces many tutorials and lessons on a weekly basis, all of which can help you become the successful day trader you aspire to be.

Best Forex Strategies

Best Forex Strategies & Tips

Here we want to feature a selection of the best Forex strategies and trading tips as outline by none other than Andrew himself. As we stated above, on Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube, you can find many new tutorials and trading lessons every single week.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and most recent ones out there. In one way or another, these best Forex strategies tutorials can help put a whole lot of money in your pocket.


Andrew’s Trading Channel


2 EMA + Bollinger Bands + RSI

Alright, so right off the bat, this is going to be one of the more technically advanced FX trading strategies. This one, while it is not designed for newbies, Andrew does do a great job of explaining it thoroughly and in great detail.

When it comes to making substantial daily profits and executing reliable trades that are highly likely to be ITM, then this 2 EMA/Bollinger Bands/RSI trading strategy is a great way to go. Yes, it incorporates 3 different kinds of indicators. This makes it seem quite intimidating. However, in all reality, if you watch the video and pay attention, you should be able to execute this strategy without too many issues.

Best Forex Strategies – Finding Entries & Exits

Of course, when it comes to trading FX, what you definitely need to get the hang of is how to find the best entry points for trades, as well as the best exit points too. Entry points are the points or price at which a trade is entered into. Exit points are the points or price levels at which trades are closed.

If you expect to see any sort of success in FX trading, being able to find and identify the right entry and exit points is crucial. We would absolutely recommend watching this video from front to back. It is one of the most useful and best Forex strategies and tips tutorials which Andrew has put out in a long time.

The London Breakout Strategy

We will leave explaining what this London breakout strategy is to the video itself. Not in a million lifetimes could we explain it any better than Andrew has in this video. However, we do think that it is one of the best Forex strategies around. The reason for this is because it is so highly profitable.

Yes, it can be a bit risky to utilize this strategy, especially as a trading newbie. That being said, as you will find out, this particular method of trading can allow you to make a full day’s income in just a single trade. If you like making large profits through minimal trades, then this is a lesson to keep your eye on.

The Ultimate Oscillator Strategy

When it comes to the best Forex strategies and tips around, something you need to master is how to use oscillators properly. The main point of oscillators is to show when securities are overbought or oversold, but they do have other purposes as well.

These are an integral part of day trading which you should absolutely be super familiar with. In this particular tutorial, Andrew discusses a particular oscillator trading strategy, how it works, and how you can best use it to make great profits. As you will find out here, it’s all about buying low and selling high to make substantial monetary gains.

Best Forex Strategies – Beginner Trading with $200

One of the hardest parts of FX trading is when you are a beginner, you don’t really know what you are doing, and you only have a couple hundred dollars to start trading with. Yes, when you first start out with such little money to spare, trading can be very challenging, not to mention super risky as well.

The less money you have, the harder it all becomes. Well, in this particular one of the best Forex strategies tutorials around, both parts 1 and 2, Andrew shows how you can successfully start day trading with just $200. He will show you how to mitigate as much risk as possible, as well as how to grow that account into something substantial.

9 Biggest Time Wasters

When it comes to the best Forex strategies and tips around, this particular video tutorial is a bit vague. The reason for this is because Andrew discusses 9 specific things which people do to waste time. These particular time wasters do of course apply to Forex trading, but there is so much more to it than that.

These trading tips also apply to every scenario in real life outside of the world of day trading. If you can manage to stop doing these 9 things you can become a much more successful Forex trader, and much more successful in real life too.

6 Major Forex Trading Mistakes

The other video tutorial courtesy of Andrew which we would like to discuss has to do with mistakes. This particular video features some of the best tips around and can go a long way in helping you to create your own best Forex strategies.

Here, Andrew discusses 6 major mistakes which newbies often commit when they first start trading FX. Take a close look at the video. If you mange to avoid these 6 major trading errors, your chances of success and making huge profits will skyrocket drastically.

The Best Forex Strategies & Tips – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you are looking for the best Forex strategies and tips around, then Andrew’s Trading Channel is the place to be. If you are looking for a full scale and comprehensive FX trading education, we would recommend checking out the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

Forex Time Wasters to Avoid

Forex Time Wasters to Avoid


If you want to be a successful day trader, you need to stop wasting time, and Forex time wasters can be detrimental to your success. Right now, we are here to talk about 9 big time Forex time wasters you need to avoid, if you plan on being successful.

Forex Time Wasters


9 Forex Time Wasters – STOP IT!

Right now we want to take a quick look at the 9 biggest Forex time wasters out there. These are all things which you need to stop doing. If you do any of these things, you won’t be a truly successful Forex trader. Now, with that being said, today we are not focusing solely on trading per say, but also on life in general. The below 9 Forex time wasters also apply to life in general.



Waiting for Inspiration

One of the biggest Forex time wasters out there is to wait for inspiration, which is also true for life in general. If you constantly sit around waiting for inspiration, you won’t ever actually accomplish anything at all. You are the only inspiration you need.

Sure, you have to pick your moments and execute trades at the right time, but sitting on your hands and waiting for a sign from God is not going to cut it. If you expect to be a successful trader, and successful in life, you need to take action and make your own inspiration.


Worrying About the Opinion of the Sheep

As Tywin Lannister in the popular hit TV series Game of Thrones said “Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep”. This holds true in real life, in Forex trading, and across the board in general. Sure, listening to professional traders and the advice which they have to give is one thing.

However, taking advice or listening to the opinions of people who have no idea what they are doing is pointless. Yes, everybody has an opinion, but unless their opinion is knowledge and fact based, and very educated, then there is no point in listening to it.



When it comes to Forex time wasters, and to wasting time in general, complaining is one of the most severe offences which all too many people commit. Think about it. Where is complaining going to get you?

Absolutely nowhere, that is where complaining will get you. For instance, if you lose some trades, and you complain about it, is it going to change anything? No, of course not! Not only does complaining get you nowhere, but people really hate complainers too. Stop complaining and start taking action to correct your mistakes.


Trying to Please Everybody

Ok, so this one of the Forex time wasters may not apply overly much to trading, but it still does. One of the worst things you can do in general is trying to please everybody. Folks, pleasing everybody is simply not possible. Just look at politics.

There are always people who are going to be unhappy with the decisions you make, no matter what the case. The only person you should be aiming to please or satisfy is yourself. You are the one trading, it is your money being risked, and it is you should come out on top at the end of the day.


Comparing Yourself to Others

When it comes to Forex time wasters, another severe offence is to compare yourself to others. Where is this going to get you? Nowhere! Let’s say you are a newbie to the world of day trading. You don’t make much money and you lose trades fairly often.

You then see professional traders making several thousand dollars per day. It can be super demoralizing to compare yourself to the pros, because it makes you look at feel bad, but there is just no point to it. Sure, it’s fine to learn from the pros to try and emulate them, but to compare your success to there is useless.


Repeating the Same Mistakes

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and in terms of Forex time wasters, this is a big one. Newbie traders will often keep on making the same errors over and over again without making any real changes to their methods and strategies.

Why would you do this? Sure, if something isn’t broken, then don’t fix it, but if it is broken and not working right, you need to take steps to become better. It’s all about making improvements, not stagnation.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel



Perfectionism is another definite Forex time waster. Folks, even the best and most experienced traders still are not perfect. Even the best of the best still make occasional mistakes and lose trades. A risk of losing is inherent in day trading and there’s just nothing you can do. You can never be perfect, and once you get this through your head, you can start taking pride in the wins that you accomplish.


Fear of Failure

In terms of Forex time wasters, a fear of failure is probably one of the very biggest ones out there. People who are afraid to fail are people who won’t ever be successful. Yes, FX trading can be risky, and there is always a possibility that you will lose some trades. It happens.

While it is OK to work on the side of caution and to take care when trading, not placing trades or taking action due to being afraid to lose won’t get you anywhere. To make it big, sometimes you have to take risks. Such is the nature of life.


Not Living Your Life

The other thing you should not be doing is wasting all of your time trading Forex. Yes, FX is a great way to make money, but it can become very consuming for some people. You still need to live your life!


Forex Time Wasters – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, 9 Forex time wasters that you absolutely need to avoid. Remember people, these Forex time wasters do not apply just to Forex, but to life in general. It’s time to live your best life!


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel


Forex Mistakes to be Avoided

Forex Mistakes to be Avoided


Newbies often commit a lot of Forex mistakes in trading, mistakes that can easily be avoided with the right tips. If you want to make real profits in currency trading, these Forex mistakes must be avoided at all costs.

Forex Mistakes

Forex Mistakes: Inaction

One of the major Forex mistakes which newbies often make is that of inaction. Beginners will often be overly cautious and fearful of losing trades. Yes, of course it is reasonable to be fearful of losing money. That said, people, this is currency trading and losing the occasional trade cannot be avoided by any means.

You will have to deal with occasional losses. Therefore, one of the worst things you can do is to not take action when you see a position with a big potential to be ITM or in the money. Sitting on your hands and not trading when there is a good opportunity leads to missed opportunities and missed profits.


When it comes to Forex mistakes, on the other end of the spectrum is impatience. No, sitting on your hands and letting opportunity after opportunity slip through your fingers is not good. However, on the opposite side of the coin, impatience is also a big time Forex mistake which all too many people make. Placing a trade just so you have placed a trade should not be done.

If you see a position that does not seem reliable, then don’t place a trade on it. There’s no point in placing bad trades just so you have traded. Wait for the opportune time and strike while the iron is hot. It’s all about finding the right time to execute a trade.


Trading Huge Positions

Yet another one of the biggest Forex mistakes which people make is to trade with massive positions. Now, this may be totally fine if you are a knowledgeable and experience trader who has a lot of money to spare.

However, if you are just starting out in the world of currency trading, you don’t have much experience, and your cashflow is limited, then trading large amounts and big lot sizes is not recommended. If you don’t have lots of skill, then you are more likely to lose trades, and the more trades you lose, the more money you will lose. Therefore, start off small and gain lots of practice, then as your skills improve, this is when you can increase lot sizes and trading amounts.

Forex Mistakes


No Discipline

In terms of Forex mistakes committed by newbie traders, not having any discipline is a big one. You cannot just trade blindly without a plan. You need to know what the best entry points are, where the best exit points are, and you need to set good stop loss levels and take profit levels too.

Moreover, you also need to have a good and time tested trading strategy, something that is proven to win trades. You cannot trade blindly or emotionally. You have to be rational, diligent, and your trading needs to be based on some sort of plan.


Forex Mistakes: A Lack of Knowledge

Yet another one of the biggest Forex mistakes which all too many people make is to trade without knowledge. Folks, currency trading is not easy, not in the least. If you have no idea what you are doing, then you are bound to lose money. That is just the way it is.

This is not like playing blackjack where a lot is left up to chance. Sure, currency trading is a bit of a risky gamble, but it’s a type of gambling that is predictable. With the right skills and knowledge in your arsenal, you can do a whole lot to mitigate risk and to win trades.

It’s all about being aware of the basics of FX trading, what the terms are, how indicators work, and all of that other fun stuff too. Trading Forex without a decent education is like trying to be an astronaut when you can’t even name the planets in our solar system.


Ignoring Stop Losses

Yes, there are lots of potential Forex mistakes out there, but one of the most severe ones is not paying attention to stop loss orders. Stop loss orders are of course designed to automatically close your trades the event that they are losing money.

It’s a good way to stop you from totally losing your full investment amount in a particular trade. However, many newbie traders think that it is OK to ignore stop loss orders and to keep trades open even when stop loss levels indicate that it’s time to cut losses. This is a bad idea. If a trade is going south, it’s always better to cut your losses and start fresh.


Andrew’s Trading Channel


Not Engaging in Risk Management

Folks, never trade with more money than you can afford to lose. In terms of Forex mistakes, it’s one of the biggest ones which people commit. People will often risk way more money than they can afford, which is of course a big problem.

Sure, if you win your trades and you get lucky, you can avoid going bust. However, remember that losses are a part of FX trading, a part that is inherent. You will lose trades every now and again. Even the best FX traders out there lose trades from time to time. If you risk way more cash than you can afford, and a trade is lost, it could take only a single trade totally wipe you out.


Forex Mistakes: Failing to Monitor Positions

The final of the big Forex mistakes you need to avoid is failing to monitor your trading positions. Never open trades and then just let them be. You need to keep an eye on trades. In the even that a trade starts hemorrhaging money, you need to be there to close it. Always keep your eye on all open positions.


Forex Mistakes to Avoid – Final Thoughts

Yes, these are the biggest Forex mistakes which you need to avoid committing. That said, there is nothing better than a comprehensive trading education, which is exactly what the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy has to offer.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

Andrew’s Forex Trading Tutorials

Andrew’s Forex Trading Tutorials

If you don’t know who Andrew is and if you have never seen any of his Forex trading tutorials, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Yes, being a day trader in the currency market can be and is very hard. If you don’t know what you are doing, or you don’t have the time to trade right, chances are that you will end up losing a whole lot of money. Of course, the whole point of FX trading is to make money, not to lose it.

Well, Andrew’s Forex trading tutorials can help bring you to the next level, to turn you into a professional, knowledgeable, and profitable currency trader. Andrew constantly uploads new Forex trading tutorials with various tips, strategies, and daily alerts which can end up putting money in your pocket. Today, we want to take a closer look at his trading channel on YouTube and discuss some of his latest Forex trading tutorials.

Forex Trading Tutorials

Andrew’s Trading Channel & Forex Trading Tutorials

For those of you who don’t know who Andrew is or what his trading channel is, let’s explain. Andrew is a long time day trader of FX, crypto, stocks, commodities, CFDs, and more. Although he does not like to toot his own horn, he’s definitely a successful and professional day trader.

Andrew has several day trading channels under his belt in various funnels, and he even has his own Forex day trading Academy, the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

His YouTube channel, Andrew’s Trading Channel is filled to the brim with useful, easy to understand, and full length Forex trading tutorials. These Forex trading tutorials are multi-faceted, they are easy to grasp, and they often provide you with a direct method or strategy to make some serious profits.

Forex Trading Tutorials


The Latest Forex Trading Tutorials

Now that we have discovered exactly what Andrew’s Trading Channel is, let’s take a look at some of his latest and best Forex trading tutorials which he has uploaded for the benefit of anybody who wants to learn how to trade FX profitably.

Forex Trading Tutorials

Forex Trading Secrets

As you may know, Forex pairs can be correlated in nature or they can be inverse. Trading correlated Forex pairs is not overly easy, but it is doable if you have the right information to work with. This is one of the best Forex trading tutorials around when it comes to trading correlated FX currency pairs. This video is all about helping you make money, stopping those losses, and allowing to easily make profits with correlated currency pairings.

A Gold/USD Trading Strategy

Another one of the newest Forex trading tutorials, courtesy of Andrew, is this video about the one of the best gold/USD trading strategies around. As you will see from this particular FX lesson, Andrew managed to increase his value by 400 pips in a single day, all through very easy trading methods. Trading Gold & USD can be extremely profitable, as can be seen here. If you learn how to master this particular strategy, you will definitely start making profits.

Profitable Trading Ideas

When it comes to the best Forex trading tutorials around, this is another great one. Now, this one does not really focus on particular strategies per say. It’s all about a diverse array of profitable ideas in terms of the best currency pairs and the best trading setups for various currency pairs. This is actually one of the more popular Forex trading tutorials which Andrew has released as of late, and it can help you easily find the best setups and trade entry points.

Mobile FX Trading

Here we have another fan favorite of the Forex trading tutorials. The fact of the matter is that you probably don’t have time to sit in front of your computer to trade currency pairs. People have jobs and kids which prevent them from sitting at a desk all day long trading currency pairs. Well, in this particular lesson, Andrew demonstrates some great trading strategies and methods that can help you make profits through Forex trading with just your mobile phone. In particular, this video is about a mobile based Forex trading strategy.

Starting with no Money

One of the toughest things to do as a beginner is to start trading with very limited or no money at all. Of course, to be able to make money trading currency pairs, you need to have money to invest in trades. Things are hard if you have no or little money. It’s a lot harder to start making real profits in FX trading if you don’t have a large account. This is one of the best Forex trading tutorials that can help you make good profits even if you are starting with very limited funds.


Don’t Forget About Andrew’s Telegram Group

Another place where you will receive a lot of great lessons, or at least helpful tips, advice, and even some free signals, is from Andrew’s Telegram group. This is also known as Andrew’s Trading Channel on Telegram. It is held on the Telegram messaging application and it barely costs anything at all. Here is what you get with Andrew’s Telegram Trading Channel.

  • Daily Analytics
  • Information about entry levels and stop loss for trading
  • General trading education
  • Free technical analysis info
  • Free fundamental analysis info
  • Andrew’s best trading strategies (video formats)
  • Alerts for Andrew’s live streams
  • 1 to 2 free trading signals per day
  • Info about stocks, Forex, crypto, commodities, and more


Andrew’s Trading Channel

Andrews Forex Trading Tutorials – Final Thoughts

The other thing that you should know about is the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. This is where you will find a comprehensive FX trading education with the best Forex trading tutorials around.

If you want to be a profitable and professional day trader, there is no better person to learn from than Andrew himself. Whether it is his YouTube channel, his Telegram group, or his day trading academy, this man knowns what he is talking about and he can undoubtedly help to improve your trading results.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

Best New Forex Autotrader!

Best New Forex Autotrader!

Trading FX currency pairs can indeed be very lucrative. It’s a huge market with tons of money floating around in it. However, that said, trading FX currency pairs is not easy. In fact, it takes a whole lot of skill, knowledge, and time to be successful with FX trading. However, we are pleased to announce that there is a new Forex autotrader being released soon, one that will make trading much easier.

The fact of the matter is that there are indeed plenty of automated FX trading systems out there. Yet, most of them just don’t work. Some don’t work right and some are simply scams meant to steal your money. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the reality. Now, while we cannot yet tell you the name of this new Forex autotrader, as it’s all on the down low, there are some cool facts about it that we can tell you.

Trading FX currency pairs does not have to be hard or time consuming, especially if you have the right kind of software in your arsenal, such as this new one which is about to be released. It’s going to blow all other Forex autotraders out of the water. This much we know. Let’s take a look at this best new Forex autotrader to see what it’s all about. Here’s a sneak peak.

New Forex Autotrader

The New Forex Autotrader

As we said above, unfortunately, at this time, we cannot yet divulge the name of this new Forex autotrader, as well as some other facts too. However, we can provide you with a sneak peak, a few important pieces of info which you might like to know.

  • This new Forex autotrader is going to work for all of the most popular FX currency pairs, if not all of them. Up until now, most automated apps for FX trading have focused on just a few essential currency pairings, but this is not the case here.

  • This new autotrader, from what we have gathered, is set to work in combination with the MT4 or MetaTrader 4 platform. This means that this app will be installed directly on MT4, from where it will then place trades on your behalf.

  • This new FX trading software is set to be fully automated. This means that you literally won’t have to do any work whatsoever. This new application is going to do all of the research and analysis for you, and then automatically execute trades on your behalf based on that analysis.


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New Forex Autotrader Release – Stay Tuned!

The bottom line is that there is a new world class Forex autotrader coming your way. No, as of now, we do not have an official release date, but it is set to be released within the next week or two. Folks, if you are sick and tired of losing FX trades and losing money, stay tuned for more news about the launch of this new Forex autotrader. From what we have gathered so far, it’s going to be one of the best in the business.


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The Social Trading Bot is Here!

The Social Trading Bot is Here!


Yes, it is finally time, the Social Trading Bot application is finally here! The fact of the matter is that it has been quite some time since a reliable new trading system has been released, but the wait is now over. Today, the Social Trading Bot platform is making its first appearance in the world of FX and CFDs. Sure, there are some decent autotraders and semiautomated apps out there for traders, but nothing like this.

The simple reality is that the majority of pieces of software designed for easy day trading just don’t live up to the hype. Either they don’t work nearly as well as promised, or they are just outright scams. However, this is definitely not the case here. This is one of those rare occasions where a new piece of software is the real deal.

The Social Trading Bot system is said to be one of the best in the world, and it really does have some special features which make it one of a kind. Today we are doing our initial Social Trading Bot review, a bit of an introduction to let you know what it’s all about. This particular piece of software comes loaded to the brim with easy to use features, it’s user friendly, reliable, and yes, profitable too. Folks, if you are sick and tired of losing trades, it might be time to check out this new platform.

 Social Trading Bot

What is Social Trading Bot Software?

This is a brand new piece of technology designed to help make the lives of day traders much easier. First and foremost, when it comes to the assets or markets it can trade, it is designed specifically for Forex and CFD trading.

This is something we do appreciate, because being able to trade all CFDs and currency pairs is a big deal. There’s not many other systems out there that can trade both of these things, especially not reliably.

Social Trading Bot

In terms of automation, you should beware that this is not a fully automated trading application. It is semi-automated. What this means is that it does automatically generate the most profitable and reliable FX and CFD signals to trade with. However, it does not execute the trades on your behalf. You do have to manually execute individual trades.

This is actually something we tend to like, way more than full autotraders. Being able to manually select individual signals to execute trades with offers a much better degree of control over trading. In layman’s terms, the Social Trading Bot app is a semi-automated trade platform for CFDs and Forex, one that generates very reliable signals.

How does the Social Trading Bot App Generate Signals?

Something else you might be wondering about this app, seeing as it generates CFD and Forex signals, is how it generates those signals. How does it work? Now, you might be used to traditional applications, ones that perform a multitude of technical analyses and fundamental analyses to perform trades. Sure, this is just fine, and if done right, it should work to win trades.

However, there is a problem, mainly that this kind of fundamental and technical analysis is not overly reliable in volatile markets, economic crashes, and big market shifts. During times of mass market fluctuations, these autotraders just do not work very well.

Yet, this is where the Social Trading Bot system comes into play. This piece of software works by generating CFD and Forex signals using a myriad of news analysis, economic analysis, and real time market development analysis.

Social Trading Bot

In other words, during times like this, economic shifts caused by the current coronavirus, this kind of current news analysis is much more reliable for generating accurate signals than straight up technical or fundamental analysis ever could be.

In fact, the Social Trading Bot app was designed specifically to be used in such times of economic uncertainty, during massive market shifts, economic crashes, and other such volatile times. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which is seeing the market move in directions that old school technical and fundamental analysis cannot handle, it may be time to use this specialized app designed exactly for times like this.

Social Trading Bot

Who is The Social Trading Bot Platform Made For?

Simply put, the Social Trading Bot platform is designed for anybody and everybody. What does need to be said is that it is designed for newbies, for people that really don’t know much about trading Forex or CFD. The whole thing is made to be very easy to understand, user friendly, and it really does all of the work for you.

It features one click trading with minimal analysis, if any at all. Technically speaking, all signals come with all of the info you need, easy to understand stats, which help you decide whether or not to execute a trade on any particular signal. Sure, there is no reason why are more seasoned trader can’t use it, but it’s definitely designed for novices. It makes trading easy and profitable, even for people who really don’t know the first thing about Forex or CFD.

Social Trading Bot Review – The Verdict

One thing which we can say for sure about Social Trading Bot software is the fact that it is legit. It is not some kind of scam that is going to steal your money, and it seems as though it will perform as promised. All in all, this software is designed for newbies, so it’s easy to use even if you don’t know much about CFD or Forex trading.

It’s the real deal and it’s designed to make profiting from CFD and Forex trades as easy as can be. Yes, we will be doing more Social Trading Bot reviews in the days to come. We’ll be doing some FAQs to answer your most pressing questions about it.

We will also be doing some live trading sessions with it, just to see how well it actually performs. However, when all is said and done, we would definitely recommend giving this Social Trading Bot app a shot. It will undoubtedly change your life for the better and start putting real money in your pockets!


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Best Social Trading Bot Features

Best Social Trading Bot Features


The Social Trading Bot platform is a truly one of a kind day trading application, one designed to allow newbies to make easy profits. Today we are here to take a look at the best Social Trading Bot platform features to show you just how easy it is to make a profit.

Social Trading Bot

Social Trading Bot Software – Best Features

Okay, so now that we have established exactly what the Social Trading Bot app is and what it can do for you, it’s time to take a closer look at the platform.

As we said before this semi-automated day trading platform for Forex and CFDs, what appears to be quite a reliable one.

Moreover, it’s designed to be super user friendly and easy to trade with. Let’s take a look at the best Social Trading Bot platform features which make it such a joy to trade with.

Social Trading Bot

The Economic Calendar

One of the best features you get with this Forex & CFD trading platform is the economic calendar. When it comes to FX/CFD trading, economic calendars are always crucial to success. More than anything else, they can tell you if there is 3 Bull News on the horizon for any given currency.

Of course, this is very important to be aware of, especially for currency trading. The economic calendar included here provides you with vital market information and news, real time and up to date info that will help you determine what the best signals to trade with are on any given day.

What’s cool is that this particular economic calendar is divided into sections. You can choose to look at economic news from various countries, from continents, or you can look at the G20 countries too.

Dynamic Economic Calendar

The Social Trading Bot platform does also come with a more advanced dynamic economic calendar. It is somewhat similar to the normal economic calendar, but it helps to provide you with much more specific economic news and developments of the day, factors that can and will affect your trading.

One thing you might see on this dynamic economic calendar is something like “USA GDP Advance -4%”, which gives you a good indication of what is going to happen with the USD in the near future. Having access to this kind of accurate and up to date economic information of specific countries is vital to Forex and CFD trading success.

Social Trading Bot

Social Trading Bot Fundamental News Table

Yet another feature of the Social Trading Bot platform which you may really appreciate is the fundamental news table. As the name of it implies, this is a feature which will provide you with real time, up to date, and accurate fundamental news developments from around the world.

This therefore allows you to do a bit of your own fundamental analysis on signals. An example of what you might see here is something like “Dollar holds weaker as focus stays on the fed”. It’s an important piece of news you’ll need to be aware of if you want the USD to be one of the currencies you plan on trading for the day.

The Forex Heatmap Screener

One of the best Social Trading Bot platform features you get here is the so called Forex heatmap screener. Now, Forex heatmaps are not exactly new. They have been around for quite some time, and yes, they are very useful for FX trading.

However, what is new is that this heatmap screener is included in a trading platform, this one. This has never been the case before and we do think that the addition of this feature is rather genius.

A simple way of explaining what this is, is that it is an indicator, one which informs you of the relative strength of one currency against another. It’s a really ingenious tool, something that every FX and CFD trader can use to their advantage. Let’s keep in mind that this is a super advanced feature that comes to you totally free of cost.

Cross Rates Info

The cross rates feature is related to the heatmap screener, but instead of focusing on major and national currencies, it focuses on “the currency exchange rate between two currencies when neither of those currencies are the official currencies within the countries in which the exchange rate quote is given”. That is the definition of a cross rate, and if you plan on being a successful FX trader, you better get familiar with what these cross rates are and what they tell you.

Social Trading Bot

Social Trading Bot Signal Probability Indicator

Perhaps the number one best feature which you get with the Social Trading Bot platform is the signal probability indicator. This is a special feature which actually tells you what the chances are of any given trade being a winner.

For instance, here you might see something like “USD/CAD probability rating 80%”. This would mean that the particular signal for USD/CAD has an 80% chance of turning out to be in the money.

This kind of exact estimate in terms of whether or not a trade is going to be winner is essential to success. One little piece of advice we can give you here is to never place trades on signals that have a probability rating lower than 72%.

One Click Trading

Although not exactly a platform features like the others we have looked at so far, Social Trading Bot software does feature one click trading. In other words, all relevant info and signal parameters are provided for you. You literally just have to use your mouse, click once on a specific signal, and the trade will be executed for you. Folks, CFD and Forex trading really does not get any easier than this!

Social Trading Bot

Social Trading Bot Platform Features – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Social Trading Bot app is one of the most feature friendly FX and CFD trading platforms around. It comes with everything you need to make profits. It’s so easy to use that even a total newbie can make money with it! We will be doing further Social Trading Bot reviews, including an FAQ to answer questions, as well as a live trading session to see how well it performs.


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