Understanding Leverage & Margin

Understanding Leverage & Margin

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Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we know that leverage & margin is a big part of trading. This is a very important topic to be familiar with when trading Forex, CFD, and indices. Let’s take a closer look at his leverage & margin topic right now!

Income Mentor Box - Leverage & Margin

What Is Leverage?

When you want to trade Forex, CFD, and indices, knowing both leverage & margin is very important. First off, let’s talk about what leverage is. When it comes down to it, leverage is borrowed capital to increase your potential returns. In other words, this means that you can trade with more money than you actually have in your account. For example, if you leverage a trade by 10:1, it means that you can make a $10,000 trade with just $1,000 of your own capital.

If you win, it means that you will get 10 times the profits. You can make money trading with money that you don’t actually have. However, of course, this is also very dangerous. The reason for this is because when leveraging, if you lose the trade, you are on the hook for the full amount leveraged, not just for your part of the cash.

In other words, going back to that other example, if you leverage a trade for $1,000 by 10:1, if you lose, you will be on the hook for the full $10,000. So when it comes to leverage & margin, leveraging can be extremely profitable for you, but also very risky. Unless you are a professional trader, here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we would not risk leveraging for the time being. It can be very dangerous, but yes, of course also highly profitable if trades are winners.


What Is Margin?

When it comes to leverage & margin, you do also need to know what the margin is. Well, going back to the example we covered above, the margin is the money you put into a leveraged trade. For instance, if you leverage a $1,000 by 10:1, thus effectively trading with $10,000, the margin there would be the $1,000 of your own capital.

When leveraging, the margin amount of money is needed to open a leverage trade. In terms of leverage & margin, this is an important topic to be familiar with, one that will help you become a better and more profitable trader. Just keep in mind that leverage & margin trades can be very dangerous if not done right, but also very profitable if you do it right.

Take a look at the short video which we have included here. Andy from our own Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy explains what leverage & margin is, how to use it, the possible benefits, and the potential risks of it.

Leverage & Margin – Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, to learn more about leverage & margin, and the ins and outs of trading in general, you should definitely check out our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. For the low price of $299, you will gain access to a huge plethora of course materials that will turn you into a highly profitable day trader.

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Calculating PIP – What & How

Calculating PIP – What & How

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We here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy want to teach you to be the best day traders you can be. One fundamental and crucial piece of knowledge you need to be successful has to do with PIPS. You need to be familiar with the PIP, you need to know what this means, and you need to know how to calculate PIP too. Let’s take a closer look at this subject right now.

What Is A PIP?

Technically speaking, PIP stands for “percent in point” or alternatively, “price interest point”. This is a unit of measurement, or specifically a unit of change in an exchange rate or in a currency pair. In other words, a PIP signifies the difference between the price of an asset, or the difference in value in a pairing, from one point in time to another.

A PIP is most often used to measure gains or losses, and is calculated using the last decimal point in the currency pair listing. A PIP is usually measured in the equivalent of 1/100th of 1%, or in other words, 1 PIP is usually a change in the value of the numeral which sits in the fourth spot past a decimal point. This is how you measure exactly how much money was made or lost through currency pair, Forex, trading.



How To Calculate PIP

Of course, if you are going to be a professional and successful day trader, you need to know how to calculate a PIPS. This is very important if you want to be a true day trader that knows that you are doing. So, calculating PIP is actually very easy.

First, let’s take a currency pair such as EUR/USD. If The price of this pairing right now is 1.0001 (it usually will not be like this, but we are keeping it simple, hence the “1.0001”). At any rate, if the value of the EUR/USD pairing then changes to 1.0011, you would have a PIPS increase of 10 PIPS.

As we noted before, one single PIP is the fourth numeral after the decimal place, ie, 1.0001. Yes, this can be a bit complicated to understand at first, but once you have calculated PIPS difference a few times, it should become fairly easy for you.

For a lesson on calculating PIPS in full, please check out the video which we have embedded here. Andrew from our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy does a really great job at explaining it. However, if you want a truly comprehensive lesson on the subject, it is recommended that you join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. In this lesson, you will also learn how to calculate PIPS value, or in other words, how much the PIP value change actually reflects a change in the overall price of a trade.

Calculating PIP

Calculating PIP – Final Thoughts

Folks, we haven’t covered everything here, but we have outlined the basic in terms of what PIPS are and how to calculate it. For a more in depth lesson on this particular subject, please join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy! Keep in mind, we here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy also provide free Forex, CFD, stock, and indices signals for you to trade with. Just copy them into your trading platform of choice and you are good to go! We even do a monthly $500 giveaway with 3 lucky winners every single month! 

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Fast Short Term Profits With Indices

Fast Short Term Profits With Indices

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Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we know that people want to make fast and easy short term profits. After all, there really is nothing better than making a pile of money in a limited amount of time. However, of course, this is a bit easier said than done, and as a newbie, you might not know how to achieve these short term profits.

Well, this is what we are here for today, to teach you how to make fast short term profits. Specifically, today we are here to help you make fast short term profits through indices trading. We are going to tell you about the best indices to trade with, as well as how to find the best indices for short term profits. Let’s learn, trade, and profit!


Income Mentor Box Short Term Profits

Favorite Securities & Indices For Short Term Profits

When it comes to making good short term profits, you do need to have the right securities, indices, and indices to trade with. Today, Andrew and the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy wants to teach you how to make great short term profits using indices. The first thing that you need to do is find the right and best indices to trade with. As an experienced day trader, Andrew knows some of the best securities and indices to choose for trading.

For example, as he notes in the video which we have included here, one of his favorite indices to trade with is DAX. As you can see in the video, Andrew just placed a DAX indices trade, and it turned out to be quite profitable. Generally speaking, DAX is a great option to trade with if you want to make quick short term profits. In terms of short term profits, Andrew made over 350 Euros in pure profits with this specific DAX trade. There are some other really good indices to trade with, ones that are usually quite volatile. These include indices such as S&P, Dow Jones, FTSE, and NASDAQ.

Please do keep in mind that here we have really only scratched the surface in terms of making great short term profits with indices. If you want a full lesson on this subject, please join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy for a more comprehensive lesson. It’s a low onetime payment of $299, and you will gain access to all course materials including over 50 video tutorials on day trading, including ones such as this short term profits indices lesson.



How To Find The Best Trades For Short Term Profits

When it comes to trading indices, of course, you have to be able to find the right securities to trade with. Then, the question becomes how do we find the best indices to trade with to achieve great short term profits? Well, as Andrew of Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy notes in this video, one of the best ways to find the right securities to trade with is by going to tradingview.com. This website is completely free to use, which is nice.

To find indices for short momentum trades and short term profits, go to “markets” and go to the indices section. Keep in mind that tradingview.com offers all kinds of asset types to analyze. One of the reason why using indices is great for generating short term profits, is because many of them are highly volatile, and therefore offer great short term profits opportunities.

Anyway, when looking at the indices on tradingview.com, you can rate them from strong buy and strong sell. In other words, if the website lists DAX as strong sell, you know that it is a surefire way to make short term profits by selling DAX. This is exactly what Andrew did in order to make big profits the other day. Most brokers will all have DAX, so this should not be a problem for you.

Keep in mind that in order to find the best indices trades, Andrew will use support and resistance, usually in combination with 5 minute charts. Ideally, before you hit the buy or sell button, for short term profits, you should always look at the 1 minute chart as well.  It’s a great way to find the best trades to make. On a side note, here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we have a great video tutorial on support and resistance trading. Once again, for full and comprehensive lessons on this matter, there is no better place to learn than through our Income Mentor Box Trading Academy.

Fast Short Term Profits DAX Trade


Income Mentor Box – Free Copy Signals & Giveaway!

There is also another great way in which you can make short term profits through our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Here we offer a free signals provision service. If you join our academy, you will gain access to our Facebook page where we post around 12 trading signals per day. If you want to make short term profits, these are trades you want to place.


We provide indices, stocks, CFD, and Forex signals to trade with. Moreover, trading using our signals could really not be any easier. The signals we provide come complete with entry prices, take profit levels, and stop loss levels too. All you have to do to make short term profits is to copy and paste these signals into your own trading platform as they appear. It really does not get any easier than that.

Furthermore, when it comes to short term profits, it really does not get any easier than enrolling in our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy free giveaway. Every single month, we do a $500 giveaway where 5 lucky winners get $500. We do this every single month, and every month there are 3 lucky winners. Now, this might not qualify as short terms profits through trading, but it certainly is free money that you can put in the bank.


Income Mentor Box Short Term Profits – Final Thoughts

As you can see, making fast short term profits through indices trading really is not that hard, as long as you know what you are doing. If you want to become a professional day trader and trade indices like a pro, our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is hands down the best place to perfect your skills.

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XTrade Review – A Broker For All

XTrade Review – A Broker For All


If you need a great CFD, stock, FX, commodities, indices, and even a crypto broker, XTrade is definitely one that you want to keep your eye on. XTrade is one of the best online CFD brokerages out there right now. Using it comes with many benefits such as a user friendly trading platform, mobile trading, no commissions, ad a great standard account package. Let’s continue with our XTrade review and inform you on everything there is to know about this particular broker.


XTrade Company Info & Regulation

XTrade has been around since 2010. We do think that it is important to note that they have been around for almost a decade. It goes to show that they have passed the test of longevity. They are not some scam broker that disappears into thin air after a couple of months. The XTrade broker has been around for over 8 years and is still going very strong. It was founded by industry professionals, financial analyists, and world leading traders.

Currently, this broker is owned by Xtrade Au Pty Ltd, an Australian based company. Their address is Level 1 39-41 Chandos Street, St Leonards, NSW 2065, Australia. Their phone number is +357 25 030 742.

The actual company itself, XTrade International LTD has the following details. It is regulated and licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC/60/383/TS/17), with the address being Cork Street, No. 5, Belize City, Belize, with the phone number being 1800 017 5700. The XTrade broker is in fact also licensed and regulated by CySEC, ASiC, and MiFID.

Xtrade Reg

We think that there is more than enough information here, real information, to prove that this broker is in fact legit. After all, this broker does have clients in 140 countries across the world, millions of satisfied clients across 5 continents.

The XTrade Platform

As is the case with many modern online brokers, XTrade has indeed developed its own proprietary trading platform for CFD trading. What is really nice about this particular platform is that it allows for one touch trading. It is super user friendly and allows you to select assets, positions, history, tools, and more with the single click of a button.

XTrade Web Trader

You don’t have to download anything complex, plus there is a pretty killer mobile trading app in place here too. Yes, that is right, XTrade allows you to trade on your mobile device with ease. The mobile app is 100% functional and responsive, so there should be no issues there. This mobile trading works on both tablets and phones, and both with Android and iOS.

Xtrade mobile

Keep in mind that MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader are both available for use here too. The fact that you can choose from so many different trading platforms to use in conjunction with this broker is pretty neat.

XTrade Account Options

Something that we want to note right off the bat is that there are no withdrawal or deposit fees here, which is pretty nice. At the same time, this broker is only compensated through the bid/ask spread of each trade, but it does not actually charge commissions. This means that no matter what account type you open, most of the profits go into your pocket.

The XTrade broker does have 4 different account types available. The most basic packages are suitable for beginners, plus there are also higher up packages best used by professional full time traders. Keep in mind that all of the accounts also have fixed spreads, of which vary depending on the specific asset in question.

The accounts available here include a standard account, a premium account, a platinum account, and a VIP account. Respectively, they have $200, $1,000, $5,000, and $25,000 minimum deposits required for each account level.

Xtrade Accounts


XTrade Available Trading Assets

What we find to be extremely impressive about the XTrade broker is that it has tons of different asset types that you can trade with. This includes indices, commodities, CFD, shares, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, ETF, and more. As you can see, there are not many online brokers out there which offer such a wide variety of assets to trade with. There are many assets to trade with within these categories as well, this allowing for a whole lot of choice. This truly is a one stop shop broker for all of your trading needs.

Xtrade assets

XTrade Deposits & Withdrawals

What is also nice about this broker is that it allows for payments and withdrawals including over 40 different methods. Once again, the amount of choice here is simply unrivalled by any other broker out there right now.

You can choose from your standard credit and debit, to wire transfers, and all kinds of personal online transfer methods. Paypal, AliPay, MegaTransfer, DineroMail, Skrill, WebMoney, and literally dozens of others are accepted here. These can be used to make deposits as well as withdrawals. Keep in mind that the method which you use to deposit funds here will be the same method you must use to make withdrawals.


XTrade Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, XTrade does feature pretty good support. There are customer service reps available 24 hours per day, throughout the business week, but not on the weekend. You can contact customer support via phone, live chat, or email. The website itself supports 16 different languages, and if you want to talk to a customer rep in person, they speak 6 languages.

What is also cool is that XTrade comes with tons of educational features which help you to trade easier. If you have an issue with the broker or the platforms, either the service reps or the educational tools should be able to help you solve your problems.


XTrade Review – Conclusion

All in all, the XTrade online broker seems to be one of the most reliable and reputable ones around. It features account packages for all levels of traders, and costs are absolutely minimal. In terms of asset choices, platform options, and customer service, you really could not be any better off.


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