Start Profiting with Andrew’s Trading Channel

Start Profiting with Andrew’s Trading Channel

If you want to become a profitable trader, and you want to learn from the best, Andrew’s Trading Channel is something you need to check out. Today, we are going to take a closer look at Andrew and his channel to see how it can help you make money.

What is Andrew’s Trading Channel?

Just to be clear, Andrew’s Trading Channel is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping aspiring traders make money. It’s about teaching newbies the best tips, tricks, and trading strategies that put money into pockets.

Andrew’s Trading Channel.


Who is Andrew?

If you aren’t familiar with Andrew, if you want to be a good trader, and you want a good teacher, then you better get to know him fast. He has been a hugely successful trader of crypto, Forex, and stocks for well over a decade. Not only does he know what he is doing, but he also makes for a fantastic teacher.

He knows how to explain things in ways that make it easy for newbies to understand, and he does everything live on video too. Andrew has lead many successful trading-related ventures over the years, and we do think that Andrew’s Trading Channel is one of the best, particularly if you are looking to learn trading without spending any money.

Andrew’s Trading Channel.


Andrew’s Trading Channel Latest Guides

What we really want to focus on right now are some of the best and latest trading guides and tutorials that have been uploaded to Andrew’s Trading Channel. As you are about to see, this channel can help you trade stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest videos for some examples of what Andrew can teach you. Remember, there are literally thousands of guides and tutorials on this channel, so there is plenty for you to learn, and all for no cost to you.

The Best One Minute Gold Scalping Strategy

One of our favorite video guides on Andrew’s Trading Channel is this one that focuses on trading gold and the United States Dollar. Here, Andrew performed a live trading session in realtime, so you can follow along.

This particular strategy is all about maximizing profits while minimizing time spent trading. As you can see from the video, Andrew made well over 400 Euros in profits in a single minute, yes, just one minute. This is of course super impressive, and if you pay attention to how Andy does this, you can recreate these results for yourself.

1 Minute Gold Scalping Strategy +€447 Profits | SUPER EASY – SUPER POWERFUL!!! – YouTube

The 20 Minute Gold Scalping Strategy

Now, this particular strategy guide on Andrew’s Trading Channel also focusing on trading gold against the United States Dollar, and yes, this is also a scalping strategy. This means that it is all about very short-term trades that produce profits.

The difference between this strategy and the one above is 19 minutes. With this strategy, Andrew managed to generate over 1,600 Euros in profits in just 20 minutes. Folks, that’s more money than most people make in a week of full-time work. This strategy is not the easiest to master, but it definitely gets the job done.

Gold Scalping Newbies Strategy | XAU/USD Easy €1,621 Trade – YouTube

The Three Best Stocks to Buy Now

Of course, if you like making money, then the stock market is always something to consider investing and trading in. That said, finding the right stocks to invest in at any given time is not easy, and choosing the wrong ones can lead to disastrous losses.

This particular video guide on Andrew’s Trading Channel talks about the three best stocks to invest in right now. Do keep in mind that this video is time sensitive, as the best stocks to buy today might not be the same as the best ones to buy in a month from now. Therefore, if you plan on acting on the advice provided here, you do need to do so relatively soon.

USD/JPY Breaking out NOW!!! 3 BEST Stocks to buy TODAY!!! – YouTube

The Story of Bitcoin

If you have been paying attention to the market, something you probably know is that Bitcoin has experienced a massive surge in value over the past year, especially in the last few months. There is a lot of volatility present in the current cryptocurrency market, which is why it is a great time to trade Bitcoin and altcoins. In this video, Andrew discusses what the current Bitcoin run means, what future possibilities are, and how you can take advantage of it to make profits.

FINALLY BACK!!!! BTC DANGER & Stock Market Crash STARTING??? – YouTube

1000% Profits in February

Although this is not really a trading guide, we do want to include this video in today’s review as a testament to how good of a trader Andrew is. Folks, in February alone, Andrew managed to make 1,000% in profits. It really does not get much better than that.

MUST WATCH: 1000% Profit Gains in FEBRUARY 2021 and Beyond (THIS IS ONLY STARTING!!!!!!) – YouTube


Andrew & The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy

Something else that we do want to touch on here is that the same Andrew from Andrew’s Trading Channel is also the mentor behind the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

For those of you who don’t know, this is one of the most popular, trusted, comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective trading schools out there. Yes, it focuses on day trading Forex, but it also helps people get better at stock and crypto trading.

While Andrew’s Trading Channel is a great resource for beginners, a cost-free resource to learn different trading tips, rules, secrets, and strategies, it does not qualify as a full-scale education.

If you want to start with the basic terms, rules, and market aspects, and you want to learn how to do everything that is required to be profitable, then you do want to check out the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.



Andrew’s Trading Channel – Conclusion

The bottom line is that if you need a free way to learn the best trading tips, secrets, and strategies around, then Andrew’s Trading Channel is one of your best bets. Andrew knows what he is doing, and even better, he is a fantastic teacher. That said, if you want to be a self-reliant and profitable trader who has a great base of knowledge, then the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is what we recommend.

Most Viewed Forex Trading Guides

Most Viewed Forex Trading Guides

2020 was definitely a very exciting year for all of us, particularly for Forex traders. Something that we want to talk about today are some of the most viewed Forex trading guides on the internet. Specifically, today we want to talk about Andrew’s Trading Channel, a super popular YouTube channel.

Here, master trader and awesome personality, Andrew, teaches newbies and pros alike how to improve their Forex trading game and how to make as much money as possible, and in the easiest ways too.

Right now, we want to do a bit of a recap of 2020, and we want to talk about some of the most viewed Forex trading guides on Andrew’s Trading Channel. We want to do this just to give you an idea of not only how popular and useful this channel is for teaching newbies how to trade, but also to teach you something in the process.

The fact of the matter is that this is one of the most popular YouTube channels out there for aspiring Forex traders. If you want some easy to follow, comprehensive, and useful Forex trading guides, this is the place to be.

Forex Trading Guides

Top Viewed Forex Trading Guides on ATC of 2020

Let’s get to it and take a look at some of the most popular and most viewed Forex trading guides that were featured on Andrew’s YouTube channel in 2020. We definitely recommend taking a closer look at each of these guides, because you will absolutely be able to learn some things that will make you a much more proficient currency trader.

Forex Trading Guides

Fibonacci Forex Trading

Fibonacci retracement levels are nothing new in the world of Forex, yet here Andrew does a fantastic job at explaining exactly what they are, how to use them, and more. For one, here you will learn how to use Fibonacci to minimize losses and how to use it to avoid losing trades. Of course, not losing trades is half the battle in FX trading.

In this video, you will see how Andrew made 150 pips through some very simple analysis and trading, and if you follow along closely, you can learn how to trade like this. This so-called Fibonacci masterclass will teach you the absolute best and easiest way for newbies to use Fibonacci to make some truly stunning profits.

Most Profitable Five Minute Forex Scalping Strategy

One of the things that every beginner Forex trader should learn is how to trade via scalping. Scalping is a type of trading Forex that involves placing a large number of small trades, instead of placing just a few large trades. It is a style of trading that can result in lots of profits.

Another aspect that traders love about scalping is that trades are only open for a very short amount of time, something that many people find easy and beneficial.

In this particular tutorial video, Andrew demonstrates how to use one of the most successful and profitable 5 minute scalping strategies for Forex, or in other words, a strategy that involves trades only being open for 5 minutes. It’s a nifty and profitable way to trade Forex no doubt, and it’s something we recommend taking a closer look at.

Moving Average Crossover Strategy

Yet another one of the best Forex trading guides on Andrew’s Trading Channel, one that was viewed thousands and thousands of times, is this particular one on the best moving average crossover strategy. Of course, when it comes to Forex trading, moving averages are essential.

Both moving averages and crossovers are things that you should be intimately familiar with if you plan on being successful and profitable. As you can see from this video, everything that Andrew shows you is designed for newbies, for ease of use. This is an integral part of Forex trading, so we recommend watching this video a few times over.

Making $300+ Daily with Just Your Phone

When it comes down to it, this is one of our very favorite Forex trading guides of 2020, and the reason for it is quite simple, because everyone can easily do what Andrew demonstrates in this video. As you might be able to gleam from the title, here Andrew shows you how to make over $300 per day using nothing but your phone.

Yes, here Andrew uses another simple Forex scalping strategy, so that is something you will also learn here. When it comes down to it, making $300 per day with nothing but your phone is very impressive, and moreover, it’s also super useful considering that you can do it from anywhere, making this super convenient for people who are always on the move.

Forex Trading Guides from Income Mentor Box

Something that we do quickly want to touch on here is how Andrew’s YouTube Trading Channel is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best Forex trading guides of 2020. The fact of the matter is that while this is a fantastic free resource that all newbie traders can take advantage of, it is of course not a full scale education.

While ATC is great for teaching you random tips and strategies, it does not constitute a full Forex trading education from the ground up. If you really want to learn everything that there is to know about Forex trading, we recommend checking out Income Mentor Box.

The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is a full-scale Forex trading school that will teach you all of the fundamentals that you need to know to become a full-time and profitable FX currency trader. What’s also really cool here is that none other than Andrew himself is the one teaching the IMB curriculum, and yes, he created it too.

Forex Trading Guides

Forex Trading Guides for Newbies

The bottom line here is that whether you want some awesome and free Forex trading guides from Andrew’s YouTube Channel, or you want a full-scale FX trading education from Income Mentor Box, Andrew is a fantastic teacher who makes learning both fun and easy. By watching just a few of these Forex trading guides, even the YouTube ones, you can learn more than enough to start making great profits.


Best Trading Guides for Beginners

Best Trading Guides for Beginners

If you are new to the world of day trading, whether Forex, stocks, crypto, or anything in between, you might be having a bit of difficulty. Yes, trading all of these assets on the market can be extremely profitable. For instance, if you do it right, you stand to make thousands of dollars per day. This is where the best trading guides for beginners come into play.

The fact of the matter is that trading something like Forex is much harder than just choosing random signals and executing trades. You need to have a lot of knowledge, skill, a good deal of patience, and yeah, a bit of luck too. However, if you go into trading without any prior knowledge or experience, you’re bound to lose money.

However, below we want to take a look at some of the best trading guides for beginners out there. All of these guides come to us courtesy of Andrew A. Andy is the leader of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, plus a large variety of other educational resources too. Today we are here to look at some of his most recent trading guides for newbies, as seen on his YouTube channel.

Best Trading Guides

Best Timeframes for Beginners

One of the most recent trading guides which Andrew released on his channel is all about finding the best timeframes to trade in. Timeframes in FX trading are extremely important to know about. There are 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, and so many more timeframes.

Choosing the right ones can be very hard, especially as a newbie. Finding the right trading timeframes can make all of the difference. Check out the embedded video for a comprehensive explanation on choosing the right timeframes for day trading.


EUR/USD Scalping

This is another one of the best trading guides for newbies out there, with this one being all about Forex scalping, specifically using the EUR/USD pairing. Here you will find out all about scalping, what it is, how to do it, and more. In short, scalping in FX trading is all about placing a large quantity of small trades.

The aim is to make lots of small profits. It can be a great way for newbies to minimize risk and maximize profits. The EUR/USD pairing is one of the best to work with for FX scalping. If making lots of small profits each day sounds good to you, then you should absolutely check this video out.


SL & TP Masterclass

Just to be clear, SL stands for Stop Loss, and TP stands for Take Profit. Stop loss and take profit orders are essential to understand if you plan on being successful in Forex trading. Both SL & TP are vital if you plan on maximizing profits, mitigating risk, and minimizing losses.

A well set stop loss order can stop you from losing a full investment in the event that a trade goes south. Moreover, a well set take profit level can allow you to bank profits before things turn around. When it comes to trading guides for beginners, this might just be one of the first ones that you should check out.


Trading NASDAQ for Newbies

The NASDAQ is one of the world’s largest and most popular stock exchanges. Of course Forex is a great way to make money trading currencies. However, there are some really great profit opportunities on the stock market too. Now, trading the NASDAQ does take a bit of skill and knowledge.

This is not something you can start doing blindly. In this particular video, Andrew is going to show you how to use support and resistance levels to trade the NASDAQ. As you will see from this trading guide, Andrew manages to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 with this trading strategy. S&P500 for the NASDAQ tends to work quite well.


Stock Trading for Beginners

Yes, the previous trading guide was about trading NASDAQ stocks, but of course, there are other stock markets out there too, all of which can provide you with massive profits if you go about trading and investing the right way.

This particular trading guide will provide you with some of the very best stock trading tips out there. If you plan on getting into the stock market, before you do so, you should definitely check this video out. It will provide you with a whole lot of useful info to help get you started.


Generating Full Time Income from Home

What is really interesting about this particular trading guide is that it is all about being able to make profits from home. Some people have day jobs and trade Forex on the side, which is fine, but not necessary.

Real Forex traders can spend their days trading Forex and make more than enough money to live comfortably. It is not necessary to have a day job when you are a pro Forex trader. With this trading guide, you will get some really awesome tips on how to trade Forex full time from home. The point here is to bring you to a level where you don’t have to rely on a menial day job for survival.


Best Trading Guides for Newbies – Final Thoughts

As you can see, Andrew from Income Mentor Box has a great YouTube trading channel, one that comes out with many new videos per week, particularly these trading guides for newbies. Remember folks, nobody stumbles backwards into Forex trading and is an automatic success.

Life just doesn’t work that way. Becoming a professional and profitable day trader takes time and effort. That said, with these best trading guides for beginners, you can speed up the learning process a whole lot and start making good money much sooner.

Remember folks, if you want a truly comprehensive day trading education that covers everything from A to Z, then joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is highly recommended.


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