The Return of World OTC Trading Software

The Return of World OTC Trading Software

If you are looking for some state of the art cryptocurrency trading software to put some money in your pocket, one name that you might be familiar with is World OTC or World Over the Counter trading software. This cryptocurrency arbitrage trading system hasn’t been around for that long, and it also experiences some major issues over the last couple of months. Yes, for the time that it was operational, World OTC software did manage to help thousands of people produce easy and consistent profits through trading.

However, there were some issues that plagued this software, particularly in terms of the legal side of things. As far as we can tell, the people behind this World OTC trading software made some big mistakes in terms of legalities and tax payment. Well, we assume that they were honest mistakes, as this is what the people behind this software are saying. Due to these tax related issues, this crypto trading app was shut down for almost two full months, and anybody who had money in their trading accounts lost it all.

For this reason, many people were extremely upset with World Over the Counter software, because many people lost thousands of dollars in an instant. Understandably, these people assumed that they had been scammed out of their money, and yes, it certainly seemed this way. That said, we just received a super shocking announcement, which is that World OTC software has just made a return, and according to management, all legal issues have been solved.

According to the fine people behind this trading software, they are trying to make things right and have already refunded many people. Seemingly, they do want to make things right with those people who lost money when the initial shutdown happened, and the management team behind World Over the Counter is claiming that they will reactivate accounts and refund money for all people who lost money due to the shutdown a couple of months back.

Of course, we do certainly want to believe that this trading software, the people behind it, are being honest. We want to believe that they have your best interests at heart and that they are indeed refunding all people who lost their money when their accounts were suddenly closed. However, at this time, there is no way for us to know if these claims are actually true. For this reason, we are reaching out to people who had World OTC accounts, lost money, and are now trying to get that money back. We want to hear from you.

World OTC Legal Issues Resolved – The Return

OK, so about two months ago, this software was shut down without any warning. all of a sudden, without anybody warning, the software was shut down and everybody’s accounts were also shut down. For anybody looking in from the outside, it definitely looked as though this was a scam. It seemed as though the world OTC system had taken money from people and then to just cut and run.

Of course, people who have invested money in their trading accounts last at all, and it definitely seemed as though they had been scammed. It certainly looks as though it was a scam. However, as the system is now claiming, the reason why it was shut down is due to tax reasons with the United states government.

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According to the people behind the software, there were some legal issues concerning the IRS and taxes that had not been resolved period now, we don’t know exactly what these issues were, but we do assume that the world OTC system had not paid its taxes as it was supposed to, although we I don’t know for sure. However, according to the people behind the software, the FBI or Federal Bureau of investigation had shut them down to two tax issues.

However, as we have now been told, world OTC has resolved this issue. in the last two months that the system has been shut down for, enough money had been raised to pay off all of the fees and fines that this system had incurred, therefore allowing it to once again become operational. As far as we can tell, all legal issues have been resolved, all fines and fees have been paid, and the system has become operational once again.

Of course, the issue now is that because the system is back up and running, people are concerned that it is just another scam coming back for a second round. Yes, this is an absolutely fair concern, because people did lose a lot of money the first time around, so people not wanting to invest more money into the same system is understandable.

Now, according to official documents, that management team behind world OTC is refunding people their money. According to them, many people have already had their accounts reactivated with all of their funds returned to them.

Moreover, the claim is also that if you are one of the people who lost money, you can contact the people behind this system and they will reactivate your account and give you your money back. The issue here on our end is that we haven’t actually heard from any real people who have got their money back, and we haven’t heard of anybody actually getting their money back.

This is why we are here today, because we want you to reach out to us via e-mail to let us know what your experiences with the world OTC system are. Have you lost money with this system, did your money get returned to you, are you going to try and get your money back? We want to know whether or not this is a scam or if the world OTC system is actually returning money to the people who lost it during the initial shutdown.

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World Over The Counter Software Returns – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the world OTC trading system is now back up and running. If you want to, you can always check it out and start trading with it. However, we would like to hear from people who have had experiences with this system, especially in terms of the shutdown and getting their money back. If you have any experiences, please contact us via e-mail.