eToro Copy Trading Platform

eToro Copy Trading Platform


If you have never heard of the eToro social trading platform before, you definitely want to stick around to see what it’s all about. In essence, this is a signals provider, broker, and trading platform that allows you to trade normally and to copy the trades of others. It’s pretty cool indeed, and right now we want to tell you all about it!


eToro Trading Platform – Everything You Need To Know

Alright, so, let’s go over everything there is to know about this eToro social trading platform and exactly what it can do for you. It does indeed come with a really great set of platform features that you need to know about. This day trading system is all about making trading easy for newbies, and making it very profitable too. Let’s talk about the main eToro social trading platform features right here and now.



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A Diverse Range Of Assets

Something that really stands out about this eToro system is the fact that it comes with a really diverse array of trading assets. You see, sure, there are many other good autotraders and signals providers out there. However, they all focus on a specific type of asset, sometimes two asset types. In other words, some software is designed to trade crypto, some for Forex, some for stocks, and so on and so forth.

Sure, they may do one thing quite well, but being forced to switch between various trading platforms to work with different asset types is a huge waste of time. Well, eToro software allows you to trade crypto, stocks, Forex, commodities, indices, CFD, and more. It really is a like a little one stop day trading shop that allows you to trade virtually any asset class out there. This software provides literally hundreds, if not thousands of different signals across all asset classes, and that is impressive indeed.


Semi-Automated Trading

What you do need to know about the eToro system is that it does feature good ole semi automated trading. In other words, you can do some market research on your own, then trade with individual Forex, crypto, stock, commodities, and other asset types too. This means that you can trade on your own, just as you would with any other autotrader.


The Copy Trades Feature

Alright, so eToro software is called a social trading platform for a reason, which is because it includes a highly social form of trading. What we mean here is that on the platform, you will see a copy trades section. That is right, you can take a look at the highest earning traders and their best trades, so you can actually copy them in real time. This is very useful indeed, because it means that even if you are a newbie that does not know a single thing about day trading, you can simply copy other profitable trades.

It’s a feature that helps make life a lot easier, especially if don’t have lots of knowledge or lots of time to spare. You can keep track of your favorite traders and their trades using your personalized watchlist. Whenever those people make a profitable trade, you can simply copy it and make it your own. When it comes down to it, this is one of the most useful eToro platform features by far.


Invest In Full Market Portfolios

Something else that stands out about eToro software is the fact that there is a market portfolio section. This is not unlike when you go to a bank or investment service, which creates an investment portfolio for you, with a diverse range of assets. With eToro software, you can choose from hundreds of different market portfolios to invest in, and they each have different assets included.

Some might be focused on tech, some on food, some on natural resources, some on currencies, some for cryptocurrencies, and some include a good deal of all of the above. As you will see, there are low, medium, and high risk investment portfolios for you to take advantage of, so you can choose the risk level which suits you best. It is definitely a super cool feature. It’s like your own investment banking service, all located inside of this autotrader.


eToro Is Also Its Own Broker

Yet another aspect of this eToro trading app that stands out is how it is actually its own broker as well. You probably know that when you use other signals providers or autotraders, you also have to sign up for a separate broker to handle transactions. When you have to do this, it’s a waste of time, commissions are high, and not all brokers work with all trading services. However, this is not the case with eToro, because it is a combination broker, signals provider, and trading service. Everything you need is neatly located in one place, and it really does not get any better than that!


Get Free Trading Capital Upon Sign Up

Did you know that when you sign up with the eToro app, you also get some free money to start trading with? There are various ways in which you can create an account with this high class signals provider and trading app, and each way, in one way or another, provides you with some free trading capital. Sure, it’s not a huge amount of money you get, but a little bit is better than nothing at all. It’s a good incentive to say the very least.


eToro Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this eToro trading platform is simply one of the very best out there right now. Here, you get access to virtually all types of trading assets, and there are literally thousands of signals provided to you. Moreover, you can engage in good old fashioned trading, or you can copy the trades of others, which is indeed a really big deal. There is also the point that eToro software features fully built market portfolios that you can invest in, or you can copy the portfolios of others too. Finally, the fact that you get some free trading capital upon signing up isn’t too shabby either!