DAXRobot – Your Questions Answered

DAXRobot – Your Questions Answered

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The DAXRobot autotrader is not new by any means, but it definitely has staying power, and the vast majority of traders are very pleased with it. However, people have been asking questions about it, and we are here to answer them right now.


Is DAXRobot Software Fully Automated?

Yes, the DAXRobot system is indeed fully automated. Here, you are automatically provided with trading signals based on the chosen trading strategy. Now, you can choose to manually execute individual trades, which is nice if you like having a high degree of control over trades. However, you can also just turn the various bots on and let them do their magic. Yes, you can literally turn this trading software on, walk away, and come back to see how much profit has been generated/

What Can I Trade With The DAXRobot Autotrader?

What is really convenient about this trading software is that it allows you to trade a vast variety of assets. This is not one of those autotraders that focuses just on crypto or Forex, or anything else for that matter. This particular autotrader allows you to work with various asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities, stocks, and more. It’s one of those programs that can be used to openly trade virtually anything and everything on the market.


Does DAXRobot Trading Software Cost Anything To Use?

Something else you might like to know about this particular software is that no, it does not cost anything for you to use, nothing whatsoever. There is no fee to install or use the software at all. It’s great if you are looking to save some money. Now, what you do need to know is that to unlock the various trading bots or strategies, you do need to make a deposit. However, this is not really a cost per say, because this deposit can be used by you to place trades, so it’s not really a cost at all.

Does The DAXRobot System Come With A Demo To Test?

Technically speaking, yes, this autotrader does come with a demo that you can test out. Now, each of the trading bots, as mentioned before, does make you deposit some cash into your account in order to unlock it. However, you can use the bots free of cost, just to test them out, without actually depositing money. You just won’t be trading with real money. We do think that this is quite convenient, because it means that you can test the software out, without actually having to risk your money.


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Can I Choose My Brokers With The DAXRobot App?

What you might be disappointed to find out is that no, you cannot choose your own brokers with this particular platform. You will be assigned the one that works best for you according to your geographic location. It might not be the best, and no, there are not too many brokers connected here. However, what you do need to know is that all of the brokers associated with this software are 100% legit. They are all properly registered and licensed, and no, they are not scam artists of any kind. These guys are the real deal, and although they do charge commissions on certain things, they won’t steal money from you.


Is The DAXRobot Autotrader Reliable & Trustworthy?

Many people have been asking us whether or not the DAXRobot autotrader is legit. In other words, is this a scam? Well, the short answer here is no, this is not any kind of scam at all. While it is never guaranteed that you will profit through any sort of trading, what can be said is that the potential to win trades and withdraw profits is indeed very real. This is a legit signals provider and trading solution that definitely allows you to truly make money and put it in your pocket.


Is The DAXRobot System User Friendly & Ideal For Beginners?

Well, this is a two part question. For the first part, yes, this is a very user friendly signals provider and trading platform. The platform itself is organized and very intuitive, everything is easy to find, and it’s pretty easy to master too. However, in terms of being great for beginners who don’t know much about trading, well, it’s not exactly super beginner friendly. Whether trading Forex, crypto, or otherwise, you do have to possess some market knowledge in order to trade effectively.

What Is The Expected ITM Rate With The DAXRobot Platform?

Of course, how many trades you can win with any given software is always very important to know. Now, what you need to know here is that there are a variety of trading bots or strategies you can choose from. They each have slightly different risk levels and profit margins. There are low risk bots you can use, which have ITM rates of 90% and up, but the profits are not huge per trade. On the other hand, there are also high risk bots, which have an ITM rate of 70% and upwards, and although these high risk bots don’t win quite as many trades, the trades that are won bring in massive profits. Therefore, whether you want to engage in low, medium, or high risk trading, the DAXRobot autotrader can do it all.

Can I Create My Own Trading Strategy With The DAXRobot Autotrader?

Yes, this is by far the coolest aspect of the DAXRobot system. You can take any one of the pre-existing bots and alter them to suit your needs. You can choose which types of assets and which pairings signals are generated for, you can choose time periods, and you can choose your own indicators too.


DAXRobot Q&A – Conclusion

We hope that we have been able to answer all of your questions about this DAXRobot trading application, and if you have any others, fee free to ask us at any time. The point here is that the DAXRobot autotrader is the real deal, and if you want to trade Forex, stocks, cryptos, or other such things for profit, this is a great way to go about it.


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