Forex Mistakes to be Avoided


Newbies often commit a lot of Forex mistakes in trading, mistakes that can easily be avoided with the right tips. If you want to make real profits in currency trading, these Forex mistakes must be avoided at all costs.

Forex Mistakes

Forex Mistakes: Inaction

One of the major Forex mistakes which newbies often make is that of inaction. Beginners will often be overly cautious and fearful of losing trades. Yes, of course it is reasonable to be fearful of losing money. That said, people, this is currency trading and losing the occasional trade cannot be avoided by any means.

You will have to deal with occasional losses. Therefore, one of the worst things you can do is to not take action when you see a position with a big potential to be ITM or in the money. Sitting on your hands and not trading when there is a good opportunity leads to missed opportunities and missed profits.


When it comes to Forex mistakes, on the other end of the spectrum is impatience. No, sitting on your hands and letting opportunity after opportunity slip through your fingers is not good. However, on the opposite side of the coin, impatience is also a big time Forex mistake which all too many people make. Placing a trade just so you have placed a trade should not be done.

If you see a position that does not seem reliable, then don’t place a trade on it. There’s no point in placing bad trades just so you have traded. Wait for the opportune time and strike while the iron is hot. It’s all about finding the right time to execute a trade.


Trading Huge Positions

Yet another one of the biggest Forex mistakes which people make is to trade with massive positions. Now, this may be totally fine if you are a knowledgeable and experience trader who has a lot of money to spare.

However, if you are just starting out in the world of currency trading, you don’t have much experience, and your cashflow is limited, then trading large amounts and big lot sizes is not recommended. If you don’t have lots of skill, then you are more likely to lose trades, and the more trades you lose, the more money you will lose. Therefore, start off small and gain lots of practice, then as your skills improve, this is when you can increase lot sizes and trading amounts.

Forex Mistakes


No Discipline

In terms of Forex mistakes committed by newbie traders, not having any discipline is a big one. You cannot just trade blindly without a plan. You need to know what the best entry points are, where the best exit points are, and you need to set good stop loss levels and take profit levels too.

Moreover, you also need to have a good and time tested trading strategy, something that is proven to win trades. You cannot trade blindly or emotionally. You have to be rational, diligent, and your trading needs to be based on some sort of plan.


Forex Mistakes: A Lack of Knowledge

Yet another one of the biggest Forex mistakes which all too many people make is to trade without knowledge. Folks, currency trading is not easy, not in the least. If you have no idea what you are doing, then you are bound to lose money. That is just the way it is.

This is not like playing blackjack where a lot is left up to chance. Sure, currency trading is a bit of a risky gamble, but it’s a type of gambling that is predictable. With the right skills and knowledge in your arsenal, you can do a whole lot to mitigate risk and to win trades.

It’s all about being aware of the basics of FX trading, what the terms are, how indicators work, and all of that other fun stuff too. Trading Forex without a decent education is like trying to be an astronaut when you can’t even name the planets in our solar system.


Ignoring Stop Losses

Yes, there are lots of potential Forex mistakes out there, but one of the most severe ones is not paying attention to stop loss orders. Stop loss orders are of course designed to automatically close your trades the event that they are losing money.

It’s a good way to stop you from totally losing your full investment amount in a particular trade. However, many newbie traders think that it is OK to ignore stop loss orders and to keep trades open even when stop loss levels indicate that it’s time to cut losses. This is a bad idea. If a trade is going south, it’s always better to cut your losses and start fresh.


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Not Engaging in Risk Management

Folks, never trade with more money than you can afford to lose. In terms of Forex mistakes, it’s one of the biggest ones which people commit. People will often risk way more money than they can afford, which is of course a big problem.

Sure, if you win your trades and you get lucky, you can avoid going bust. However, remember that losses are a part of FX trading, a part that is inherent. You will lose trades every now and again. Even the best FX traders out there lose trades from time to time. If you risk way more cash than you can afford, and a trade is lost, it could take only a single trade totally wipe you out.


Forex Mistakes: Failing to Monitor Positions

The final of the big Forex mistakes you need to avoid is failing to monitor your trading positions. Never open trades and then just let them be. You need to keep an eye on trades. In the even that a trade starts hemorrhaging money, you need to be there to close it. Always keep your eye on all open positions.


Forex Mistakes to Avoid – Final Thoughts

Yes, these are the biggest Forex mistakes which you need to avoid committing. That said, there is nothing better than a comprehensive trading education, which is exactly what the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy has to offer.


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