My Journey to Being a Winning Trader

Hey all, my name’s Scott Daniels, and I am now a fulltime professional trader, a winning trader who makes enough money in about 30 hours of trading per week to support myself, my family of four, and a few dogs too.

However, I wasn’t always a winning trader, and in fact, I’ve only been seeing such a great degree of success for the past few months. The fact of the matter is that once I had some solid training and trading education under my belt, I was well on my way to a happy and well balance life. When it comes down to it, I’ve got the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy to thank for this.

However, before I start talking about what Income Mentor Box was able to do for me, let me start at the beginning. This is the story of how I went from being an unhappy chef, working long hours for little pay, to being a winning trader that can easily support a whole family and who has plenty of free time to spend with that family.

Hey All, I’m Scott Daniels 

Life Before Being a Winning Trader

If there is one thing that is for certain, it’s that I was not at all happy with where I was at in life before becoming a winning trader. It’s pretty funny to say that, seeing as I was actually an executive chef at a five star restaurant. By all means, when compared to most other working folk out there, I had it alright.

I was earning a decent paycheck no doubt, but that said, I was working over 80 hours per week, sometimes over 90 hours per week, slaving away in a boiling hot kitchen, and cooking food for ungrateful people. It certainly was not ideal, especially seeing as I never got to see my family or spend time with my family.

For all of these reasons, I decided that I wanted something bigger and better. I had seen many people on YouTube and online, so called professional traders who were making thousands of dollars with ease, doing nothing but sitting in front of their computer and trading currencies. This definitely sounded like a fantastic way of life to me.

So, I figured, what the heck, and I started trading. Well, I invested $3,000 initially, and who would have guessed, I lost it all, every last penny.

As it seems, starting trading isn’t something you just do with no prior experience or training. Apparently, trying to trade without knowing how to do so is nothing more than a recipe for failure. For this reason, I decided to take an online trading course, which mind you, wasn’t particularly cheap.

Winning Trader


My First Attempt at Learning to Trade

So, I decided to take some random online trading course that promised that I would become a winning trader in just a couple of weeks. This course cost me upwards of $1,000, and as I quickly figured out, it was not a good course. It consisted of just 20 lessons, and they honestly were not very detailed or helpful.

The teacher sounded like a monotonous robot reading a script. He didn’t give a darn if we actually learned anything. This trading course wasn’t about helping us, the students, make money, but rather about sucking us dry of our money. It was really just a scam designed to take my money. The lessons were more or less incomplete, the teacher was terrible, and there was no way to communicate with him or to ask questions.

As I quickly figured out, both from this and from asking around, many online trading courses are like this. I even tried using the “skills” (skills being a word I use very loosely here), to place some trades. Yeah, so, I won 2 out of 30 trades I placed. As you could Imagine, I was not happy. I used every tool and skill this course provided me with, which is obviously not much at all, and it just made me lose more money.

Well, at this point I was totally disillusioned with the whole trading thing, and just wanted to call it quits. However, I still wanted to make a better living, and I still wanted to spend more time with my family, so I searched around one last time to see if I could find a decent trading course that could indeed turn me into a winning trader, and this is when I came across Income Mentor Box.


Becoming a Winning Trader with Income Mentor Box

When I first saw Income Mentor Box, I figured that it was just another money grab like the other courses I had seen. However, from the hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials I read, it definitely seemed like the real deal. So, I figured what the heck, let’s give it one last shot, and boy am I ever happy that I did.

Folks, it’s no joke when I say that this trading course, Income Mentor Box, is legit, the real deal no doubt. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the curriculum consisted of well over 50 full length, comprehensive, and easy to follow training tutorials. These lessons were very well organized and structured.

Winning Trader

They actually started off with the simple basics, and then slowly moved along to the more complex stuff. Not only were the lessons designed in such an order to allow me to build upon each one in a consecutive manner, but the lessons themselves were also very easy to follow along with. Andrew has this way of explaining everything with his words, and then using live trading examples, to make all of these super difficult trading concepts easy to understand.

Now, I was never one to say that learning can be fun, but in this case, I got as close to having fun learning as I ever have. The most fun part of all was being able to put these skills to use. What I also have to say about Andrew is that he is very approachable, by which I mean that I was always able to contact him to ask questions when I didn’t understand something, and he always gave me detailed and helpful responses.

Now, while $299 seemed like a lot of money to spend at the time, it was still a fraction of the cost as other trading classes, and it provided me with way more value.  For under $300, I was provided with all of the tools and skills I needed to become a winning trader, and it was all taught to me by a friendly, approachable, and ready to help teacher.

Winning Trader


My Life Today

Now it’s been just about a full year since I completed the IMB trading course, which mind you, took me a couple of months, and I am now indeed a winning trader. Keep in mind that when you join Income Mentor Box, you can take as long as you like to work your way through the course. I did have some trouble points, and some of the lessons were more difficult than others. I actually watched some of the lessons up to three or four times.

The fact that IMB provides full and unlimited access to all course content for the rest of your life is a big deal no doubt. Sure, I was told that some people take a couple of weeks, but I took a couple of months, and that’s just fine.

Anyway, now that I’m done the course, I’m winning anywhere from 70% to 90% of the trades that I place, which is of course great. Thanks to Income Mentor Box, I was able to quit my job as a chef. I can now spend as much time with my family as I want, while also making a lot more money than before.

I make more money now trading 30 hours per week than I did cooking 90 hours per week, way, way more money. I don’t regret joining Income Mentor Box for a single second, as it provided me with the tools and skills I need to be a winning trader, to be happy and successful, and to spend more time with my loving family.


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