The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

If you’ve seen all those YouTube and internet gurus making tons of money through trading, specifically Forex trading, you might be interested in doing the same. Sure, although many of those Internet gurus are complete phonies, which is why this Income Mentor Box Academy is such an attractive option for beginners.

The fact of the matter is that it is of course possible to make tons of money trading Forex, and no, not everyone you see out there is a fake or fraud. There are indeed some really good Forex trading teachers out there, with the best coming from Income Mentor Box.

Yes, what we are here to talk about today is the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. This is a Forex trading academy that has now been around for several years, and it is here to help people like you become professional, proficient, and profitable traders of foreign currencies.

If you want to learn everything there is to know, all of the ins and outs of FX trading, then Income Mentor Box is definitely one of the better educational resources out there. Let’s get to it and provide you with all of the info you need about this awesome Income Mentor Box Forex Day Trading Academy.

Income Mentor Box

What is Income Mentor Box?

OK, so just to be clear, this is an Academy or a school design for people who want to learn how to trade Forex. The full name of this school is the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Although it does teach you different methods of trading based on the name of it, beware of the fact that it does focus mostly on day trading, as opposed to other types of trading, such as swing trading, although it teaches some of that as well. The bottom line here is that this is the place to be if you want to learn how to trade forex efficiently and profitably.


Who is it Made for?

At its most basic, this course is definitely designed for newbies. For people who really don’t know much about trading at all. The fact of the matter is that Andrew is a great teacher, and he knows that some of you don’t know the first thing about Forex trading. Therefore, this school is designed for people who know absolutely nothing about trading, not even the most basic terms or concepts. With that being said, there is no reason why more seasoned trader could not take this course, as there are always new things to learn when it comes to Forex.


What Will You Learn?

If you want to see the full curriculum of income Mentor Box, we recommend taking a closer look at the website as there you will see what each of the 55 lessons are. Would not being said, yes there are over 55 bold length lessons and each takes the form of a long video tutorial with Andrew explaining everything in great detail and by  using live examples. Simply put, by the time you are through with the 55 lessons, you should know literally everything there is to know about Forex trading. It starts out with all the simple things such as the terminology and the basic concepts, but then quickly advances to some of the most profitable forex trading strategies in the world.


Who Teaches it?

The man behind Income Mentor Box is none other than Andrew A. You might know him from Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube. Without getting into it too much, this is one of the most knowledgeable Forex traders out there. He’s been in the business for around 10 years now, and yes, he makes a full time living trading. Not only does he know what he is doing, but he also knows how to teach newbies in a way that is easy to understand.


Income Mentor Box


The Cost of Income Mentor Box

What you probably want to know is that the cost of this Forex course is $299. Yes, this is a one time fee. And no, there are never any additional, recurring, or hidden charges of any kind. On a side note, there is also something included for free with your membership.


A Free Forex Signals Service

With your IMB membership, what you get is access to a free Forex signal service. This signal service provides you with up to a dozen highly profitable forex signals per day. All you have to do is copy and paste these signals into your broker to make fast and easy profits while you learn.

Income Mentor Box


A Word on Stock Trading Mentor Box

Before we call it a day, what we do want to note here is that Income Mentor Box is of course designed for Forex traders. However, with that being said, if you would rather learn a different type of trading, say stock market trading, then there is another academy that comes to us, also from Andrew.

This is called Stock Trading Mentor Box. Now do keep in mind that both the Forex and the stock market trading academies are very similar in nature. They have the same teacher, the same format, and the same type of information, but of course one focuses on Forex and the other on stock market trading.

The other thing that we want to mention here is that Stock Trading Mentor Box does come with the so-called UPSI indicator, a high-quality profit scalping indicator that has the ability to provide users with profitable buy and sell signals.


Stock Trading Mentor Box Direct Link


Learning Forex with Income Mentor Box – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that if you want to learn to be a proficient professional and profitable Forex trader Income Mentor Box is the place to be. What you get here is a fantastic teacher who is super approachable and knowledgeable, not to mention very easy to learn from.

Andrew has the ability to teach even the greenest of newbies, how to trade Forex in ways that are super easy to understand. Let’s not forget that this all comes in at a very fair price. Not to mention that you get the free Forex signals service on the side. Also keep in mind that if you would rather learn stock market trading, you can always opt for Stock Trading Mentor Box.


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