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If you are sick and tired of losing money day trading, it’s time to take advantage of IMB copy trades. What we mean here is that the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy allows you to copy trades for easy money, in various ways too. If you can read, then you can copy trades from IMB, and you don’t even actually have to know anything about day trading at all! It’s reliable, it’s fast, and it’s easy money too!

IMB Copy Trades

Copy Trades From Live Streams

Something that you may not know about Andrew and the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is that there is now a live streams section. On Andrew’s Trading Channel, there are live streams which Andrew films and streams in real time. Here, you will get up to date daily trading tips and ideals, plus so much more. Now, we do just want to mention the important of these new videos being live and in real time, and yes, it has to do with the fact that you can copy trades.

The fact of the matter is that Andrew, in these live streams, often places and closes trades live on camera. The beauty of this, for anybody watching as the stream is happening, is that they can copy trades. Seeing as all trades are always thoroughly researched, and seeing as Andrew does live technical analysis and more, you can rest assured that whatever is going on is probably, in all likelihood, going to be very profitable.

IMB Copy Trades

The point here is that you can copy trades, or in other words, as Andrew places the trades live on camera, have your broker or trading platform of choice open, and copy trades which Andrew is making. If you have been watching any of his recent live streams and trading videos, you will see that around 95% of the time, all trades placed by Andrew are highly profitable.

The bottom line is that you don’t really have to do any work at all to make money through Forex or crypto trading, and you really don’t have to know the first thing about day trading either. Simply copy trades which Andrew makes in real time, and you can make the same amount of money Andrew makes. It really does not get any better than that.

Copy Trades From IMB Forex Signals Service

What you might or might not know about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, is that it is so much more than a place to learn how to day trade and how to become profitable at doing so. Income Mentor Box also offers various signals services for you to take advantage of. For one, Income Mentor Box offers a great Forex signals service.

Now, what you need to know here is that with this Forex signals service, you really do not need to know the first thing about day trading. Sure, it does help if you have gone through the actual academy content, but to copy trades from the Forex signals service, it really is not necessary at all. The Forex signals service comes complete with fresh and up to date signals, up to 12 of them per day, and they all come complete with entry and exit points.

Simply copy trades as you see them, right into your broker or trading platform of choice. You can expect at least 90% of the Forex signals to be highly profitable. Keep in mind that if you are a member of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, you automatically get free access to the IMB Forex signals service! It really does not get any easier than that! Just copy trades and put money in your pocket!

Copy Trades From Crypto Mentor Box

The next way to copy trades, courtesy of Income Mentor Box, is through Crypto Mentor Box. This is just like the Forex signals service, but for cryptocurrencies. In other words, Cryptocurrency Mentor Box is a simple to use crypto signals provider to copy trades. Once again, here, all of the work is done for you. You don’t have to know the first thing about cryptocurrencies or day trading. Just copy trades.

Crypto Mentor Box, the basic and free version, and yes, this is a totally free signals service, will provide you with up to 4 accurate and reliable crypto signals each and every single day. All you have to do is take the signals as they appear and copy them straight into your broker or trading platform of choice. As long as you can copy and paste, or in other words, as long as you can read, you can copy trades from Crypto Mentor Box. These signals are very accurate and feature a nearly 100% ITM rate, which is of course amazing.

IMB Copy Trades

Now, something that you need to know here is that there is a premium version of Crypto Mentor Box. This premium version will cost you a small fee, but there is a reason why it’s a premium copy trades service, because instead of just 4 crypto signals per day, you get 12 highly accurate signals per day. Moreover, with the premium version, you also get tons of market news, market alerts, support from Andrew, and ton of informational content as well. The fact of the matter is that not only can you copy trades, but you can learn and earn at the same time!


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Copy Trades With IMB – Final Thoughts

Folks, if you want to become the best day trader that you can be, we would highly recommend joining the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. You will learn absolutely everything there is to know about day trading, and so much more. Of course, you should also take advantage of Andrew’s Trading Channel and his live stream for copy trades. Plus, you can also use the IMB Forex signals service, as well as the Crypto Mentor Box signals service to copy trades, both Forex and Crypto. Making money through day trading has never been quite so easy!


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