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If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies profitably, and with great security, then one thing that you should try doing is using COTPS trading software. This is a brand new piece of cryptocurrency trading software that would just released a few weeks ago. However, in that short time, literally thousands of people have signed up for it and have started making money perfect. The simple fact of the matter is that COTPS software is extremely low risk trading software.


Sure, it’s also a low reward trading software, but trading with a low risk low reward methodology is very safe, and it virtually guarantees that you will make profits. Of course, making profits is not 100% guaranteed, but if you take the right steps, you can get as close to no risk trading as humanly possible. This is the main thing that we are here to discuss today, is how to trade risk free with this COTPS cryptocurrency trading software.

Not only are we going to teach you how to eliminate most of the risk when trading with the software, but we’re also going to answer some of your other most pressing questions. One of the main things we also want to discuss is how you can turn this awesome piece of software from a semi automated platform into a fully automated trading platform that does all of the heavy lifting for you. Let’s get to it and help you make money using COTPS training software.

What is this App – A Quick Reminder

For those of you who are unfamiliar with COTPS saving software, there are a few very important things that you need to know about it. First and foremost, this platform is designed for trading crypto currencies and cryptocurrencies only. However, although it says cryptocurrencies exclusively, it does so very well.

The next thing that you need to know about this application is the fact that it is semi automated in nature. What this means is that it scans the markets for you and produces all of the trades for you to place.


It does all the research, analysis, and heavy lifting for you. However, it is semi automated, which means that you do then need to execute trades individually and manually. That said, as we will discuss further below, there is a way to turn this application into a fully automated piece of trading software.

The next important thing that you need to know about this COTPS system is the fact that it is low risk low reward. It is designed to produce up to 0.3% in profits every trading session. For those that don’t know, trading session last somewhere over 2 hours. These profits will compound on a per session basis, thus resulting in profits of up to 3.6% per day.

Although 3.6% per day might not sound like a whole lot, it is rather secure. Moreover, as we are about to touch on below call mother is a way to eliminate virtually all risk of losing your initial deposit when the trading with COTPS cryptocurrency software. Let’s move on and talk about how to eliminate virtually all risk one trading with this application.

How to Eliminate Risk When Trading With COTPS Software

OK, so the main point of any trading application should of course be to make money for you. That said, while some people do prefer high risk high reward trading, we personally prefer the low risk low reward method.

We think that for newbies out there, at low risk low reward trading is best. Although the profits aren’t huge, they are fairly secure. Now, COTPS trading software is already fairly secure as it is. The vast majority of people who use it have already made fairly significant profits and haven’t lost any money.

That said, of course, there is always some risk involved no matter what kind of trading software. However, with the tip that we are about to provide you with here, you can eliminate virtually all risk.

COTPS Full Auto Script

Of course you may still lose some trades, but we what we are talking about here is eliminating the risk of losing your initial deposit. Therefore, what we recommend doing first is making your deposit, of course. Let’s say that you invest $500.

So, the way this system works, due to its compounding profit structure, you should be able to double your money in about a week. Then, once your account has been doubled, you want to actually withdraw your profits, or your initial investment, whatever way you want to look at it.

In other words, if you started with $500, wait until the account reaches $1000, and then withdraw the first $500. This means that you have effectively withdrawn your initial deposit, got your initial investment back, and are now just trading with your profits. Sure, you might still lose some of these profits from time to time, but at least your initial investment will be 100% safe.

Making The COTPS System Fully Automated

The other thing that we want to touch on here is that you can indeed make this COTPS trading system fully automated. What you need to know is that when you sign up for this system on the main website, you will not be granted access to the Full Auto script.


In order to download the software script that will turn this system into a fully automated cryptocurrency trading software, you need to sign up for the system through the links that we have provided here today. Only if you sign up through the link that we have provided within our articles and other reviews will you get a step by step tutorial on exactly how to download, activate, and use the Full Auto trading script for COTPS software.

All you really have to do is download it, install it, and activate it. Once activated, the Full Auto trading script will force COTPS software to trade automatically. This means that you no longer have to manually execute trades, because the software will do everything for you, from A-Z. Keep in mind that if you follow our links, you will also be provided with information about what the best VPS or virtual private server is to use with this software.


What it all comes down to is that if you follow the tips that we’re providing here today, you can eliminate more or less all risk involved with trading when using COTPS trading software.


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