New FX Autotrader Release Coming Soon

New FX Autotrader Release Coming Soon

If you are just sick and tired of losing trades and bleeding cash in the world of Forex, you definitely are not alone. The fact of the matter is that trading Forex is not easy. It takes a whole lot of knowledge, skill, dedication, and plenty of time too, particularly if you plan on being consistently profitable. This is why we are happy to tell you that there is a new FX autotrader release coming very soon.

Now, as a beginner trader, you might be a little weary of using any kind of automated Forex trading app. After all, there are literally hundreds of them out there, and the vast majority of them just don’t work. Some of them are just way too hard to use, and most of them don’t deliver results as advertised. Simply put, about 99.9% of them end up losing money, and lots of it.

However, this new FX autotrader is going to change the way you see automated Forex trading software. Why is this? Well, because it is the first of its kind, one that actually works! Unfortunately, at this time, we are not yet at liberty to disclose the name of this new FX autotrader app. However, there are some key details about it that we can tell you. Let’s get right to it and take a closer look at this mysterious new FX autotrader.

FX Autotrader


The New Automated Forex App – Key Features & Details

This new automated Forex trading app is definitely going to be the next big thing. Although we may not as of yet be able to tell you what the name of it is, we can provide you with some other key details that you might be interested in knowing.


Fast & User Friendly

One of the biggest features that sets this new FX autotrader apart from the rest is the fact that it comes complete with a really user friendly interface. Unlike so many other automated trading apps that are really difficult to get the hang of, this one is going to be the exact opposite.

Now, installing and setting up this new autotrader does take some effort, but as long as you follow the installation instructions, it should not be a problem. When it comes to trading, the user interface is so easy to master that even a baboon could use it with ease.

Time Saving

The next big benefit that you will get from this new FX autotrader is that it will help you save time. This app is of course 100% automated, which means that it does all of the work for you. Generally speaking, professional day traders have to spend all day long, from morning until night, in front of the computer.

However, using this new automated Forex trader, you can just turn it on, let it run, and then walk away from it. This allows you to use your time to clean, cook, play with the kids, play some Call of Duty, or whatever else you see fit.


No Need for Hard Work

The really cool part about this whole thing is that it eliminates the need for you to do, well, anything at all really, plus you don’t really have to know a single thing about Forex trading either. This new FX autotrader performs all of the analysis required to place profitable trades. You don’t have to know charts, indicators, oscillators, or anything in between.

High Class Signal Algorithm

One of the best aspects of this new automated Forex trading system is the fact that it is designed with some really high class signal generating algorithms. Remember folks, this app was in the works for years, and over that time, many developers created an algorithm that is able to identify and select signals to trade with using pinpoint accuracy.

When it comes down to it, we expect this new software to blow all others out of the water. Combine this high quality signal generation with the fully automated nature of it, and you have a really easy way to make some quick money on a daily basis.

FX Autotrader


Trend Detection Power

Something else worth noting about this new automated Forex trading system is that it is designed specifically to detect trends. In case you are not aware, many professional traders utilize market trends, trending markets, reversals, and more, all to execute profitable trades. Well, instead of you having to do hours of research about trends, this software does it all for you.

MT4 & MT5

What you might also like to know about this new FX autotrader is that it is designed for use with the MetaTrader platform. In case you are not aware, the MetaTrader trading platform is one of the most popular out there. This new app is designed to work with version 4 (MT4) and 5, (MT5).

FX Autotrader


Low Cost

The final thing that we want to note today is that this new Forex automated trading software is going to come to you at a very low cost, low enough that you could make your money back in a single day of trading.


New FX Autotrader Release – STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

The bottom line is that this new FX autotrader is really set to be the next big step in the world of automated Forex trading. The fact here is that this new automated trading software is going to be one of the simplest, easiest, and most user friendly trading apps around.

Moreover, in terms of what it can do, the highly advanced signal generating algorithm, combined with its uncanny ability to spot and predict trends, and to execute trades on those trends, will undoubtedly lead to large and consistent profits.

Although we may not yet be able to tell you what the name of this new FX autotrader is, we can tell you that it’s not something that you will want to miss out on. Stay tuned for more, because this new automated Forex trading app is set to be released within the next couple of weeks. We are definitely looking forward to it, and so should you!

Investing & Trading During COVID-19

Investing & Trading During COVID-19

The sad thing is that although things like this have happened before, none of us were prepared for the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 managed to ravage the world in a matter of mere weeks, and a large part of this has to do with the economy. Of course, the health and wellbeing of millions of people worldwide has been affected in a negative way. However, poor health is not the only effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worldwide, economies have virtually collapsed, especially in particular sectors such as hospitality, travel and tourism, gambling, and so many other sectors too. For all of you traders and investors out there, whether you trade Forex or invest in the stock market, this COVID-19 fueled worldwide economic meltdown has had serious consequences. For example, the USA unemployment rate is at a record high, with conditions not having been this severe since the 2008 economic crisis.

The trading and investing landscape have changed quite a bit since the pandemic started. If you are a stock investor or Forex trader, chances are that you have been hit pretty hard and suffered some losses.

However, this is not to say that it is not possible for traders and investors to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic unscathed, and even with some profits too. Today, we are here to provide you with some crucial tips on investing and trading during COVID-19. With these tips, not only can you save yourself from going belly-up, but you might just increase your capital holdings too.

Keep Diversification in Mind

Something that has spelled doom for so many traders and investors, due to this COVID-19 pandemic, is having all of their money tied up in a single or just a few market sectors. Folks, this is something that you should have already been doing, but now at this time, diversifying your investments and trades is more important than ever.

In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket, because if one market sector crashes due to the effects of the pandemic, you will lose all of your money.

It’s a good idea to diversify, to invest some money in various Forex currency pairs, to invest in some commodities, some stocks, and in government bonds too. This way, if one of your trades or investments tanks, you still have many others to make up for the losses.


Using the Right Trading and Investment Services During COVID-19

If you are an avid Forex trader, chances are that you are using a high quality broker. If you are a stock investor, you probably have a broker doing most of the work for you. The point here is that high quality brokerages cost a lot of money, particularly in terms of trading and investing commissions.

Now, we are not saying that you should kick your broker to the curb, but that said, you do need to evaluate how well the broker is performing for you in comparison to the fees you are paying. If the fees alone are eating up most of the profits that you could have made, then it might be time to change things up. Using low commission brokers can go a long way in saving you money during this uncertain time brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Educate Yourself on the Impact of COVID-19

Something that you definitely need to do, more now than ever, is to monitor the markets, economies, and individual industries. Of course, the way in which you trade and invest money depends on market conditions.

Well, COVID-19 has destroyed many sectors, with hospitality being one such example. Moreover, some national currencies are weathering the storm very well, while others have been decimated. Therefore, in order for you to weather the storm, and maybe even to make a profit, you need to educate yourself on exactly how COVID-19 is affecting various industries, markets, and currencies.

With the right analysis tools, you can predict the trends in various market sectors to make more informed trading and investment decisions. Make no mistake about it, COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the finance sector and on economies in general.  



Decrease Your Risk

One of the biggest tips that you can follow about investing and trading during this COVID-19 pandemic is to decrease your risk. Now, here we are talking specifically about trading. If you were trading with 5% of your capital per trade before the pandemic, now you should be trading with 1% or 2% of your capital per trade at most.

The fact of the matter is that you absolutely cannot be trading with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Moreover, trading might need to take a little backseat at this time. COVID-19 has seen many people lose their livelihoods. Therefore, it might be a good idea to put a portion of your money into a savings account and to keep it for a rainy day. Having all of your money tied up in trades and investments during this time is not recommended.

Focus on High Demand Areas

Another good tip that we can give you for trading and investing during COVID-19 is to focus on high demand markets. Sure, some market sectors have crumbled due to COVID-19, but there are others which are still in high demand.

For instance, the medical industry is booming, oil is always a good investment, and there are various national currencies which are seen as safe haven currencies. If you want to make money, you need to invest into market areas which are still seeing a high demand. Remember folks, pandemic or not, the law of supply and demand still holds true.


Investing During COVID-19 – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that during the COVID-19 pandemic, you do really need to rethink the way you trade and invest. If you follow the tips we have outlined today, you might just be able to come out of this pandemic in better shape than when it all began.



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Important Technical Analysis Indicators

Important Technical Analysis Indicators

If you are an aspiring trader, perhaps in the world of stocks or Forex, something that you absolutely need to be familiar with are technical indicators.

These are special tools use in the methodology of technical analysis, and they are very useful for finding entry and exit points, for creating trading setups and so much more.

Today, we want to talk about what exactly technical analysis indicators are, how they are used, and what some of the most common ones are.

What is Technical Analysis?

When it comes to trading, such as in stocks or Forex, technical analysis is a specific analysis methodology that is used to forecast the direction of prices.

This analysis and prediction of prices is achieved through the study of prior market data, generally through the use of prices and trading volume.

Using technical analysis, a trader can predict trends, trend reversals, and price movements too. The reason why this is important is because a large part of this, the main part, is the technical analysis indicator, or simply known as the technical indicator.

What Are Technical Analysis Indicators?

To provide you with a basic definition, technical indicators are pattern based or heuristic signals that are produced by the price, volume, and open interest of a security, contract, currency pair, stock, or any other such tradable asset.

By analyzing a plethora of historical data, such as price and volume, traders can then predict future price movements.

Technical analysts use these indicators to not only predict future price movements but also to find the right trading setups for any given day. It’s all about analyzing technical analysis charts patterns to enter and exit trades. Of course, the main goal is to make a profit.

Technical Analysis Indicators


Types of Technical Indicators

Something that is important to know is that there are a few different types of technical analysis indicators out there, and they all tell you something else.

To be precise, there are 4 main types of technical indicators. These include s. Let’s take a closer look at each one so you know what you are getting into.


Volatility technical analysis indicators are used to tell you how much a price has changed over a given period of time. Volatility is an extremely important aspect of the market.

Without volatility, there is no real way to make money through trading. The point here is that the price of anything has to move in order to make a profit when a trade is placed.

If there is no volatility or no price movement, then it is impossible to make a profit. The higher the volatility level is, the faster a price is changing, and the lower the volatility, the slower the price change is. Beware that volatility indicators tell you nothing about the direction of the price, just the price range.


Volume indicators are used to tell you how the volume in a given market is changing over a given period of time. In other words, how many units of something are being bought and/or sold over a given period of time.

For example, it can represent how much gold, silver, oil, or even how much of a currency is being traded in a specific time period.

This is very important because when the price of something changes, volume will indicate how strong that movement is. For instance, bullish moves on high volumes are more likely and easier to be maintained than bullish moves on low volume.


Yet another important type of technical analysis indicator is the momentum indicator. This type of indicator will tell you how strong a trend is, as well as if a particular trend may reverse. These are very useful for picking out price tops and bottoms. There are various momentum indicators which we will take a closer look at, both today and in the coming weeks as well.


A trend indicator is used to tell you in which direction a market is moving in, that is if there is any trend at all. Trend indicators are sometimes referred to as oscillators, which is because they usually move between low and high values, like a wave that oscillates up and down.


Useful Technical Analysis Indicators

Let’s take a quick look at some technical analysis indicators. We want to cover at least one indicators from each of the four categories listed above.

Bollinger Bands

One of the indicators that you should be familiar with is the Bollinger Bands indicator. This is a chart indicator that consists of two lines or bands. These lines are two standard deviations above and below the 20 day moving average, which itself appears as a line between the two bands. If the bands are widening, it shows increased market volatility, whereas narrowing bands indicate decreased market volatility.

Technical Analysis Indicators


The money flow indicator is a technical indicator that indicates the rate at which money is invested into a security and then withdrawn from it. Both the construction and interpretation of the money flow index are similar to the RSI or relative strength index, with the main difference being that the MFI is all about trading volume.


MACD or moving average convergence divergence is a momentum indicator. This is an interesting one because MACD consists of two components, moving averages which are turned into an oscillator by taking the longer average out of the shorter average. MACD indicates momentum because it oscillates between the moving averages as they converge, overlap, and diverge.

Technical Analysis Indicators

Moving Average

The moving average indicator, simply known as MA, is an indicator that can identify the direction of a price trend. This indicator uses price points over a specific time frame, divided by the number of data points to present a single trend line. This indicator can be used with a number of timeframes.

Technical Analysis Indicators


Technical Analysis Indicators – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a whole lot that goes into technical analysis, and technical analysis indicators are indeed very important to be familiar with. Stay tuned, because in the coming days and weeks we will be providing you with a lot more info on technical analysis and indicators too.



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Coronavirus Trading Risk Management

Coronavirus Trading Risk Management

The world market has seen an unprecedented downturn over the last few months, all because of the coronavirus. Stock markets, commodities, and currencies alike have all been drastically affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are panicking as they watch their investments tank, but people, panic is not the right way to approach this situation.

Although the coronavirus is certainly not a boon to traders and investors, just because things don’t look so good right now does not mean that you cannot make money. If you invest and trade the right way, you follow certain rules, and you allow your mind to do the work, instead of your emotions, you could walk away from the coronavirus pandemic in relatively good condition.

A lot of this has to do with risk management. If you manage to efficiently control risk while trading and investing during this coronavirus pandemic, you could make some decent profits. Right now, we want to cover some essential coronavirus trading risk management tips to keep your finances relatively safe. Here we have some great tips and strategies on how to preserve your capital and come out the other side of this coronavirus pandemic unscathed.

Coronavirus Risk Management

Decrease Lot Sizes & Investment Amounts

Something that you need to know when it comes to trading during the coronavirus pandemic is that you should decrease your overall level of risk. If you were investing 5% of your total per trade before the coronavirus pandemic, at this time, you might want to decrease this amount. Most people would recommend trading with no more than 1% to 2% of your total capital per trade.

This way, you will still have the opportunity to make a profit, but if a trade goes south, you won’t lose a huge amount of money. Simply put, due to volatility and uncertainty, you should decrease the amount of money you risk per trade, and in other words, never trade with more money than you can comfortably afford to lose.


Close Your Trades Over Night

Something else that you should do for proper risk management during the coronavirus pandemic is to close your positions overnight. Of course, this does not apply to your stocks and commodities investments, but it is very important for Forex traders.

The market is so volatile right now, that if you keep Forex positions open during the night, you may wake up in the morning to find that your trades have tanked. Therefore, sticking to short term trades and closing your positions at the end of each day before you head off to bed is a good idea.


Pay Attention to Safe Haven Currencies & Assets

When it comes to trading and investing risk management during this coronavirus pandemic, another good idea is to pay attention to safe haven currencies and safe haven assets. In terms of currencies, the United States Dollar, the Swiss Franc, and the Japanese Yen are all considered safe haven currencies.

There are currencies people flock to during times of economic turmoil. Therefore, paying close attention to these is vital for successful Forex trading. Also, pay attention to defensive stocks and gold as well, as both are considered safe havens. A good idea may be to also invest in safe government bonds.


Take Advantage of Short Positions

In terms of coronavirus risk management for trading, in order to still make money even in markets with strong bearish trends, taking advantage of short positions is crucial. Of course, when you open a short position, it means that you expect the price of something to go down. This is a good way to trade in a bearish or downward trending market. Remember, prices don’t have to go up for you to make money.


Remember the Laws of Supply & Demand

Yet another coronavirus risk management tip to follow is that you should always pay attention to the laws of supply and demand. In other words, in times like this, there are certain products and currencies that decrease in demand.

For instance, many commodities have decreased in price due to low demand, something that can definitely be said for the hospitality industry. The point here is that there are certain assets and securities which rise in demand in times like this, and others which decrease in demand. The higher the demand compared to the supply, the higher the price will be.

Coronavirus Risk Management

Stop Panicking & Start Thinking

Perhaps the worst thing that you could do while trading and investing during this coronavirus pandemic is to panic. This applies particularly to panic selling. As the coronavirus hit, people began panic sell mass amounts of stocks and commodities, which caused prices to tank.

Well, the market functions in a cyclical fashion, which means that even if it moves down for a long time, eventually it should recover and bounce back.

Sure, selling assets that are predicted to tank and to never recover is one thing, but selling off all of your assets that may very well bounce back and become stronger than ever is very short sighted. Remember, as an investor, you need to focus on long term goals, not the short term.


Diversify Your Investment & Trading Portfolio

Yet another risk management strategy for this COVID-19 pandemic to put to use is portfolio diversification. The fact is that if you put all of your eggs in one basket, and that basket breaks, you lose all of your eggs. So instead of just investing in one thing, invest in and trade multiple asset types. This way, if one fails, you still have the others to fall back on.

Coronavirus Risk Management


Use Stop Loss & Take Profit Orders Properly

Using stop loss and take profit orders properly is also another good way to manage risk during this uncertain time. Using trailing stop losses is going to be one of your best weapons to prevent excessive losses in this super volatile time.


Coronavirus Trading & Investing Risk Management

There you have it folks, some really good risk management tips for trading and investing during this tough time of the coronavirus pandemic.


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Learn Trading with Income Mentor Box

Learn Trading with Income Mentor Box

If you are an aspiring trader who needs to learn everything there is to know for success, Income Mentor Box is the place to be. This is one of the most reputable trading schools in the world, and it includes everything you need to become a pro. Let’s take a look at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy to find out what it’s all about.

Income Mentor Box

A Fully Comprehensive Curriculum

One thing that needs to be said about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is that it features one of the most comprehensive curriculums that you could possibly learn from. In total, there are 5 modules, each of which have roughly 11 full length lessons, for a total of 55 lessons.

Make no mistake about it, because these are not some short 5 minute tutorial videos that provide you with some footnotes and key takeaways. No, these are full length lessons, with each of them lasting for up to 40 minutes.

Each Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy lesson focuses on a very specific aspect of trading. It allows you to learn everything there is to know about a specific aspect, and then you can move onto the next lesson.

You will learn all about trading timing, the basics and fundamentals, terminology, entry and exit points, charts, graphs, oscillators, indicators, and everything in between. Simply put, if you are looking for a full scale education in trading, this is the place to be.


Income Mentor Box Has a Real Leader

The next thing worth mentioning about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is the fact that it has a real leader. Sure, there are many other Forex and stocks trading schools out there, but most of them use either paid actors to play the role of a teacher, or the teacher is just not that knowledgeable.

Well, this is not the case here, because the leader of Income Mentor Box, the man whom you will learn everything from, is named Andrew Arm. Andrew might not be into fast sportscars, and he may be relatively young.

However, even at his young age, he has been day trading for about a decade now, and he has seen great success. What’s more, he has made all of the mistakes that a newbie trader could possibly make. Therefore, he can teach you how to avoid those mistakes. We do really like Andrew, because although he is a true trading professional and expert, he is not some self-proclaimed guru. He’s a down to earth kind of guy that people really enjoy learning from.


It’s Easy to Understand

Another great aspect of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is the fact that it is designed specifically for beginners. It is made for people who have minimal or absolutely no prior trading experience.

This is important to note, because many trading courses are designed for people who already have a knowledge base. Well, courses like that are totally useless for newbies. If you have never traded or taken a trading course before, you need to start from the ground up, and you need the content to be easy to grasp.

This is exactly what the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy provides you with, easy to understand and simple to grasp information that even a 10 year old child could master. While this course will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful Forex and stocks trader, it is taught in a way that makes it both fun and easy to learn.

Income Mentor Box


You Can Take Your Time

Next, what many people really love about the IMB Day Trading Academy is how you can take your time to work through the course. This is unlike many other courses and schools out there which reduce your learning to a certain time limit.

Some may only provide you with access to their materials for a few months or even just a few weeks. This may be ok for people who are super quick on the uptake, but it’s a disaster for people who need to take their time.

Well, with Income Mentor Box, once you become a member, you will have unlimited and lifetime access to all course content. You can choose to take 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years to work your way through it. It’s all about learning at the pace that suits you best.


Income Mentor Box is Reasonably Priced

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the IMB Academy is the fact that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to learn about day trading. There are trading courses out there that cost thousands of dollars, and they really don’t provide you with more useful info than Income Mentor Box.

The IMB Day Trading Academy costs only $299 to join. This is a much more reasonable and lower price than virtually any other Forex and stocks trading course out there. This is a day trading school that wants to help you learn how to trade, not to gouge you for every penny in your bank account.


You Get Free Forex Signals

Something else that you might really like about the IMB Day Trading Academy is how you get so much more than just an education. With IMB, you also get access to a great Forex signals service.

These Forex signals come complete with entry points, exit points, stop loss levels, and take profit levels too. All you have to do is take the signal as they appear and when they appear, and then copy and paste them into your broker or trading platform of choice. It’s a really easy way to make quick money in a reliable manner.

Income Mentor Box


Learning to Trade with Income Mentor Box

The bottom line is that the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is by far the best place for aspiring traders to learn everything there is to know in order to be successful. Of course, IMB provides you with the knowledge and skills to trade Forex, stocks, and more, but the rest is up to you.


Income Mentor Box


Stop Loss Orders in Forex

Stop Loss Orders in Forex

The fact of the matter is that the Forex market can be very unpredictable, which is why stop loss orders are so important. A stop loss order is one of the primary tools which a trader has at his or her disposal in order to avoid large losses. Today we want to take a closer look at exactly what stop loss orders are, why they are important, and what the different types are.

What are Stop Loss Orders?

Stop losses are a special type of order which can be executed on trading platforms and via your brokers. This is an order designed to limit losses in the even that the market goes in the opposite direction of a trade that was placed.

SL orders are set at a specified amount of pips away from the starting price. For instance, you can set these orders so that if a trade moves 10 pips against you, the trade will close on its own and save the rest of your investment, thus limiting the amount of money lost.

So, in essence, if you place a buy order, but the price goes down, a stop loss order would prevent you from losing the full investment.

The fact of the matter is that markets, especially the Forex market, is very volatile and often unpredictable. No matter how much work and analysis you put into your trades, things can always go wrong, and this is where SL orders come into play.

Stop Loss

5 Forex Stop Loss Strategies to Know

Here we have 5 different stop loss strategies that you can employ in order to limit losses in the event that a trade goes south.

Using Static Stops

One way to set a stop loss is to set it at a static price point, which means that you set it at a certain point and do not expect to move or change it. This is a really simple way to set an SL and it allows traders to easily set a one to one risk to reward ratio.

In other words, if you want to keep your risk to reward ratio at 1 to 1, you can set your static stop loss at 50 pips below the entry price, while setting the take profit at 50 pips above the entry price. This is by far the simplest way to set an SL order.

Setting Static Stops with Indicators

This method of setting SL levels is much like the first one we just looked at. However, this one also involves the use of indicators. Some people use indicators such as the ATR (average true range) to do this. The big bonus here is that instead of setting an arbitrary SL, traders use actual technical market information to set the stop loss.

The bonus here is that traders can accurately analyze risk management options by using indicators such as pivot points and price swings and by using recent market information. Unlike simple static stop losses, here you actually use market information to make your decision more accurate, reliable, and less costly in the even that a trade goes south.

Using Manual Trailing Stops

For those Forex traders who want to exercise maximum control over their trades at all times while those trades are open, using manual trailing stop loss orders is a good way to go.

In other words, this type of SL involves a trader needing to pay close attention to open positions, because the trader will manually move the stop loss according to what is unfolding in front of him or her.

In essence, the further a trade moves in favor of your position, the further the SL order is moved to accommodate this. Then, when the market trend finally reverses, the position will be stopped out.

Stop Loss

Trailing Break Even Stops

This specific type of trailing stop loss is similar to the other one we just looked at, but it allows for even better money management and risk management. Once again, a trailing SL is where a trader can adjust the SL level as the trade moves in his or her favor.

This is of course an attempt to mitigate as much risk as possible in the event that the trader makes a wrong decision and the market moves against him or her. The point here, for example, is that if you set the stop order to 50 pips below the entry price, if the price moves up by 50 pips, you can then adjust the stop order, say by 50 pips.

Now, your SL order would actually be at your break even point, or in other words, at the entry price. This is why this type of SL is also referred to as a trailing break even stop loss, because at the end of the day, the aim is to set the SL at the entry price, so that if a trade goes south, no money will be lost.

The Fixed Trailing Stop

The fifth and final type of SL order that we want to talk about today is the fixed trailing stop order. This type of stop order is like the other types of trailing stops, with the difference being that the trader sets the increments in which the stop loss order adjusts.

In other words, instead of manually having to adjust the order every time the market moves in your favor, you can set your trade to automatically adjust by a set amount of pips when the market moves in your favor. These automatic adjustments will continue until the trade is closed or until the stop order is hit.

Stop Loss Orders – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that when it comes to Forex trading, the stop loss order is indeed one of your best friends. You won’t always be able to place the right trade, and when the time comes, you will be thankful that you learned all about SL orders. They can end up saving you a whole lot of money!


Income Mentor Box

Choosing the Best Currency Pairs

Choosing the Best Currency Pairs

In Forex trading, to make a profit, you need to use the right tools, have a bit of knowledge, and you need to choose the best currency pairs too. Of course, Forex is all about betting that one currency will increase or decrease in value against another. Some currency pairs are more volatile and profitable than other, so what are the best currency pairs?

As a newbie trader, you may have a hard time finding the best currency pairs to trade with. No worries, because this is completely normal. Folks, finding the best currency pairs for Forex trading is not all that hard, especially if you follow the steps which we are about to outline here today. Let’s get right to it and help you find the best currency pairs for Forex trading.

Choosing the Best Currency Pairs: 3 Simple Steps

To find the best currency pairs for Forex trading, there are 3 simple steps which you need to follow, steps which we will outline right here and now.

Step 1: Correlation Between Forex & Gold

Something that many traders out there don’t talk about is that there is a really strong correlation between Forex and gold. Gold is a massive safe haven asset out there, which means that many investors and traders put their money into gold because it is relatively safe.

The fact of the matter is that there is a very close relationship between Forex currency pairs and gold, and yes, this is very important when it comes to choosing the best currency pairs for FX trading. What you need to do first here is to figure out whether the price of gold is going up or down for the given day.

Use your charts and indicators to figure out whether gold is going up or down. Now, once you have this figured out, you can then start trading certain currency pairs. There are various pairings which will always act a certain way when compared to the price of gold.

  • Gold and the USD have a negative correlation, so when the price of gold goes up, the USD goes down.
  • Gold and the AUD/USD pairing have a positive correlation, so when one goes up, so does the other.
  • Gold and the NZD/USD pairing have a positive correlation, so when one goes up or down, the other does the same.
  • Gold and the USD/CHF pairing have a negative correlation, so when one gold goes up, USD/CHF goes down.
  • Gold and the USD/CAD pairing have a negative correlation, so when gold goes up, USD/CAD goes down.
  • Gold and the EUR/USD pair have a positive correlation, so when gold goes one way, EUR/USD goes the same way.

Step 2: Correlated Forex Pairs

The next step to choosing the best pairs for Forex trading is to look for pairings that have opposite or negative correlations. This means that when one pairing moves one way, the other pairing will move the other.

The fact of the matter is that finding price directions and trends is easiest to do when you compare negatively correlated Forex pairs.

If you can find out which way one pairing is moving, it is then quite easy to see which way the negatively correlated pair will move. So, what are some of the best currency pairs which are negatively correlated?


Step 3: Look for the Big Movers

The final step to finding the best pairs for Forex trading on a daily basis is to go look for the big movers, the currencies and pairings which are the most volatile and will see the biggest price movements. A great idea is to go to both and to find the biggest movers. is an especially good option to go with as these guys have a great Forex screener which displays currency pairings that are showing strong buy or strong sell positions. Once you figure out which currency pairs are the biggest movers, you can then start trading with them.

The Most Profitable Forex Currency Pairs

The fact of the matter is that there are great pairs to trade with, and there are ones which are not great. This is especially the case during a market downturn.

When it comes to a market downturn, you do want to stick to trading with currencies that are very volatile. If the currencies are not volatile, then there is not much point in trading them. So, what are some of the best currencies to trade with during a market downturn?

Well, there are 3 main currencies which are considered to be safe havens. These are currencies that do not do weird stuff or move in unpredictable ways. The fact of the matter is that you don’t want to trade exotic currencies because they won’t respect your indicators and are super unpredictable.

The best currency pairs for Forex trading are USD/CHF, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD. Another pair which is very reliable to trade with is XAU/USD (XAU is not actually a currency. It is the market abbreviation for gold).

Something else to think about here is correlation. It is important for you to know that the USD/CHF and the USD/JPY pairings have a positive correlation, so both usually move in the same direction. On the other hand, when the USD/CHF and USD/JPY does one thing, the EUR/USD pairing will move the other way, as they are negatively correlated.

The Best Currency Pairs for Forex – Final Thoughts

Remember people, when it comes to choosing the best currency pairs for Forex trading, there are 3 main steps to follow. First, always remember that certain currency pairs feature negative and positive correlations with gold. Second, remember that the best currency pairs to trade are those which feature negative correlations. Third, use and the Forex screener to look for the biggest movers. If you follow all of these steps, making a profit in the world of Forex should be much easier for you.



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The 7 Basics of Forex Strategies

The 7 Basics of Forex Strategies

When it comes to the world of Forex, something you really cannot do without are trading strategies. Yes, Forex strategies are very diverse and there are plenty of them to go around, hundreds in fact. If you plan on actually making a profit in foreign currency exchange trading, you need to have a solid plan in mind.

In other words, you need to have a mastery of various Forex strategies in order to profit. Without the right knowledge, skills, and some solid strategies in your arsenal, chances are pretty big that you will not see success anytime soon. Yes, FX trading is much harder than the pros make it look. Now, today we do not want to focus on specific Forex strategies for profitable trading.

What we want to focus on here are the basic components and the fundamentals which go into creating and using Forex strategies the right way. Specifically, today we want to cover the 7 basic components that you need to prepare for in order to make your Forex strategies work for you.

Forex Strategies

The 7 Fundamentals of Forex Strategies

Alright, so as we mentioned above, there are 7 vital components to every Forex strategy. More than that, these 7 fundamentals are crucial to master and to keep in mind at all times when you are trading, and this is regardless of the specific strategy you plan on using. If you follow the 7 tips that we have outlined below, you should be able to make any and every Forex trading strategy work to your advantage.

Money Management

Perhaps the most important component that you need to factor into all of your Forex strategies for Trading is money management, which is another way of saying risk management. Of course, the risk of losing money is an inherent part of trading FX, as well as with stocks, commodities, and so much more. What you need to know here is that losing money is inevitable.

No, we don’t mean losing everything, but losing a trade here and there is going to happen no matter how well prepared you are. This is the nature of the game. However, it’s all about how well you manage your money and the risk of it all. In other words, never risk more money than you can afford to lose comfortably, so no using your rent or mortgage money to trade currencies! Don’t use it if you can’t afford to lose it.

Time Management

The next important component of Forex strategies for profitable trading is time management. No, of course, you cannot spend the live long day trading, especially if you have a day job. However, equally as important to know is that profitable traders do spend all day trading, with many being full time traders who make all of their money in the world of FX.

Now, if you have a day job, you will still need to dedicate at least a few hours per day to trading, at least if you plan on being successful. The reason why people who trade for only an hour each day usually are not successful is because they miss the best opportunities. Simply put, you always have to be on the lookout for the best opportunities by keeping an eye on the market whenever possible.

Starting Small

Something that you always need to do, particularly if you are newbie testing out new Forex strategies, is to start off small. By this, we meant that you should stick to the smallest lot sizes possible and never invest a large chunk of cash into any one trade. If you are not yet very experienced, risking so much money is not worth it, especially considering that due to your status as a newbie, things are likely to not go your way.

Therefore, it’s best to start small. Moreover, by starting small, we also mean that you should not place a very large number of trades per day. Just like with anything else out there, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Also, having too many trades open at once makes things hard to track. It’s best to practice with some Forex strategies and master them before you start trading high volumes.

Being Consistent

The next important basic of Forex strategies, no matter which one you use, is that you need to be consistent with it. Now, this only applies if you are using a proven strategy that has shown results in the past, either for you or others.

However, the point here is that you need to keep things the same and constant. If it works, don’t fix it. You need to stick to your plan, especially if it is a good one. Don’t veer off course, don’t let your heart and your emotions tell you what to do, and don’t start changing things up if there is no need. Consistency is key.

It’s All About the Timing

Something else to keep in mind in terms of using various Forex strategies as a newbie is that timing is very important too. As a beginner, it’s best not to start trading right when the market opens up or right when you open up a chart.

As a newbie, you want to take your time, you need to evaluate the best course of action, and you need to strike while the iron is hot. That said, rushing into a trade too quickly is not a good idea. So, if you see a profitable opportunity, take it, but don’t execute lackluster trades just so you have made a trade.

Getting an Education

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Forex strategies, what they are, how to use them, and so much more, it’s best to get educated. FX trading is not something you can just do successfully without any training. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to get to a level where you are profiting on a consistent basis. Therefore, getting a solid Forex trading education is crucial.

Practicing with Demo Accounts

Finally, you do want to get some practice in. There are plenty of brokers and platforms out there that come with free demo accounts where you can trade using fake money. Before you start using new Forex strategies, test them out using such a demo account, just to make sure that you know what you are doing.

The Basics of Forex Strategies – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, the 7 basics of Forex strategies for profitable trading. Now that you know what these fundamentals are, you can get to mastering some simple Forex trading strategies that will put money in your pocket!


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Swing Trading for Beginners 2020

Swing Trading for Beginners 2020

Today we are here to talk about swing trading for beginners, a little introduction to let you know what it is all about. When it comes to trading the markets, whether stocks, crypto, Forex, or otherwise, making a profit can be very challenging. In fact, making money is much harder than losing it.

What this means is that you need to discover a way to trade that actually works for you, something relatively simple that can put money in your pocket. One type of trading that you might want to familiarize yourself with is swing trading.

Swing trading is a special type of trading, and no, it is not the same as day trading. Swing trading involved executing positions over fairly long time frames, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

The point of this type of trading is to make a profit when the price of an asset swings up or down. Sure, there is more to it than this, but this is what we are here for today, to provide you with a little swing trading for beginners 2020 guide. Let’s get right to it!

Swing Trading

Swing Trading Explained – The Basics

What we want to make clear right from the beginning is that although swing trading might seem a bit intimidating, it is actually quite easy to master. Most people find that due to the long time frames which positions are open for, it’s actually a much more relaxed way to make money in the markets. For those of you who don’t know, the number one goal of swing trading is to identify market trends and trend reversals, and then to capitalize on them.

The reason it is called swing trading is because the number one goal is to make money when the price of something, say a currency pair, swings up or down. In other words, it is all about capitalizing on the reversal of a particular price in order to make a healthy profit. For the most part, pro traders will stick to intermediate or long time frames, sometimes as little as 3 days, and sometimes as much as a full month, or even longer.

Something else that you need to know about this type of trading is that it involves using a variety of technical indicators in order to identify both trends and trend reversal. More often than not, these trend indicators are used to find trends that occur in the previous 3 to 15 periods of trading. The point of this whole exercise is to identify areas of support and resistant, which can then identify trends and possible trend reversals. Keep in mind that swing trading combines various aspects of day trading with position trading, particularly the speed of position trading.

The goal of using these technical indicators is to find both bullish and bearish trends, and then to look for reversal to those trends. Keep in mind that reversals can also be referred to as counter-trends or pullbacks. Once you have identified a reversal, you can then use various methods to find the ideal entry points for positions. It’s all about entering a trend right before a reversal, and then to capitalize on said reversal.

The 4 Benefits of Swing Trading

Now, you might be wondering why you would engage in swing trading, as opposed to something like day trading. Well, the fact of the matter is that there are a few key benefits to this type of trading that you might not know about.

No Wasting Time

When it comes to other types of trading, such as day trading, as well as scalping, you have to constantly be paying attention to your positions. You need to be glued to your monitor in the event that something doesn’t go your way. However, this is not the case with swing trading.

Due to the fact that the time frames for these trades are so long, you don’t have to constantly monitor your trades. Yes, you do still want to keep an eye on things, but you don’t need to have your account or trading platform open 24/7.

Simply put, swing trading tends to be much less stressful due to the long time frames, and therefore it’s much easier for beginners to keep track of.

Eliminating Market Noise

Another reason why you might want to consider swing trading as your primary method of making money on the market is because it goes a long way in eliminating market noise. No, it does not get rid of all market noise, but it certainly helps.

For those of you who don’t know, market noise is defined as data, financial news, or minor price movements which can distract investors and traders from the underlying value of an asset. This is not a good thing, and the less noise you suffer from, the better your end result will be.

Less Risk & More Reward

Another thing which many professionals enjoy about this type of trading is the fact that it involves slightly less risk compared to a higher reward. Other types of trading, such as day trading and scalping, although they can bring great rewards, are also quite risky to partake in. However, swing trading is less risky and offers great rewards, thus making it ideal for beginners.

Using Technical Indicators

The other reason why you might want to consider swinging your trades is because it relies solely on technical indicators to put strategies together. Using technical indicators, when used the right way, can be extremely reliable, thus increasing your chances of making a profit.

However, there are many other types of trading out there which rely much more on speculation. Speculation is fine if you are an experienced trader, but not if you are a newbie.

Swing Trading Explained – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if done right, swing trading can be a relatively safe, stress free, and low risk way to make decent profits. If you would like to find out more about swing trading, we recommend checking out the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, as well as Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube!


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Why Choose Income Mentor Box?

Why Choose Income Mentor Box?


If you are new to the world of day trading, chances are that you are intimidated by it, and Income Mentor Box knows this. The fact of the matter is that Forex and other types of trading can indeed be very profitable.

However, there is also the fact that there is a lot of risk involved. You can’t just start trading one day and think that you will make tons of money. In fact, if you don’t have the right training, knowledge, and experience, chances are that you will end up losing tons of money.

That said, getting an education in Forex and day trading in general doesn’t have to be hard. This is where the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy comes into play.

You may have heard about the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy before. Yet, you may not know if it is worth your money, if it is trustworthy, or if you will actually learn something. Well, today we are doing an Income Mentor Box review to figure out whether or not it is worth your time and money. Should you learn how to day trade from these guys?

Income Mentor Box

A Fully Comprehensive Course

One notable aspect of Income Mentor Box is that when you join, you get access to a fully comprehensive course. Sure, there are other trading schools out there, but many of them are really short, they aren’t comrpehensiver, and they only teach you some basics. This might be fine if you are looking for minimal education, but not if you are a newbie looking to become a pro trader.

With Income Mentor Box, you get access to 5 modules, each with over 10 classes in them, and each class is quite long, some up to 30 minutes or longer. It does start off with the basics and terminology, but quickly moves onto things like indicators, charting solutions, trading strategies, and more. This is one of the only places out there where you can receive a full, comprehensive, and formal trading education for Forex and more.


It Has a Real Leader

Something that many people wonder about Income Mentor Box is who the person behind it is. This is of course a fair question, because there are plenty of so called classes and school out there where the teacher is nothing more than a fraud. In many cases, the teachers simply don’t know anything, which is of course quite the problem. This is not the case here.

The leader of the IMB Day Trading Academy is Andrew. A. Andrew should be familiar to you if you are active online. He has several social media accounts, he has a YouTube channel and more. In other words, this man is the real deal, he is not some fraud or phony character. Take a look at Andrew’s Trading Channel, and you will see that he knows what he is doing. Personally, there are not many people we want to learn from, but he is one of the few.

Income Mentor Box


Income Mentor Box is More than Just Forex

Something else to keep in mind here is that Income Mentor Box is a day trading academy, not just a Forex trading academy. Many people assume that they will only learn how to trade Forex here, but this is not the case. Yes, the focus is mostly on Forex, but you will also learn about trading cryptocurrencies and stocks too.

Free Access to A Forex Signals Service

One of the best aspects of this Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is how you also get access to a Forex signals service when you join. For those of you who don’t know what a signals service is, this is a service where you get daily Forex trading signals. These signals come complete with entry and exit points, as well as stop loss and take profit levels which are already set.

All you have to do is copy and paste the signals you get into your broker or trading platform of choice. It’s an easy way to make quick money without having to know much or really do any work at all. This is a huge benefit indeed, and keep in mind that services like these usually cost a whole lot of money.


Income Mentor Box is Cost Effective

One reason why many people love Income Mentor Box is because it’s not overpriced like so many other trading schools out there. Here, you pay $299 one single time, and that’s it. For those of you who don’t know, courses like these can cost thousands of dollars, making this course one of the most cost effective options around.


You Can Take Your Time

The other notable fact here is that you can take as long to complete the course as you see fit. You can take 2 weeks or 2 years. Moreover, once you become a member, you have unlimited lifetime access to all course content, so you don’t have to rush through it.


Income Mentor Box is Easy to Follow

What we personally love about Income Mentor Box is that it is truly designed for newbies. Sure, there is no doubt that experienced traders can still learn some valuable info here, but in all reality, this course caters to newbies. The whole point of it is to be as easy as possible to understand. If you don’t have so much as a basic understanding of Forex and day trading in general, no worries, because you will learn it all right here.

Income Mentor Box

Income Mentor Box Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we would say that the IMB Day Trading Academy is by far one of the most reliable and successful trading schools around.

It won’t cost you much to join and you will get access to a fully comprehensive educational curriculum that will teach you everything you need to know about trading Forex and more.

There is also the fact that there is a really knowledge, friendly, and accessible leader here, one who makes learning both fun and easy. If you want to start making real money in the world of day trading, we would recommend checking out Income Mentor Box.


Income Mentor Box