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Yes, it is finally time, the Social Trading Bot application is finally here! The fact of the matter is that it has been quite some time since a reliable new trading system has been released, but the wait is now over. Today, the Social Trading Bot platform is making its first appearance in the world of FX and CFDs. Sure, there are some decent autotraders and semiautomated apps out there for traders, but nothing like this.

The simple reality is that the majority of pieces of software designed for easy day trading just don’t live up to the hype. Either they don’t work nearly as well as promised, or they are just outright scams. However, this is definitely not the case here. This is one of those rare occasions where a new piece of software is the real deal.

The Social Trading Bot system is said to be one of the best in the world, and it really does have some special features which make it one of a kind. Today we are doing our initial Social Trading Bot review, a bit of an introduction to let you know what it’s all about. This particular piece of software comes loaded to the brim with easy to use features, it’s user friendly, reliable, and yes, profitable too. Folks, if you are sick and tired of losing trades, it might be time to check out this new platform.

 Social Trading Bot

What is Social Trading Bot Software?

This is a brand new piece of technology designed to help make the lives of day traders much easier. First and foremost, when it comes to the assets or markets it can trade, it is designed specifically for Forex and CFD trading.

This is something we do appreciate, because being able to trade all CFDs and currency pairs is a big deal. There’s not many other systems out there that can trade both of these things, especially not reliably.

Social Trading Bot

In terms of automation, you should beware that this is not a fully automated trading application. It is semi-automated. What this means is that it does automatically generate the most profitable and reliable FX and CFD signals to trade with. However, it does not execute the trades on your behalf. You do have to manually execute individual trades.

This is actually something we tend to like, way more than full autotraders. Being able to manually select individual signals to execute trades with offers a much better degree of control over trading. In layman’s terms, the Social Trading Bot app is a semi-automated trade platform for CFDs and Forex, one that generates very reliable signals.

How does the Social Trading Bot App Generate Signals?

Something else you might be wondering about this app, seeing as it generates CFD and Forex signals, is how it generates those signals. How does it work? Now, you might be used to traditional applications, ones that perform a multitude of technical analyses and fundamental analyses to perform trades. Sure, this is just fine, and if done right, it should work to win trades.

However, there is a problem, mainly that this kind of fundamental and technical analysis is not overly reliable in volatile markets, economic crashes, and big market shifts. During times of mass market fluctuations, these autotraders just do not work very well.

Yet, this is where the Social Trading Bot system comes into play. This piece of software works by generating CFD and Forex signals using a myriad of news analysis, economic analysis, and real time market development analysis.

Social Trading Bot

In other words, during times like this, economic shifts caused by the current coronavirus, this kind of current news analysis is much more reliable for generating accurate signals than straight up technical or fundamental analysis ever could be.

In fact, the Social Trading Bot app was designed specifically to be used in such times of economic uncertainty, during massive market shifts, economic crashes, and other such volatile times. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which is seeing the market move in directions that old school technical and fundamental analysis cannot handle, it may be time to use this specialized app designed exactly for times like this.

Social Trading Bot

Who is The Social Trading Bot Platform Made For?

Simply put, the Social Trading Bot platform is designed for anybody and everybody. What does need to be said is that it is designed for newbies, for people that really don’t know much about trading Forex or CFD. The whole thing is made to be very easy to understand, user friendly, and it really does all of the work for you.

It features one click trading with minimal analysis, if any at all. Technically speaking, all signals come with all of the info you need, easy to understand stats, which help you decide whether or not to execute a trade on any particular signal. Sure, there is no reason why are more seasoned trader can’t use it, but it’s definitely designed for novices. It makes trading easy and profitable, even for people who really don’t know the first thing about Forex or CFD.

Social Trading Bot Review – The Verdict

One thing which we can say for sure about Social Trading Bot software is the fact that it is legit. It is not some kind of scam that is going to steal your money, and it seems as though it will perform as promised. All in all, this software is designed for newbies, so it’s easy to use even if you don’t know much about CFD or Forex trading.

It’s the real deal and it’s designed to make profiting from CFD and Forex trades as easy as can be. Yes, we will be doing more Social Trading Bot reviews in the days to come. We’ll be doing some FAQs to answer your most pressing questions about it.

We will also be doing some live trading sessions with it, just to see how well it actually performs. However, when all is said and done, we would definitely recommend giving this Social Trading Bot app a shot. It will undoubtedly change your life for the better and start putting real money in your pockets!


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