Learn Trading with Income Mentor Box

Learn Trading with Income Mentor Box

If you are an aspiring trader who needs to learn everything there is to know for success, Income Mentor Box is the place to be. This is one of the most reputable trading schools in the world, and it includes everything you need to become a pro. Let’s take a look at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy to find out what it’s all about.

Income Mentor Box

A Fully Comprehensive Curriculum

One thing that needs to be said about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is that it features one of the most comprehensive curriculums that you could possibly learn from. In total, there are 5 modules, each of which have roughly 11 full length lessons, for a total of 55 lessons.

Make no mistake about it, because these are not some short 5 minute tutorial videos that provide you with some footnotes and key takeaways. No, these are full length lessons, with each of them lasting for up to 40 minutes.

Each Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy lesson focuses on a very specific aspect of trading. It allows you to learn everything there is to know about a specific aspect, and then you can move onto the next lesson.

You will learn all about trading timing, the basics and fundamentals, terminology, entry and exit points, charts, graphs, oscillators, indicators, and everything in between. Simply put, if you are looking for a full scale education in trading, this is the place to be.


Income Mentor Box Has a Real Leader

The next thing worth mentioning about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is the fact that it has a real leader. Sure, there are many other Forex and stocks trading schools out there, but most of them use either paid actors to play the role of a teacher, or the teacher is just not that knowledgeable.

Well, this is not the case here, because the leader of Income Mentor Box, the man whom you will learn everything from, is named Andrew Arm. Andrew might not be into fast sportscars, and he may be relatively young.

However, even at his young age, he has been day trading for about a decade now, and he has seen great success. What’s more, he has made all of the mistakes that a newbie trader could possibly make. Therefore, he can teach you how to avoid those mistakes. We do really like Andrew, because although he is a true trading professional and expert, he is not some self-proclaimed guru. He’s a down to earth kind of guy that people really enjoy learning from.


It’s Easy to Understand

Another great aspect of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is the fact that it is designed specifically for beginners. It is made for people who have minimal or absolutely no prior trading experience.

This is important to note, because many trading courses are designed for people who already have a knowledge base. Well, courses like that are totally useless for newbies. If you have never traded or taken a trading course before, you need to start from the ground up, and you need the content to be easy to grasp.

This is exactly what the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy provides you with, easy to understand and simple to grasp information that even a 10 year old child could master. While this course will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful Forex and stocks trader, it is taught in a way that makes it both fun and easy to learn.

Income Mentor Box


You Can Take Your Time

Next, what many people really love about the IMB Day Trading Academy is how you can take your time to work through the course. This is unlike many other courses and schools out there which reduce your learning to a certain time limit.

Some may only provide you with access to their materials for a few months or even just a few weeks. This may be ok for people who are super quick on the uptake, but it’s a disaster for people who need to take their time.

Well, with Income Mentor Box, once you become a member, you will have unlimited and lifetime access to all course content. You can choose to take 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years to work your way through it. It’s all about learning at the pace that suits you best.


Income Mentor Box is Reasonably Priced

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the IMB Academy is the fact that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to learn about day trading. There are trading courses out there that cost thousands of dollars, and they really don’t provide you with more useful info than Income Mentor Box.

The IMB Day Trading Academy costs only $299 to join. This is a much more reasonable and lower price than virtually any other Forex and stocks trading course out there. This is a day trading school that wants to help you learn how to trade, not to gouge you for every penny in your bank account.


You Get Free Forex Signals

Something else that you might really like about the IMB Day Trading Academy is how you get so much more than just an education. With IMB, you also get access to a great Forex signals service.

These Forex signals come complete with entry points, exit points, stop loss levels, and take profit levels too. All you have to do is take the signal as they appear and when they appear, and then copy and paste them into your broker or trading platform of choice. It’s a really easy way to make quick money in a reliable manner.

Income Mentor Box


Learning to Trade with Income Mentor Box

The bottom line is that the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is by far the best place for aspiring traders to learn everything there is to know in order to be successful. Of course, IMB provides you with the knowledge and skills to trade Forex, stocks, and more, but the rest is up to you.


Income Mentor Box


The 7 Basics of Forex Strategies

The 7 Basics of Forex Strategies

When it comes to the world of Forex, something you really cannot do without are trading strategies. Yes, Forex strategies are very diverse and there are plenty of them to go around, hundreds in fact. If you plan on actually making a profit in foreign currency exchange trading, you need to have a solid plan in mind.

In other words, you need to have a mastery of various Forex strategies in order to profit. Without the right knowledge, skills, and some solid strategies in your arsenal, chances are pretty big that you will not see success anytime soon. Yes, FX trading is much harder than the pros make it look. Now, today we do not want to focus on specific Forex strategies for profitable trading.

What we want to focus on here are the basic components and the fundamentals which go into creating and using Forex strategies the right way. Specifically, today we want to cover the 7 basic components that you need to prepare for in order to make your Forex strategies work for you.

Forex Strategies

The 7 Fundamentals of Forex Strategies

Alright, so as we mentioned above, there are 7 vital components to every Forex strategy. More than that, these 7 fundamentals are crucial to master and to keep in mind at all times when you are trading, and this is regardless of the specific strategy you plan on using. If you follow the 7 tips that we have outlined below, you should be able to make any and every Forex trading strategy work to your advantage.

Money Management

Perhaps the most important component that you need to factor into all of your Forex strategies for Trading is money management, which is another way of saying risk management. Of course, the risk of losing money is an inherent part of trading FX, as well as with stocks, commodities, and so much more. What you need to know here is that losing money is inevitable.

No, we don’t mean losing everything, but losing a trade here and there is going to happen no matter how well prepared you are. This is the nature of the game. However, it’s all about how well you manage your money and the risk of it all. In other words, never risk more money than you can afford to lose comfortably, so no using your rent or mortgage money to trade currencies! Don’t use it if you can’t afford to lose it.

Time Management

The next important component of Forex strategies for profitable trading is time management. No, of course, you cannot spend the live long day trading, especially if you have a day job. However, equally as important to know is that profitable traders do spend all day trading, with many being full time traders who make all of their money in the world of FX.

Now, if you have a day job, you will still need to dedicate at least a few hours per day to trading, at least if you plan on being successful. The reason why people who trade for only an hour each day usually are not successful is because they miss the best opportunities. Simply put, you always have to be on the lookout for the best opportunities by keeping an eye on the market whenever possible.

Starting Small

Something that you always need to do, particularly if you are newbie testing out new Forex strategies, is to start off small. By this, we meant that you should stick to the smallest lot sizes possible and never invest a large chunk of cash into any one trade. If you are not yet very experienced, risking so much money is not worth it, especially considering that due to your status as a newbie, things are likely to not go your way.

Therefore, it’s best to start small. Moreover, by starting small, we also mean that you should not place a very large number of trades per day. Just like with anything else out there, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Also, having too many trades open at once makes things hard to track. It’s best to practice with some Forex strategies and master them before you start trading high volumes.

Being Consistent

The next important basic of Forex strategies, no matter which one you use, is that you need to be consistent with it. Now, this only applies if you are using a proven strategy that has shown results in the past, either for you or others.

However, the point here is that you need to keep things the same and constant. If it works, don’t fix it. You need to stick to your plan, especially if it is a good one. Don’t veer off course, don’t let your heart and your emotions tell you what to do, and don’t start changing things up if there is no need. Consistency is key.

It’s All About the Timing

Something else to keep in mind in terms of using various Forex strategies as a newbie is that timing is very important too. As a beginner, it’s best not to start trading right when the market opens up or right when you open up a chart.

As a newbie, you want to take your time, you need to evaluate the best course of action, and you need to strike while the iron is hot. That said, rushing into a trade too quickly is not a good idea. So, if you see a profitable opportunity, take it, but don’t execute lackluster trades just so you have made a trade.

Getting an Education

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Forex strategies, what they are, how to use them, and so much more, it’s best to get educated. FX trading is not something you can just do successfully without any training. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to get to a level where you are profiting on a consistent basis. Therefore, getting a solid Forex trading education is crucial.

Practicing with Demo Accounts

Finally, you do want to get some practice in. There are plenty of brokers and platforms out there that come with free demo accounts where you can trade using fake money. Before you start using new Forex strategies, test them out using such a demo account, just to make sure that you know what you are doing.

The Basics of Forex Strategies – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, the 7 basics of Forex strategies for profitable trading. Now that you know what these fundamentals are, you can get to mastering some simple Forex trading strategies that will put money in your pocket!


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Forex Time Wasters to Avoid

Forex Time Wasters to Avoid


If you want to be a successful day trader, you need to stop wasting time, and Forex time wasters can be detrimental to your success. Right now, we are here to talk about 9 big time Forex time wasters you need to avoid, if you plan on being successful.

Forex Time Wasters


9 Forex Time Wasters – STOP IT!

Right now we want to take a quick look at the 9 biggest Forex time wasters out there. These are all things which you need to stop doing. If you do any of these things, you won’t be a truly successful Forex trader. Now, with that being said, today we are not focusing solely on trading per say, but also on life in general. The below 9 Forex time wasters also apply to life in general.



Waiting for Inspiration

One of the biggest Forex time wasters out there is to wait for inspiration, which is also true for life in general. If you constantly sit around waiting for inspiration, you won’t ever actually accomplish anything at all. You are the only inspiration you need.

Sure, you have to pick your moments and execute trades at the right time, but sitting on your hands and waiting for a sign from God is not going to cut it. If you expect to be a successful trader, and successful in life, you need to take action and make your own inspiration.


Worrying About the Opinion of the Sheep

As Tywin Lannister in the popular hit TV series Game of Thrones said “Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep”. This holds true in real life, in Forex trading, and across the board in general. Sure, listening to professional traders and the advice which they have to give is one thing.

However, taking advice or listening to the opinions of people who have no idea what they are doing is pointless. Yes, everybody has an opinion, but unless their opinion is knowledge and fact based, and very educated, then there is no point in listening to it.



When it comes to Forex time wasters, and to wasting time in general, complaining is one of the most severe offences which all too many people commit. Think about it. Where is complaining going to get you?

Absolutely nowhere, that is where complaining will get you. For instance, if you lose some trades, and you complain about it, is it going to change anything? No, of course not! Not only does complaining get you nowhere, but people really hate complainers too. Stop complaining and start taking action to correct your mistakes.


Trying to Please Everybody

Ok, so this one of the Forex time wasters may not apply overly much to trading, but it still does. One of the worst things you can do in general is trying to please everybody. Folks, pleasing everybody is simply not possible. Just look at politics.

There are always people who are going to be unhappy with the decisions you make, no matter what the case. The only person you should be aiming to please or satisfy is yourself. You are the one trading, it is your money being risked, and it is you should come out on top at the end of the day.


Comparing Yourself to Others

When it comes to Forex time wasters, another severe offence is to compare yourself to others. Where is this going to get you? Nowhere! Let’s say you are a newbie to the world of day trading. You don’t make much money and you lose trades fairly often.

You then see professional traders making several thousand dollars per day. It can be super demoralizing to compare yourself to the pros, because it makes you look at feel bad, but there is just no point to it. Sure, it’s fine to learn from the pros to try and emulate them, but to compare your success to there is useless.


Repeating the Same Mistakes

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and in terms of Forex time wasters, this is a big one. Newbie traders will often keep on making the same errors over and over again without making any real changes to their methods and strategies.

Why would you do this? Sure, if something isn’t broken, then don’t fix it, but if it is broken and not working right, you need to take steps to become better. It’s all about making improvements, not stagnation.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel



Perfectionism is another definite Forex time waster. Folks, even the best and most experienced traders still are not perfect. Even the best of the best still make occasional mistakes and lose trades. A risk of losing is inherent in day trading and there’s just nothing you can do. You can never be perfect, and once you get this through your head, you can start taking pride in the wins that you accomplish.


Fear of Failure

In terms of Forex time wasters, a fear of failure is probably one of the very biggest ones out there. People who are afraid to fail are people who won’t ever be successful. Yes, FX trading can be risky, and there is always a possibility that you will lose some trades. It happens.

While it is OK to work on the side of caution and to take care when trading, not placing trades or taking action due to being afraid to lose won’t get you anywhere. To make it big, sometimes you have to take risks. Such is the nature of life.


Not Living Your Life

The other thing you should not be doing is wasting all of your time trading Forex. Yes, FX is a great way to make money, but it can become very consuming for some people. You still need to live your life!


Forex Time Wasters – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, 9 Forex time wasters that you absolutely need to avoid. Remember people, these Forex time wasters do not apply just to Forex, but to life in general. It’s time to live your best life!


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel


Getting Rich Trading Forex – RULES!

Getting Rich Trading Forex – RULES!

If you are a newbie to Forex trading, and trading the market in general, you’re probably quite worried about losing money. The fact of the matter is that yes, there is a certain amount of risk involved with Forex trading. If you don’t do it right and you don’t follow the rules, getting rich trading Forex is not easy.

However, this is what we are here for today, to provide you with the best tips for getting rich trading Forex. There are a few very basic rules and principles that you must follow at all costs if getting rich trading Forex is your goal. Yes, people, it is possible to make a whole lot of money trading currency pairs, but you need to do it right.

Getting Rich Trading Forex – Best Tips

Our very own Andrew, A, the leader of a variety of trading channels, as well as the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, just released and a brand new tips video on this very subject. Getting rich trading Forex is the name of the game, and Andrew is here to make it happen.

Always Reinvest

If you plan on getting rich trading Forex, one thing that you need to avoid doing at all costs is to bank or withdraw your profits. This is especially the case if you started off with a relatively small trading account. A big mistake with many greenhorns make is to always withdraw their profits as soon as they occur. This is a great way to get nowhere in the world of FX.

If you only have your initial investment amount in your account, it means that you can never increase the number of trades you place at once, plus you also cannot invest a lot of money per trade.

You need to keep as much of your profit in your trading account as possible. This is how you grow an account. It’s all about accumulating profits, kind of like interest at the bank. The more money you have in your account, the more interest accumulates, the more money you have, and the more interest there is. This is a cycle, one that is the same with Forex trading. People, keep reinvesting those profits!

Get Rich Trading Forex

Don’t Be Afraid to Move Against the Pack

One of the worst things that you can do as a newbie FX trader is to always be a sheep and to follow the herd. People who are afraid to think outside of the box or trade against the herd usually do not get very far at all.

Yes, this herd mentality can sometimes lead to some profits, but what usually happens when you follow the herd for too long is failure. It’s like if 1 sheep runs off a cliff, the whole herd will run off the cliff. This is often what happens here in FX trading.

When it comes to getting rich trading Forex, being the wolf or the black sheep can be very advantageous. Move against the pack, take a risk, and make it big. Yes, trading against the herd can be a bit risky and dangerous, but you won’t ever get wealthy via Forex trading if you never take risks. Think outside the box.

Don’t Be Idle

If you plan on getting rich trading Forex, one of the worst things you can do is to be idle or to sit on your hands. This is what Andrew refers to as sucking your thumb. Folks, if you don’t take risks and you don’t execute those trades when good opportunities arise, you won’t ever get anywhere. If an opportunity for profit presents itself, and the risk level suits your needs, go for it.

There is no point in trading FX if you are going to sit there doing nothing but analyzing things the whole time, all the while never placing trades. Yes, trading is risky, but those who risk it all are sometimes rewarded big. Simply put, you won’t get the puck in the net if you never take the shot. Get your stick on the ice and start shooting big.

Get Rich Trading Forex

Have a Plan

When it comes to getting rich trading Forex, another big mistake which many newbies make is to trade without a solid plan. Folks, there are thousands of different ways to trade FX out there. Between all those different charts, indicators, oscillators, and analysis tools, you can find thousands of different trading strategies.

No, you don’t need to know a thousand strategies, just a few good ones that you understand, ones that work well for you. The worst thing you can do is to start trading blindly and emotionally. Learn some good trading strategies, learn the basics of Forex, make a solid plan on paper, and then stick to it.


Andrew’s Trading Channel

Stop Wasting Cash

Rich people get rich because they save every last penny, not by spending it on frivolous junk. Stop buying expensive dinners and clothes, stop wasting money on useless garbage, and get an old second hand car instead of that new Ford Mustang.

Simply put, stop wasting your cash and pay attention to the small stuff too. Even small expenses like buying a cup of coffee from the shop instead of making your own brew starts to add up real quick. Use your money for to get rich trading Forex, focus your resources on trading, and then once you make it big, that’s when you can start spending.

Get Rich Trading Forex

Risk Assessment

One of the other tips to get rich trading Forex is to always engage in some good old risk assessment. You need to know how much money you can risk without completely bottoming out. Never trade with more cash than you can lose. If you need that last $1,000 to pay the rent, don’t trade with it!

Get Rich Trading Forex – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that to get rich trading Forex, there are certain rules which you need to follow, rules which will either make or break you! If you really want to learn everything there is to know about how to get rich trading Forex, we would recommend joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

Learn Forex Trading With Andrew

Learn Forex Trading With Andrew

If you have just entered the world of FX currency pair trading, you’re probably a bit worried and quite intimidated too. The fact of the matter is that FX trading is not easy, not at all, but if you learn from the right places, it is possible to be very profitable. If you are intimidated by FX trading and you are tired of losing trades, you might want to learn Forex trading with Andrew.

For those of you who don’t know, Andrew is a rather perfect person to learn Forex trading from. He has created his own highly successful day trading school, known as the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

He also has a variety of day trading channels on various funnels, each of which can help you become a better FX trader in one way or another. Today we are here to talk about all of the ways in which you can learn Forex trading courtesy of Andrew. If you want to become a successful, profitable, and self-sustaining FX trader, you have come to the right place.

Learn Forex Trading

Who is Andrew?

Andrew A is a long time Forex trader, stock trader, crypto trader, and so much more. He may be a young man, but he has been in the day trading business for nearly a decade now. He has managed to see great success throughout the tenure of his career. Seeing as he himself was so successful, he decided that he wanted to help others learn Forex trading, so everybody can be as successful as he is.

What we do also want to make clear is that Andrew is the real deal. He’s not a fake person, he’s not a fictitious character, and he’s also not some blowhard full of hot air. This man is the real deal, and there is quite honestly nobody we would rather learn Forex trading from than him. He has a massive following on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms too, just in case you want to go look him up!

On a side note, something that will definitely help you learn Forex trading from Andrew is the fact that he does his best to explain everything in a very simple way. Remember, everything Andrew does is designed for newbies and beginners. Therefore, he ensures that all of the day trading educational content he produces is very easy to grasp.

Learn Forex Trading

Learn Forex Trading with Income Mentor Box

When it comes down to it, the number one place in all of the world to learn Forex trading is at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Although this particular day trading course has not been around for too long, about a year now, it has already seen great success. It has managed to turn thousands of newbies into trading professionals.

Here, as a member of IMB, you will gain access to 55+ full length trading tutorials. Each tutorial or lesson focuses on a different topic related to FX and day trading in general. It starts out with all of the easy terms and basic tenants of trading, and then quickly moves along to teach you all about charting solutions, indicators, trading strategies, and so much more.

Quite simply, here you will learn the ins and outs of FX trading, literally everything you need to know to turn you into a professional and profitable day trader. It’s also worth mentioning that the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy costs only $299 to join. Yes, this is a single onetime payment with no recurring or additional costs of any sort. $299 can be made up through FX trading in a matter of hours, thus totally offsetting this cost.

Learn Forex Trading


Learn Forex Trading with Andrew’s Telegram Trading Channel

Another great place to learn Forex trading is from Andrew’s Trading Channel on Telegram. Telegram is a messaging app. This is a highly refined day trading funnel where you can learn Forex trading. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what you get with Andrew’s Telegram Trading Channel.

  • Daily Analytics
  • Information about entry levels and stop loss for trading
  • General trading education
  • Free technical analysis info
  • Free fundamental analysis info
  • Andrew’s best trading strategies (video formats)
  • Alerts for Andrew’s live streams
  • 1 to 2 free trading signals per day
  • Info about stocks, Forex, crypto, commodities, and more

Yes, these are resources which you will have access to each and every single day. They can all come in extremely handy for anybody and everybody that wants to become the best currency pair trader they can be.


Andrew’s Trading Channel


Learn Forex Trading with Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube

The other resource you can learn Forex trading from, courtesy of none other than Andrew himself, is his very own trading channel on YouTube. This is a channel where Andrew uploads daily trading videos, usually about Forex trading strategies, but sometimes about commodities, stocks, and crypto too.

Every day he uploads a new video, generally about a killer trading strategy that you can easily master simply by watching him. The beauty of this YouTube channel is that Andrew does everything right in front of your eyes, so you can easily follow along and learn Forex trading on the fly.

Let’s not forget that Andrew often does live trading streams. If you catch one of these live streams, not only can you learn Forex trading, but you can also copy his trades as he makes them. That is right folks, you can copy his trades and make money in real time along with Andrew while he does the same!


Learning Forex Trading – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is really no better person to learn Forex trading from than Andrew. He has the skills, knowledge, and people skills to teach even the greenest of newbies how to be successful. If you want a truly comprehensive and full scale Forex trading education, you definitely want to check out the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

Moreover, both of Andrew’s trading channels on Telegram and YouTube are also great resources to teach you the latest and best FX trading tips, strategies, and so much more. Stop trading blindly. Learn how to engage in profitable Forex trading now, so you can start making real money and stop losing it!


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy Andrew’s Trading Channel

The Best Forex Trading Method

The Best Forex Trading Method


Have you ever wondered what the best Forex trading method is? Yeah, there are hundreds of different ways to trade FX, but they are not all the same. Some are faster than others, some slower, some more reliable or less, and when all is done, they all feature different profit margins too. Right now, we want to take you on a journey of what is the best Forex trading method out there. It’s all about putting money in your pockets!

Best Forex Trading Method

Best Forex Trading Method #1 – 5 Minute Scalping

One of the important trading methods which Andrew discusses in one of his most recent trading tutorials is the 5 minute scalping strategy. For those of you who don’t know, scalping in FX is all about placing a large quantity of small trades, all on short 5 minute time frames.

The whole point of this kind of trading is to make lots of quick little profits. No, single trades are not going to produce huge profits here, but the point is that this is a reliable way of trading, and profits from those single trades do start to add up real quick.

When it comes to one of the best Forex trading methods out there, this 5 minute scalping strategy is definitely one you should be familiar with. As you can see from Andrew’s videos, both of them, he manages to make healthy and consistent profits trading in this exact manner.

Best Forex Trading Method #2 – Coronavirus Trading

Yes, it is of course unfortunate that our world is currently in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are ill and tens of thousands who are dying. No, this is not a good time for planet earth and its inhabitants.

Now, although it sounds crass to say, there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. There is always some good to be found in the bad, and when it comes to the CO-VID 19 pandemic, it does produce some decent opportunities for FX trading.

You see, what the best Forex trading method is at any given time depends on the specific economic situation in the world. Yes, it is possible to take advantage of the current coronavirus pandemic in FX trading. In this particular video, Andrew explains how to trade FX profitably during this otherwise horrible time on planet earth.

Best Forex Trading Method #3 – The Gold Breakout

Something else that is very important is that you know when to trade certain assets against currencies. For instance, in Andrew’s latest trading video, he demonstrates how to trade Gold against the USD for profits.

It appears as though gold has experienced quite the breakout during the last couple of days, with massive price fluctuations happening. This is of course also due to the coronavirus pandemic and the state of the US economy. In this video, Andrew was able to trade XAU/USD and make an ROI of 650%.

Thanks to the gold breakout, Andrew was able to make a killing on the Forex market. The best Forex trading method is all about taking advantage of a situation at a moment’s notice, like this gold breakout. Check out the included video to see exactly how Andrew did this.

Best Forex Trading Method #4 – Candlestick Pattern Cheat Sheet

If you are not familiar with candlestick patterns, this is the perfect place to do so. Candlestick patterns can of course take many different forms, and they all indicate whether a price is going up, down, or remaining at the same level, plus more.

Simply put, if you know how to read candlestick patterns and how to place trades based on that analysis, you do stand to make a heck of a lot of money.

In this particular tutorial, Andrew talks about what candlestick patterns are, how to read and analyze them, and how to place trades based on that analysis. Some of the best Forex trading methods out there involve candlestick patterns, so this is definitely a lesson worth checking out.

Best Forex Trading Method #5 – MACD Turbo Trading

When it comes to the most profitable Forex trading strategies, this one could just be the very best Forex trading method out there at this time. The MACD indicator is one of the most popular indicators out there, and there is a lot that it can tell you.

Simply put, this is a momentum based indicator that can tell you all about price direction and momentum. If you plan on being a profitable currency pair trader, knowing what this MACD indicator is, what it tells you, and how to use it is very important.

Moreover, in this particular video, Andrew demonstrates how to use the MACD indicator to make small and fast turbo profits. In this sense, it is kind of like the 5 minute scalping strategies which we looked at in the beginning of today’s article.

5 Ways to Become Profitable in Forex

Now, this last lesson we want to talk about is not really about one single best Forex trading method. It is more a list of tips and tricks you should put to use in order to be a profitable FX trader. If you are a newbie currency trader, we would definitely recommend watching this whole video from front to back. These are some of the best Forex trading tips you will ever get.

The Best Forex Trading Method – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, as you can probably tell, there is no single best Forex trading method. The best strategy for trading FX can take many different forms. It all depends on how much capital you have to trade, if you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, and of course it all depends on the situation at hand.

As mentioned above, this Coronavirus has created some great FX trading opportunities, especially right now with Gold. All of these video tutorials for the various Forex trading strategies out there will go a long way in making you a profitable trader. That said, if you really want to be the best day trader out there, learning from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is what you need to do.


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Manual Trading: Making €1,000+ DAILY

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Today we want to provide you with a lesson on manual trading. As you will see, Andrew made over €1,000 with just 2 trades, and it took only a single hour to achieve. We have the live trading video right here, and the proof is in the profits. Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we are all about teaching aspiring traders to be the best in the business. Let’s go over some manual trading tips, courtesy of Andrew, and examine how he made roughly €1,100 in just 1 hour!

Income Mentor Box - Manual Trading Tips


Manual Trading: €1,000+ In 2 Trades

Just to clarify, here Andrew was able to make over €1,000 in just 2 trades. He did this purely through manual trading, which is usually the standard when trading Forex. Yes, Andrew was able to make over €1,000 in just 2 trades, and it only took a little over 1 hour to achieve these profits. The two trades which he placed were USD/JPY and GBP/USD.

Combined, they produced well over €1,000 in profits. Today’s manual trading lesson is all about how you can replicate Andrew’s profits, all courtesy of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. It’s all about making life easier for you and teaching you how to make big money through manual trading. In order to get full lesson on every Forex and day trading, join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

Income Mentor Box - Manual Trading Tips

Manual Trading: Support And Resistance

One of the strategies which Andrew from our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy uses to place the right trades, and to close them at the right times, is support and resistance. Knowing how to use support and resistance lines is crucial for manual trading, and it will help you determine when to close trades, when to open them, and in which direction to trade as well. As you can see from the video, we place a lot of faith in support and resistance, and more times than not, it turns out to be very reliable and highly profitable.

Here we closed these trades on live video. This is because for manual trading, there are no other traders or trading academies out there which do live trades, showing real profits and real trading methods. The whole point of us doing this manual trading video and closing trades live on video is so that you know that our strategies are real, that they work, and that this is the real deal. It’s solid proof that Andy’s manual trading using support and resistance actually works. This is how you can make good money on a daily basis through manual trading.

Income Mentor Box - Manual Trading Tips

Manual Trading: Using The Best Currency Pairs

One of the things which we cannot stress enough, is that to make profitable trades, you need to pick the right currency pairs for Forex. Yes, there are many different pairings out there to choose from. However, not all of them have the same volatility, reliability, and overall profit potential. As you can see from the manual trading video, Andy has a few currency pairings which he favors over all others.

These are usually the best currency pairs to trade with, the ones with the most profit potential when manual trading is involved. Generally speaking, the very best currency pair to go with is the EUR/USD pairing, as it has a high level of liquidity and the highest order flow as well. Some other currency pairings which are fantastic to trade with include USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/JPY, and GBP/USD. If you stick to these various currency pairs we have listed here, the potential for profit drastically increases when compared to other currency pairings.

Manual Trading – Economic Calendar & 3 Bull News

Another big manual trading tip, courtesy of our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, is to always go to investingnews.com and check the economic calendar. For one, make sure that you select the time zone which you are in. What you are looking for in this economic calendar are news releases. If you are trading with any given currency, you want to ensure that there are no significant news releases coming out.

This goes double for 3 Bull News. If a currency, such as the EUR, is experiencing 3 Bull News, you want to avoid trading with it for the time being. Never trade with any particular asset when said asset is experiencing 3 Bull News. So, for manual trading, compare the favorite currency pairs listed above, and then check the economic calendar for 3 Bull News. Keep an eye on 1 and 5 minute charts, look at the support and resistance lines, and make sure to pay attention to news releases.

Please do keep in mind that here we are only providing a rudimentary explanation of how to make good money through this kind of trading. If you want the full lesson, watch the full manual trading video. For even better and more in depth lessons, you should join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

Income Mentor Box - Manual Trading Tips

Manual Trading Tips – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, a relatively simple explanation and tip session on how you can maximize profits and choose the right trades when trading. Always use the favorite currency pairs which Andrew discussed, and always check the news releases for news releases related to these currencies. Remember your support and resistance lines as well!

Like we said before, for a more in depth lesson on manual trading, please check out the embedded video and join our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Here we also provide many other lessons, including over 51 video tutorials for Forex and day trading, an EBook, a private chat room, and more.

Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we even provide trading signals for manual trading. All you have to do is copy and paste our manual trading signals into your own trading platform, and you can make money just like Andrew does in his live videos. Folks, he made over €1,000 in 1 hour, with 2 trades. This could be you!

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