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Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we want to turn you into the most profitable trader you can be. This is why we are here today, to teach you about the scalping strategy for Forex and other asset types. This is also known as scalp trading, but whatever you choose to call it, it can be a super profitable way to trade and to make consistent profits.

Income Mentor Box - Scalping Strategy

What Is The Scalping Strategy?

When it comes to trading currencies, such as Forex trading, one strategy that you should know all about is the scalping strategy. This is otherwise known as scalp trading. Here, instead of placing a few decent sized or large trades, the scalping strategy is all about placing lots of little trades with small investment amounts.

This is one of the harder trading strategies to master, as it does require a whole lot of focus and discipline. This is because scalp trading involves placing up to 100 trades per day, and you need to be able to place the right trades, and to be able to keep an eye on them all as well. The amount of focus required for scalp trading is quite high indeed.

Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we do want to teach you this scalp trading strategy, as it does have the potential to provide you with big time solid profits on a daily basis. However, if this is not something you are familiar with, you might want to become a member of our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. You will need to learn a few other things before you can attempt to do this, and our academy is the perfect place to learn.


Scalping Strategy Benefits

Like we said, scalp trading does have a number of benefits for the Forex or currency trader. In all reality, it can in fact lead to some big time profits, as long as you know what you are doing. One of the biggest benefits associated with this scalping trading method is that it reduces the exposure to risk, specifically the risk of lost capital. Yes, there are lots of trades bring placed here, but each trade is very small, so the amount of risk, or the amount of money you could possibly lose per trade is never going to be very high.

Another benefit that comes with scalp trading is the fact that it provides you with many different daily trading opportunities. Instead of just placing a few larger trades, here you can place up to 100 trades per day, thus providing you with plenty of profitable opportunities. In other words, it allows you to make more trades and catch ones which you might have otherwise missed out on. Our own Andrew A, from Income Mentor Box, does a great job at explaining this scalping strategy in a way which makes it easy for newbies to understand.


How To Scalp Trade Properly

One thing which we want to get out of the way here is that we are not going to cover this scalping strategy too in depth. We want to give you a rough overview so you know what it is about and how to do it. However, for a full scalping strategy lesson, you will want to join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Remember guys, scalp trading is by far not the only thing we teach, as our aim is to make a winning trader out of you.

At any rate, this scalping strategy involves placing many trades, or in other words, a high volume of trades, but keeping the investment per trade quite low. Generally speaking, when it comes to scalp trading, your profit target should be between 0.1% and 1% of your original investment. No, a 1% ROI is not big at all, but if you place 100 trades per day, it all starts to add up really fast. Yes, you do need a lot of concentration, you need to pay attention to indicators, price charts, and you need to keep an eye out for news developments as well.

However, another thing that you need to know about this scalping strategy is that winning trades is crucial. If you only place 6 trades, you might be able to get away with a win ratio under 50%. As long as some of the bigger trades are profitable, you will be fine. Yet, when it comes to scalp trading, you need to be on top of your game, because winning as many trades as possible is crucial to making a profit here. Winning and losing trades when scalp trading tend to be fairly equal in size, so your ITM rate is what really counts here.

Scalping Strategy – Different Ways To Do It

The other thing which we want to cover today, is that there are multiple ways to engage in this scalping strategy, especially in relation to fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and indicators. There are a few different good ways to scalp trade, so let’s just talk about these real quick.

Scalping With An Oscillator 

One of the more common, yet also harder ways to engage in this scalping strategy is to use some kind of oscillator indicator in order to determine future price action.

Scalping Strategy – Stochastic 

Another way in which you can engage in scalp trading is by using the Stochastic oscillator. However, you will want to use another indicator when using the Stochastic, as it usually cannot stand alone. A good secondary tool to use when using Stochastics are Bollinger Bands.

Scalp Trading With Support & Resistance 

This is one of the easier and more straightforward ways to engage in scalping. When you are support and resistance scalping, you want a good trading range and a low level of volatility.


Scalping Strategy – Final Thoughts

If you want a really full and in depth lesson on this scalping strategy, we would recommend watching the full video which we have included here, courtesy of Andrew, our leader. Moreover, joining our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is an even better way to learn about the scalping strategy. There’s also the fact that we provide well over 50 trading lessons, a free signals service, and a free trading EBook as well!

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