Most Common Day Trading Mistakes


Are you a newbie trader that is just getting into the world of day trading? Yeah, it can be really exhilarating, especially when you rack up some wins and profits. However, unfortunately, the world of day trading can be a brutal and unforgiving one, and there are some common day trading mistakes which far too many people make. These are common day trading mistakes which can and should be avoided at all costs, at least if you like winning. Today, our Income Mentor Box article of the day is going to focus on 3 major day trading mistakes that you need to steer clear of.

Income Mentor Box Common Day Trading Mistakes


3 Most Common Day Trading Mistakes

There are a few really big day trading mistakes which many novice traders and newbies make. These are day trading mistakes that will not only cost you single trades, but will have you losing trade after trade. If you commit these day trading mistakes, you will end up burning through your investment capital faster than a forest fire burns through the hills of California during the dry season.


  1. Trading Against Trends

One of the most common day trading mistakes that we see newbies making time and time again is trading against trends. Folks, there is a reason why there are trends and why we as day traders observe them. It is because trading in the same direction as trends is usually quite predictable and profitable. There is a good reason why there are so many trend indicators out there, because then tend to work pretty darn well.

For the most part, trading against trends, such as executing a sell trade in an upward trend, us just unreasonable and statistically speaking, it usually just does not work out very well at all. Use your trend indicators, follow trends, and predict new trends, but don’t try and get all revolutionary and trade against trends. When it comes to common day trading mistakes, trading against ongoing trend is one of the biggest and most fatal ones out there.

  1. People Investing Way Too Much Cash In A Single Trade

Another one of the most common and fatal day trading mistakes which inexperienced traders tend to make is to invest way too much money into a single trade. To a certain extent, this also counts for a limited number of assets being invested in. Generally speaking, this is all about the principle of diversity and investment diversification.

If you invest a whole lot of cash into a single trade, and it goes south, well darn, tough luck for you, looks like you just lost all your money. For instance, if you have $3,000 in liquid cash to trade with, you should never invest more than $250 into a single trade. This way, you can place up to 12 trades with that money, and potentially win a whole lot of them. However, if you blast that whole 3K into a single trade, and it loses, well, you just burned your investment capital. Always keep some cash in reserve, don’t invest in large lot sizes, and diversify your trades.

Choose a few Forex trades, maybe some commodities, a couple of diverse stocks, and so on and so forth. When stock trading, if oil stocks all go down, if you only have oil stocks, you will lose a whole lot of money. So, invest in some oil, gold, tech, or whatever else, but just don’t invest all of your cash into the same type of asset. It’s all about diversification folks. Investing too much cash into single trades, and only investing in one asset type, is another one of those big day trading mistakes you have to avoid.

  1. Going Overboard With Margin & Leverage

Yet another one of the most common day trading mistakes which newbies, and even lots of pros make, is to go overboard with margin and leverage trading. To put it in a nutshell, leveraging trades allows you to trade with much larger cash quantities than you actually have at your disposal. For instance, if you leverage a trade by 10 to 1, it means that you only have to put up 1/10 of the money to trade with. In other words, for a 10 to 1 leverage trade, you are only investing $100 up front, but because it is 10 to 1, the trade is actually $1,000.

This lets people trade with much more cash than they actually have, and it is super dangerous. Yes, the reward can be massive, but so is the risk. This is because even though you only invest $100 up front, if the trade turns out to be a loser, you are on the hook for the full $1,000. The $100 is the margin, and 10 to 1 is the leverage, thus this is a $1,000 trade. It can be great if you win, but so much worse if you use, especially if you are trading beyond your means. In terms of day trading mistakes, this is one of the mistakes which puts a whole lot of good folks out of business.


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3 Day Trading Mistakes – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the 2 big day trading mistakes which we listed above are fatal ones that you need to avoid at all cost. To learn more about becoming a pro day trader, you should absolutely check out what our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy has to offer you.

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