eToro Copy Trading Platform

eToro Copy Trading Platform


If you have never heard of the eToro social trading platform before, you definitely want to stick around to see what it’s all about. In essence, this is a signals provider, broker, and trading platform that allows you to trade normally and to copy the trades of others. It’s pretty cool indeed, and right now we want to tell you all about it!


eToro Trading Platform – Everything You Need To Know

Alright, so, let’s go over everything there is to know about this eToro social trading platform and exactly what it can do for you. It does indeed come with a really great set of platform features that you need to know about. This day trading system is all about making trading easy for newbies, and making it very profitable too. Let’s talk about the main eToro social trading platform features right here and now.



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A Diverse Range Of Assets

Something that really stands out about this eToro system is the fact that it comes with a really diverse array of trading assets. You see, sure, there are many other good autotraders and signals providers out there. However, they all focus on a specific type of asset, sometimes two asset types. In other words, some software is designed to trade crypto, some for Forex, some for stocks, and so on and so forth.

Sure, they may do one thing quite well, but being forced to switch between various trading platforms to work with different asset types is a huge waste of time. Well, eToro software allows you to trade crypto, stocks, Forex, commodities, indices, CFD, and more. It really is a like a little one stop day trading shop that allows you to trade virtually any asset class out there. This software provides literally hundreds, if not thousands of different signals across all asset classes, and that is impressive indeed.


Semi-Automated Trading

What you do need to know about the eToro system is that it does feature good ole semi automated trading. In other words, you can do some market research on your own, then trade with individual Forex, crypto, stock, commodities, and other asset types too. This means that you can trade on your own, just as you would with any other autotrader.


The Copy Trades Feature

Alright, so eToro software is called a social trading platform for a reason, which is because it includes a highly social form of trading. What we mean here is that on the platform, you will see a copy trades section. That is right, you can take a look at the highest earning traders and their best trades, so you can actually copy them in real time. This is very useful indeed, because it means that even if you are a newbie that does not know a single thing about day trading, you can simply copy other profitable trades.

It’s a feature that helps make life a lot easier, especially if don’t have lots of knowledge or lots of time to spare. You can keep track of your favorite traders and their trades using your personalized watchlist. Whenever those people make a profitable trade, you can simply copy it and make it your own. When it comes down to it, this is one of the most useful eToro platform features by far.


Invest In Full Market Portfolios

Something else that stands out about eToro software is the fact that there is a market portfolio section. This is not unlike when you go to a bank or investment service, which creates an investment portfolio for you, with a diverse range of assets. With eToro software, you can choose from hundreds of different market portfolios to invest in, and they each have different assets included.

Some might be focused on tech, some on food, some on natural resources, some on currencies, some for cryptocurrencies, and some include a good deal of all of the above. As you will see, there are low, medium, and high risk investment portfolios for you to take advantage of, so you can choose the risk level which suits you best. It is definitely a super cool feature. It’s like your own investment banking service, all located inside of this autotrader.


eToro Is Also Its Own Broker

Yet another aspect of this eToro trading app that stands out is how it is actually its own broker as well. You probably know that when you use other signals providers or autotraders, you also have to sign up for a separate broker to handle transactions. When you have to do this, it’s a waste of time, commissions are high, and not all brokers work with all trading services. However, this is not the case with eToro, because it is a combination broker, signals provider, and trading service. Everything you need is neatly located in one place, and it really does not get any better than that!


Get Free Trading Capital Upon Sign Up

Did you know that when you sign up with the eToro app, you also get some free money to start trading with? There are various ways in which you can create an account with this high class signals provider and trading app, and each way, in one way or another, provides you with some free trading capital. Sure, it’s not a huge amount of money you get, but a little bit is better than nothing at all. It’s a good incentive to say the very least.


eToro Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this eToro trading platform is simply one of the very best out there right now. Here, you get access to virtually all types of trading assets, and there are literally thousands of signals provided to you. Moreover, you can engage in good old fashioned trading, or you can copy the trades of others, which is indeed a really big deal. There is also the point that eToro software features fully built market portfolios that you can invest in, or you can copy the portfolios of others too. Finally, the fact that you get some free trading capital upon signing up isn’t too shabby either!




Webull Free Day Trading App

Webull Free Day Trading App


Do you want to trade stocks online, but haven’t found a good app or platform, one that is easy to use, and doesn’t charge huge commissions either? Well, if this is the case, you have come to the right place, because today we want to talk about a free stock trading platform, Webull. The Webull trading app has been around for quite some time now.


Since it was first released, it has gained a whole lot of notoriety and poplairty for being one of the best free stock trading systems around. When we say that this app is free to use, we mean just that, it doesn’t charge commissions on trade. Of course, when it comes to saving you money instead of costing it, this is a really big deal.

Moreover, the Webull online stock trading platform does also come with a number of other distinct advantages, which we will talk about shortly. Something really cool here is that when you sign up for a Webull stock trading account, you actually get a free stock. Anyway, there’s a lot of positive news to discuss in today’s Webull review, so let’s tell you what this fantastic stock trading app is all about.

The Webull Zero Commission Trading Platform – The Lowdown

The Webull free stock trading app is a trusted and reputable platform that you can use to analyze the market and trade stocks all in one convenient place. Yes, there is a whole lot more to it than that, and right now we want to provide you with all of the most important info about it.


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Webull – True Zero Commission Stock Trading

The most important aspect of the Webull platform that you need to know about, is that it is truly the only system out there which does not charge commissions on trades. Yes, that is right, you can place as many stock market trades as you want, and you won’t be charged a single cent in commission fees. This is not something that can be said for any other application out there right now.

Some stock market platforms can charge up to $7 per trade, which is a whole lot of money, and that cash adds up real quick. Let’s say that you were to place 1,000 trades per with any other platform out there, it could end up costing you up to $7,000 in commission fees alone. That’s a whole lot of cash that you could be putting to better use. Well, with Webull stock trading, you aren’t charged any fees at all.

One thing to note here is that you do need to have a minimum account balance of $25,000 in order to place unlimited trades. If you have less than $25,000 in your Webull trading account, you will only be able to place up to 3 stock market trades every 5 business days.


Webull Comes With All Of The Tools You Need To Trade In One Place

Another very important aspect of this Webull stock trading platform to keep in mind is that it does not only trade stocks. Now, if you are familiar with some of the other apps out there, you probably know that they only allow for trading, but they do not come with any informative or market analysis tools. This is a big pain in the neck, because it means that you end up switching back and forth between analytical tools and trading platforms. Simply put, it’s a monumental waste of time, something that you don’t have to suffer through with Webull. So, what exactly do you have at your disposal when using this phenomenal day trading app?

  • Stock market quotes
  • Real time stock market quotes
  • Free charting solutions
  • Access to over 25 reliable indicators
  • Press Releases
  • Capital Flows
  • Earnings calendars
  • Advanced quotes


Webull Reviews & Testimonials

We do feel that it is worth noting that Webull is a reputable and trusted stock market trading platform. For one, there are plenty of positive testimonials featured on the website itself. However, we do know better than to take these at face value, which is why we did some research and snooping around.

Well, according to third party reviews and testimonials of Webull, the vast majority of the stock trading community is exceedingly happy with it. The bottom line is that this free stock trading system is indeed the real deal!


Get Your Free Webull Stock Right Now

What’s also pretty neat about this Webull stock market trading system is the fact that when you sign up for an account, you actually get a single stock for free. Sure, it might just be a single stock, but you can choose which stock you want.

Even better is the fact that with this free stock, you can get your portfolio started, and who knows, that one stock might greatly increase in value and earn you a lot of money with no cost to you. Yeah, we do get that this is a good marketing ploy, and incentive to get people to sign up, but in our opinion, there really is no better incentive out there!


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Webull Free Stock Trading – Final Thoughts

The only thing left to say here is that if you want to make real money trading stocks, Webull is a great way to get started. It truly is one of the only, if not the very only app out there which does not charge you commissions on each and every single trade. You can literally trade stocks for free, which is a really big deal as far as we are concerned.

Now, let’s not forget the fact that you also get access to a ton of market analysis tools, indicators, charting solutions, real time stock quotes, press release, and even more. Webull really is a one stop shop for all of your trading needs. The other thing you absolutely need to remember is that when you sign up for a Webull account, you get a free stock of your choosing to get your portfolio started.



Best FOREX,CFDs,Stock Day Trading Course Worldwide!

Best Day Trading Course Worldwide!


Are you tired of losing money trading Forex, stocks, and crypto because you don’t know how? Well then, it is high time you joined the best day trading course worldwide, Income Mentor Box. Today we are here to do an Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy review, so you can find out about all of the benefits you get from becoming a member of this day trading school.

Income Mentor Box - Best Day Trading Course


Best Day Trading Course – Tons Of Quality Educational Content

When it comes to Income Mentor Box, one reason why it is considered to be the best day trading course in the world, is because it comes with more high quality content than any other school, course, or academy out there. The fact of the matter is that you won’t find quality educational content like this anywhere else, especially not in the quantity available here.

Sure, there might be other schools or academies out there which have high quality content, but most of them don’t have very much of it and they usually don’t really cover everything you need to know to be a successful trader. However, on the other hand, those academies which do have a substantial amount of content usually are not the best in terms of quality.

What can be said for the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is that it has more and higher quality educational content than any other such service provider in the world. If you need to learn to day trade Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and everything in between, Income Mentor Box truly is the best day trading course in the world.


Income Mentor Box - Best Day Trading Course


Best Day Trading Course Worldwide – Weekly Updates & Lessons

Yet another reason why Income Mentor Box is often considered to be one of the best day trading courses in the world is because these guys constantly update their materials. Now, the course module itself is not updated too often. However, Income Mentor Box also comes with a free YouTube channel, one where tons of live trading sessions, tutorials, tips videos, and other lessons are uploaded, often several times per week.

What you need to know here is that sure, you can watch these Income Mentor Box YouTube videos on their own to gain a bit of knowledge. However, when it comes down to it, to get the full picture, and to really become a trading pro, you do want to join Income Mentor Box. These YouTube lessons and tutorials are complementary to the real course module, but they cannot possibly replace the full course curriculum. At any rate, even people who are not members of Income Mentor Box can technically watch these videos for free, it just is not recommended to solely rely on them.


Best Day Trading Course – Super Easy To Understand

The next reason why Income Mentor Box is often considered the best day trading course in the world, is because as a whole, the material is all made to be super simple and easy to grasp. Now, just because everything is easy to understand, does not mean that the material is lacklustre in any way. The point here is that Income Mentor Box provides you with all of the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to effectively trade crypto, Forex, stocks, and more. However, at the same time, the course is also designed so that people with minimal or absolutely no prior experience can still easily grasp the topics. This is not something which many other day trading courses can boast. If you are a total beginner, this is where you want to learn how to day trade.



Best Day Trading Course – A Great Price!

Something else that really does stand out about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, why we would consider it to be the best day trading course worldwide, also has to do with excellent pricing. Folks, did you know that other trading schools of equivalent quality charge way more than Income Mentor Box? That’s right, you can easily spend upwards of $1,000 for a decent day trading course.

Just imagine how long it will take you to make that money back, especially seeing as most other schools just don’t have the same quality content, or nearly as much of it. However, with Income Mentor Box, you only pay a single fee of $299. That’s right, this day trading course comes in at around one quarter of the price of other equivalent options out there, all without sacrificing any quality. Moreover, here there are no hidden fees or yearly costs. It is a single one time payment!



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Best Day Trading Course In The World – Free Forex Signals Provider

The other thing to keep in mind here is that Income Mentor Box is also the best day trading course in the world due to the fact that it offers so much more than just trading education. When you join the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, you also get totally free and unlimited access to the Income Mentor Box Forex signals group.

If you still don’t have all of the Forex trading basics down, you don’t want to spend hours and hours per day doing research or analysis, and you just want an easy way to make money, free Forex signals are what you need. With Income Mentor Box, you get free lifetime access to a Forex signals service which can provide you with up to 12 highly accurate and profitable Forex signals per day. It’s more or less free money, and it’s a big time reason why we would say that this is the best day trading course in the whole world!


Best Day Trading Course – Income Mentor Box

The bottom line is that if you want to be a part of the best day trading course in the world, and you want to start making real money, it is the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy that is your best bet hands down! It does not cost much, it comes with tons of quality educational content, and even totally free Forex trading signals too!


Income Mentor Box - Best Day Trading Course