Trading Forex with Andrew

Trading Forex with Andrew

The forex market is currently the largest market in the world, with the largest trading volume and liquidity. This means that for anybody who wants to trade forex, there is a serious opportunity to make very real profits. However, trading forex is not as easy as some people may think. In fact, it’s actually quite difficult.

Trading forex takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and practice. If you have no idea what you are doing, and you have never traded forex before, chances are almost 100% that you will lose all of the money that you invest. However, there are some really good ways for you to learn how to trade forex, as well as tools that will help you trade forex without you really having to do any heavy lifting.

Today, we want to take a closer look at trading FSX with Andrew. Andrew is a long term day trader who has been in the business for well over a decade at this point. He makes a full time living trading forex and other types of assets, but only trades for a few hours per day. You can make quite literally thousands of dollars in a single day trading forex, and if you follow all of the tips, strategies, and rules that we are about to discuss, then you can do the same. Let’s talk about how you can learn trading FX with Andrew.

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Trading Forex on Andrews Trading Channel

One of the ways in which you can learn trading FX with Andrew is by checking out his YouTube channel. If you are looking for a variety of tips, rules, and strategies on how to trade forex, then this is the place to be. Andrew’s trading channel on YouTube is 100% free, it is loaded to the brim with thousands of videos that will teach you exactly how to trade forex. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular videos that you can find about trading FX on Andrew’s open trading channel.

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A Forex Trading Strategy for Newbies

If you are just getting into the world of trading FX, we definitely recommend checking out this particular video. Here, Andrew discusses a rather perfect forex trading strategy for newbies and grandmas, or in other words, for people who just don’t know what they are doing. Here, you will get access to one of the simplest and easiest, yet also most profitable trading strategies that newbies could possibly use.

Support and Resistance Secrets

There are many different tools and charting solutions out there that you can use for trading forex. One of the very best tools that you have at your disposal is support and resistance. Support and resistance will tell you exactly in which direction to trade and what the future holds for specific currency pair. In this particular video about trading FX, Andrew discusses a variety of support and resistance trading secrets and support and resistance trading strategies. This is one of the best and easiest ways to make money trading forex.

The Best Scalping Indicator

If you want to trade forex, but you only want your trades to be open for a very short amount of time, then what you are doing is forex scalping. Now, for forex scalping, there are many different trading strategies and indicators that you can use, but not all of them are ideal. That said, in this particular video, Andrew discusses one of the best scalping indicators that you could possibly use to trade forex. This is a tool that will help you make easy profits on a daily basis without much work.

Trading Forex with MACD

One of the best indicators that you could use for trading FX is the MACD or moving average convergence divergence indicator. Although we aren’t going to explain exactly how this big indicator works right now, Andrew does explain it within the video. Moreover, Andrew explains exactly how to use the moving average convergence divergence indicator, a specific strategy, to make profits on a daily basis.


Learning How to Trade FX from IMB

OK, so, Andrew’s trading channel on YouTube is a great resource that does not cost any money. However, it’s really an amalgamation of random tips and strategies, rather than a coherent forex trading education. That said, if you do really want to learn how to trade forex like a professional, we recommend checking out the Income Mentor Box day trading Academy.

The Income Mentor Box day trading Academy is a state-of-the-art trading school designed to teach you all about forex trading. It will also teach you how to trade the stock market and cryptocurrencies, but trading forex is the main focus. Here, you will get close to 60 full length lessons that come in video format.

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Here, Andrew explains everything verbally, visually, and backs everything up with live trading examples. This allows newbies of all backgrounds to learn how to trade forex without any prior experience. The course is structured in such a way so that each lesson acts as simple stepping stone for the next lesson, so you never get confused or overwhelmed.

By the end of the curriculum, you will learn quite literally everything there is to know about trading FX to be a sustainable and profitable trader. But is also pretty cool about trading forex with Income Mentor Box is that you also get access to a free trading ebook as well as one of the best support and resistance indicators at this time.

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Trading Forex with IMB Forex Signals

When it comes to trading FX with Andrew, if you don’t actually want to learn, or just don’t have the time, then using a forex signals service to provide you with research trading ideas is the next best option.

Well, there is a forex signals service that comes included for free with your membership and the Income Mentor Box day trading Academy. Here, you will get up to 12 high quality forex signals per day that are accurate roughly 90% of the time, therefore making it nearly impossible to not make money.

All signals come complete with all the information that you need, including entry and exit points, to place profitable trades, without actually having to do any of the research or heavy lifting yourself.

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Final Thoughts on Trading Forex with Andrew

The bottom line here is that if you want to start trading FX profitably, Andrew is definitely the best person to learn from.