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Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we know how important it is for you to win trades and to make money. However, trading success is not as easy to achieve as some might think. Beginners seem to be under the impression that they can just pick up an autotrader, place some trades, and go buy a Lamborghini with the winnings. However, of course, there is a lot more to achieving trading success than just placing a few trades.

Our mission here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is to help you quit your 9 to 5 job. It’s all about teaching you how to achieve trading success so you can become a profitable and full time day trader from home. Yes, we have tons of videos, lessons, tutorials, free signals to copy, and so much more. However, another big part of the learning curve has to do with developing traits you need for trading success. You have to have the right mindset, the right traits, and the right personal characteristics to be a winning trader. Let’s get right to it and talk about the most important traits you need to achieve trading success.

Income Mentor Box - Trading Success

A Reasonable Thought Process – NOT EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN

One of the biggest traits you need as a trader is the ability to think rationally, reasonably, and to leave your emotions at the door once you start trading. Being overly emotional, or emotional at all, is a big trading mistake which many beginners seem to make. You might get angry due to losing a trade. However, trading in anger is not going to get you far and will probably just lead to failure.

You need to learn to check your ego and keep your emotions on the back burner here. Day trading is all about being reasonable, rational, and looking at the cold hard facts. There is just no point in letting your emotions get the best of you. Achieving trading success is about using your mind, your clear headed and emotion free mind to make the right trades!

Patience, Speed, & Timing

Another really important trait that you need to develop in order to achieve trading success is patience, and on that same note, speed and proper timing. Way too many newbie traders out there will trade at any given time, probably just because they have a few minutes to spare. There are way too many people out there who are impatient and place trades ASAP due to a lack of patience. This will bring you nothing but losses. You need to be able to read the market and wait for the opportune moment to strike and place a trading position.

On that same note, you do also need to be very timely and quick in order to achieve big time trading success. Yes, you do need to be patient and wait for the right trades, but once the opportunities present themselves, you have to act immediately. The market is not patient, it is not forgiving, and it is certainly not going to wait for you to make up your mind. When the opportunity presents itself, you need to act fast, you need to be timely, and you need to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Being Cautious Of Risk – BUT NOT FEARFUL OF IT!

In order to achieve trading success, you also need to know all about risk. A big mistake which newbies make is being overly cautious and fearful, both of loss of capital and risk. However, if you want to win trades, you have to take some risks on occasion. The fact of the matter is that trading stocks, Forex, or whatever else is always going to involve a certain degree of risk. Holding back all of the time and only placing trades that are sure to win, which is a misconception anyway, won’t get you very far.

On that same note, or on the opposite side of the coin, you also cannot be way too risky of a trader. Achieving trading success is about striking a balance between some healthy caution and being able to handle a bit of risk. Sure, big time risk can lead to big time wins, but it more often than not just leads to big time losses. You need to be cautious, but not overly so. Risk is just something you will have to get used to in day trading, but you don’t want to be its best friend either.

Achieving Trading Success – Some Other Useful Traits

  • In order to achieve trading success, you need the persistent and mentally tough. You will never achieve long term success if you throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble.
  • You also need to be highly adaptable in order to achieve consistent trading success. The market is always in a state of flux and things can change at a moment’s notice. You need to be able to adapt with the changing conditions of the market.
  • You do also want to be an independent trader. Yes, here are the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we can indeed teach your to be a self-reliant and independent trader.

The Traits To Achieve Trading Success – Final Thoughts

As you can see, to achieve big time trading success, whether stocks, Forex, or otherwise, you need to have these traits in your arsenal. Some people might have some of them and some might have none. However, you certainly won’t develop these traits by sitting on your couch and binge watching whatever it is you like to watch.

The point here is that a trading school such as our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy can provide you with all of the tools, skills, knowledge, and traits you need to achieve trading success. We charge only $299, which is a onetime payment with no hidden fees, and you will gain full and unlimited lifetime access to all of our course materials. We even have a free signals provision service so you can copy winning Forex trades right into your trading platform! There’s also the fact that we are doing monthly giveaways with 3 lucky winners per month.

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