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If you have not yet become a member of our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, you really don’t know how much cash you are missing out on. Just to show you how valuable our educational materials are, our mentor, Andrew, has done a recent live trading session where he made nearly 2,200 Euros in profits using his awesome EMA strategy for Forex, stocks, and crypto.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy EMA Strategy

What Is EMA & What Does It Tell You?

To be clear, EMA stands for exponential moving averages, and it is a type of moving average, a technical indicator, which places great weight on recent data points, as opposed to data points further back in history. Exponential moving averages are used to signal long term trends and price directions, so they can definitely be very useful for stock, Forex, and crypto trading, and the EMA strategy is best suited for trending markets.


Income Mentor Box Best EMA Strategy For Forex Trading

Now, the fact of the matter is that this best EMA strategy, which is brought to us courtesy of Andrew from the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy really is one of the best money making methods in day trading right now. The really cool part about using the exponential moving average strategy is that everyone can do it. It is really not that hard, it is fairly easy to learn, and as you can see from the included video, it is definitely quite profitable.

Now, we don’t want to get into explaining this EMA strategy on a step by step basis, as it would take quite a while, plus this is what the video is for. If you want to learn all about using this particular exponential moving average strategy, we definitely recommend watching the video. Yes, there are different ways to use the EMAs to your advantage, but this is hands down the best way to do it.

If you want to learn literally everything there is to know about trading strategies like this, we would definitely recommend becoming a member of our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. Here you will get full and unlimited lifetime access to all course materials, which of course include using trading strategies like this. Also, do keep in mind that this EMA strategy is not only for Forex trading, but also for stock and crypto trading too, which is yet another bonus and piece of knowledge in your day trading arsenal. As you will see below, Andrew, the number one mentor, was able to make big time profits by using this exponential moving average strategy.



Income Mentor Box EMA Strategy – HUGE PROFITS IN 1 SESSION!

The fact of the matter is that Andrew from Income Mentor Box has managed to put this so called best EMA strategy to good use in order to make big profits. As you can see from the live trading session video, he was able to make well over 2,100 Euros in profits using this strategy. It is very important to note that Andrew placed and closed all of these trades live on video. It’s irrefutable proof that he did actually use this EMA strategy to trade Forex, and he did so quite successfully.

Folks, this Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy EMA strategy managed to rake in nearly 2,200 Euros in pure profits in just a couple of hours. Talk about being impressive. The really cool part here is that you can simply copy this best EMA strategy for yourself, use it, and make healthy and consistent profits just like Andrew.

The fact that this particular exponential moving average strategy is so profitable is a really big deal, and it is just another piece of knowledge that will help you become a professional day trader. To be clear, using this EMA strategy, Andrew placed a total of 10 Forex trades, and 8 turned out to be winners, which translates to a solid 80% win rate, which is much better than most other Forex trading strategies allow for.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy EMA Strategy


The Limitations Of Using Exponential Moving Averages

There is one thing that you should know about using exponential moving averages for stock, Forex, or crypto trading, a limitation so to speak. The problem here is that it is a bit unclear whether more emphasis should be put on the more distant data in the time period or the more recent data.

There is a so called recency bias present in the EMA strategy, where some traders believe that new data is best used for this strategy, whereas some will argue that placing a greater emphasis on certain dates creates a bias. If markets are efficient, then historical data may not tell us all that much about the future direction of a price. However, with that being said, as Andrew proved in his recent trading video, using his particular EMA strategy is indeed a great and profitable way to trade Forex, crypto, and stocks too.

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Income Mentor Box EMA Strategy – Final Thoughts

Remember folks, the EMA strategy described in the most recent Income Mentor Box trading video is one of the best out there, and as you can see, it is definitely profitable. If you want to become the best day trader you can be, we would definitely recommend joining our academy for lifetime, full, and unlimited access to all of our course materials.

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