Forex Pro Island App Complete Guide

Forex Pro Island App Complete Guide


The Forex Pro Island App is brand new, it works very well, and it puts money into pockets without any work having to be done. Right now, we are doing this Forex Pro Island App complete guide to provide you with all of the most important info about it.

Forex Pro Island App

How Many Bots are Included?

Something that makes this Forex Pro Island App so unique is the fact that it does not just trade all currency pairs. Instead, this autotrader is designed to trade 6 specific currency pairs, the most popular ones like AUD/USD, EUR/USD, and four others as well.

Unlike with other autotraders that trade all currency pairs, but do not do so very well, this particular app only trades 6 specific currency pairs.

However, the whole point here is to execute quality trades to produce profits. In other words, here it is not about the quantity of signals or FX pairs that can be traded with, but about the quality of the best signals possible. This application comes with a total of 6 trading bots included, 1 specific one for a certain currency pair.

Should I Let All 6 Bots Run Simultaneously?

Something which many people are wondering about this Forex Pro Island App is if it is possible or recommended to allow multiple bots to run at once, even all 6 of the bots simultaneously. Well, this really has to do with the level of risk which you are willing to engage in.

The more bots you have running at once, the more capital you will need to trade with, and the more trades are placed. Yes, running more of the 6 currency bots at once may be a little riskier, but it does of course also increase your profit potential.

It is recommended that at first, you start off by running 1 or 2 of the bots, just to see how it all works. Once you start feeling comfortable with this software, you can then increase the number of active bots to 3, 4, or even all 6. So yes, if you feel like it, there is no reason why you could not let all 6 of the Forex Pro Island App’s bots run at once.

Forex Pro Island App

Where to use the Forex Pro Island App

Something that you do also need to be aware of here is that the Forex Pro Island App is designed specifically for use with the MetaTrader 4 platform. Some people have been asking whether or not this app can also be used with MetaTrader 5. The answer is no, it cannot.

This automated day trading application is designed for use specifically with the MT4 platform. Yes, this means that you will first need to download and install MetaTrader 4. You will then have to download and install FX Pro on the MT4 platform.

How Do I Set The Forex Pro Island App Up?

What is kind of interesting here is that the hardest part of using this Forex Pro Island App is the initial setup process. Alright, so there is actually too much for us to explain in terms of setting this application up and getting it to work right. Below, we actually have an in depth video installation guide which will take you through the exact steps.

You need to be aware that there are over 10 different steps included in the installation process, and some of them can be a bit technical. However, it is absolutely crucial that you install the Forex Pro Island App properly, or else it will not be able to trade automatically on your behalf. Here we also have a link to an in depth installation guide with a step by step tutorial for your benefit. No, installing this app is not rocket science, but it does need to be done properly.

How Do I Use this Software – Is it Hard?

Many people are also wondering how hard it is to use the Forex Pro Island App. Well, as mentioned before, the hardest part about this whole thing is installing the software. However, using it is a different story. This software incorporates a highly sophisticated and advanced algorithm which performs a multitude of analyses to ensure that only the best and most reliable signals are traded with.

It does all of the fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and news analysis for you. This FX autotrader even executes and closes trades on your behalf. It comes complete with entry prices, stop loss levels, and take profit levels too. In order to make money with this FX autotrader, you literally just have to select any or all of the 6 included currency trading bots, turn them on, and allow them to trade on your behalf. Folks,

Forex trading really does not get any easier than this. The Forex Pro Island App does literally all of the work for you. As long as you have it installed properly on MT4 and you have an internet connection, this system will run on your behalf and put some pretty substantial profits in your pockets.

Forex Pro Island App

Can I Close Trades Myself?

What is quite neat here is that although the Forex Pro Island App does open and close trades on its own, you do also have the ability to close them manually. If you feel as though the trade is in the money, but will not reach the set take profit level, you can close the trade manually. This is also the case if the trade is going south and losing money. The fact that you can manually close trades with this autotrader is a pretty big deal and a clear advantage over other FX autotraders.


When Should I Let the Autotrader Run?

As is the case with all automated trading applications, there are ideal times to run the Forex Pro Island App, and times which are not good. First and foremost, the FX market is closed on the weekends, and therefore there is no point in running this app on Saturday and Sunday. However, seeing as the FX market is open during the week, this app should be allowed to run free on the weekdays.

Now, something that is important to note is that Monday’s and Friday’s are a bit risky, risker than the other 3 weekdays anyway. If you want to see the highest profit potential, let the bots run 24/5. However, if you plan on minimizing risk as much as humanly possible, letting the bot run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is recommended.


Who Created the Forex Pro Island App?

We do want to stress that the Forex Pro Island App is indeed not a scam. It is legit and it is the real deal. A big reason why we trust this automated FX software so much is because we know who is behind it, and we trust him 100%. The man behind this autotrader is Andrew A. Andrew is a long time day trading expert in Forex, stocks, crypto, and so much more.

He has been in the business for many years and he definitely knows what he is doing. You might recognize Andrew from his very own Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

For those of you who don’t know, the IMB Day Trading Academy is a one of a kind Forex trading course, often regarded as being the best in the world. You may also recognize Andrew from his trading channels on both YouTube and Telegram. This is a man who helps aspiring day traders make it big, we trust him, and therefore we trust the Forex Pro Island App too.

Forex Pro Island App


How Much Will it Cost Me?

The Forex Pro Island App is very reasonably priced indeed. It will cost you a single onetime payment of $299 USD. $299 might seem like a lot of money, but when you compare this cost to just how profitable this autotrader is, the cost is more or less irrelevant.

Let’s just remind you that Andrew himself was able to achieve a 79% win rate with $1,100 in profits in just a few hours of trading with this app. As you can see, the cost of the application can be made up in less than a single day, and yes, it really is a onetime payment.


Can I Use the Forex Pro Island App on Mobile Devices?

What is also very nice about the Forex Pro Island App is that it does indeed work on mobile devices. As long as you have MetaTrader 4 installed, and you have an iOS or Android phone, this app will work seamlessly. Let’s not forget that this FX autotrader is also available in virtually every country in the world!

Forex Pro Island App Guide – Final Thoughts

Folks, if you have any more questions about this Forex Pro Island App, please feel free to ask and we will get back to you as soon as you can. All things considered, this has to be one of the very best autotraders for FX out there, and we would definitely recommend giving it a shot.

Forex Pro Island Signup

Forex Pro Island WINNING TRADES!

Forex Pro Island WINNING TRADES!


The Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot just hit the shelves last week and it has already made a huge impact in the world of auto FX trading. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of autotraders for FX out there. However, from our own experience, only a couple of them work, most of them are scams, and really none of them manage to produce decent profits. This is why Andrew, the creator of the Forex Pro Island Auto Bot, wanted to do something for the little guy.

This is a piece of automated trading software that can and does put money in pockets. Yes, we know it is hard to believe, that this particular FX autotrader is the only automated trading app out there that can actually produce profits.

However, simply put, this is exactly the case. In all of our years of trading with automated software, very rarely have we come across one that actually works, let alone as well as this one. Now, Andrew just did his first live trading sessions with the Forex Pro Island Bot. Yes, it did go very well. In fact, this software managed to perform much better than we had expected.

For those of you who don’t know, the advertised win rate or ITM rate for this app is 74%. So, did the Forex Pro Island Auto Bot manage to live up to its expectations? Did it perform worse or better than advertised? Well, as a little hint, the bot did perform very well and yes it outperformed the advertised ITM rate by a few points. Simply put, today’s Forex Pro Island review is all about how this ground breaking piece of trading tech managed to make lots of money!

Forex Pro Island

Forex Pro Island Auto Bot – First Live Results

Alright, so you are probably interested in knowing exactly how well this Forex Pro Island Auto Trading App managed to perform. Well, we are pleased to announce that the results greatly exceeded out own expectations. We do just want to clarify that this software was designed by none other than Andrew. A, and it was designed exclusively for FX trading.

Now, as you can see from the included video, Andrew placed a totally of 23 trades with his own application. Well, to be fair, the Forex Pro Island app did all of the trading, but Andrew certainly managed to put money in his pocket. Let’s take a closer look at the win rate and the profits generated from these 23 FX trades.

Forex Pro Island

Forex Pro Island – The ITM Rate

So, as mentioned above, there were a total of 23 trades placed by this app in the span of 1 day. Out of those 23 FX trades, the Forex Pro Island app managed to win a full 18 of those trades. Folks, this is a very good win rate. For a comparison, the advertised average ITM rate for this autotrader is 74%, according to the website itself. Well, 18 out of 23 trades being won translates to an ITM rate of nearly 79%.

In other words, this app was able to win about 5% more of the trades it placed than was advertised. Needless to say, this is very impressive. Moreover, a near 80% win rate is something that virtually no other FX autotrader out there can achieve. Thanks to a super sophisticated signal generating algorithm, this software has the ability to generate very accurate signals, which then of course lead to profits.

The beauty of this whole thing is of course that you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself. The Forex Pro Island performs all of the necessary analysis and research for you. All you have to do is choose the specific currencies you want to trade with, let the bot run, and watch as the profits accumulate in your account.

Forex Pro Island – Overall Profits

Yes, just as important as the win rate itself, the ROI or profits also need to be considered. Now, many of the trades which were placed by the Forex Pro Island app were very small ones, some with only a few cents of profits. That being said, overall, those 18 winning trades did manage to make a good deal of money for Andrew.

As you can see in his live trading video, once all of the addition is done, Andrew managed to make roughly $1,100 in pure profits. Now, an $1,100 gain on 18 trades may not seem like a whole lot, but the fact of the matter is that those $1,100 were generated within a single day and automatically too.

Seriously, Andrew really did not have to do any work at all to make this money. He simply let his Forex Pro Island Bot run, trade, and do all of the work. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Forex Pro Island & Winning Trades – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that there is simply no denying the fact that the Forex Pro Island Autotraders works as advertised. In fact, it actually works much better than advertised. The indicated win rate on the main site says that this app should be able to win 74% of trades it places.

Well, as can be seen from the included video, the app managed to produce an ITM rate of nearly 79%, which is well over the expectation. In just 1 short day of trading, this software managed to produce profits of roughly $1,100. Make no mistake about it folks, because this is indeed highly impressive. We honestly did not expect this Forex Pro Island app to perform as well as it did.

So, what does this mean for all of your FX day traders out there? It means that you finally have a solid FX autotrader that does actually produce profits. If you are sick and tired of losing trades all the time, we would absolutely recommend giving the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised by its efficiency and profitability too.

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Forex Pro Island Q&A Session

Forex Pro Island Q&A Session


In case you have questions about the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot, this Q&A session is here to answer them. For those of you who don’t know, this is a new trading bot for Forex, one that produces signals, places trades, and puts money in your pocket.

Yes, we know for a fact that this automated Forex trading software is legit, it’s the real deal, and yes, it actually works too. It has already managed to produce big time results for a whole lot of people. The fact of the matter is that the Forex Pro Island Bot takes the hard work out of trading FX. You simply have to install it, turn it on, and watch it generate profits for you.

That said, people do have questions about the brand new Forex Pro Island Bot, which is what this FAQ is all about. It’s fair that people have questions and are weary, because after all, there are plenty of scams out there and even more trading systems that simply don’t deliver. We are here to answer your most pressing questions and to put your fears to rest.

Forex Pro Island Bot

What Does Forex Pro Island Software Do?

This particular piece of software is designed to provide you with accurate and real time FX trading signals. It also does more than that, because all FX signals come complete with entry prices, stop loss, and take profit. Even better is how this software also executes the trades on your behalf. In other words, this is fully automated Forex trading software that does all of the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

Who Created The Forex Pro Island Trading Bot?

The genius behind this piece of automated trading software is Andrew A. You probably know Andrew because he is the creator of the highly trusted and esteemed Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, the best place to learn how to day trade. You may also know Andrew from the variety of YouTube and Telegram day trading channels which he runs. Simply put, Andrew is a real person, a legit day trader, and a great teacher too. Seeing as a trustworthy person is behind the Forex Pro Island app, we can trust the app to do its job.

Forex Pro Island Bot

What Can I Trade With Forex Pro Island Trading Software?

As you might be able to tell from the name of the app, this particular piece of trading software is made to trade FX exclusively. No, it won’t trade stocks, crypto, or anything else like that for you. However, we do know that this app trades Forex very well, and we would rather use software that trades one thing very well than use an app that trades many different markets with bad results.

Where Do I Use The Forex Pro Island Trading Bot?

Just so you know, this piece of automated trading software is designed to work exclusively on the MT4 trading platform. The MetaTrader 4 platform is the most highly trusted in the world. All you have to do is download FX Pro Island, install it on MT4, open it up, turn it on, and watch the profits roll in.

Forex Pro Island Bot

How Do I Get The Forex Pro Island Automated Bot?

To get access to this automated Forex trading bot, first follow the links which we have provided here today. Once you are on the official site, follow the sign up instructions. You will have to enter your name and some personal details. Be sure to enter real information, because if you try to enter fake info, it won’t work. Once you have paid the small fee and entered your info, you can then download the bot. Once downloaded, just follow the easy setup instructions, and then you can start trading for profit.

How Do I Use The Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot?

Simply put, you really do not have to do anything at all to make money. Here, once you have the bot downloaded and installed on the MT4 platform, you just have to turn it on. It does all of the analysis for you, it generates the signals, and then automatically executes the trades on your behalf. You don’t have to waste time trading and you really don’t have to know a single thing about FX to make money. The Forex Pro Island Automated Bot does all of the hard work for you.

When Do I Use The Forex Pro Island MT4 Trading Bot?

As Andrew explains in one of his introductory videos, there is a right time and a wrong time to use this automated FX bot. If you use this bot during the wrong time of the day or wrong time of the week, it won’t perform nearly as well as it otherwise would. For one, avoid using this bot during holiday times. Mondays and Fridays should be avoided too.

The 3 best week days to use this software are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Moreover, to make the most out of this software, stick to trading between 9 AM and 7 PM GMT. If you don’t live in the GMT time zone, you will need to make the appropriate adjustments to get the correct trading window.

Forex Pro Island Bot

What Is The Expected ITM Rate With The Forex Pro Island App?

With the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading System, expect to win around 74% of the trades it places. In case you don’t know, that is a very high win rate that will lead to plenty of profits.

Forex Pro Island Q&A – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, the fact of the matter remains the same, the Forex Pro Island Bot is the best way for newbies and pros alike to trade Forex. It produces very accurate, reliable, and profitable FX signals, and it executes the trades on your behalf too.

Use the bot at the right times to increase your chances of making big time profits. In case you are sick and tired of losing trades and hemorrhaging money, the Forex Pro Island Automated Trading Bot is the next logical step on your journey to success.

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