Stop Loss & Take Profit Explained!


Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we want to teach you how to become a professional day trader. It is all about learning to trade Forex, CFD, stocks, indices, and more. The main goal is to help you become a profitable day trader so you can quit your 9 to 5 day job. Today we are here to talk about stop loss & take profit. Here we have a little mini tutorial on stop loss & take profit just to get you started. If you want a more in depth tutorial on stop loss & take profit, we would recommend joining our Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy for the full scoop.

Income Mentor Box - Stop Loss & Take Profit

Stop Loss

In terms of stop loss & take profit, the first half of this is stop loss. Being able to understand and set an appropriate stop loss level is very important. This is an important part of Forex and other kinds of trading because it allows you to cut your losses when a trade is going south, before the full investment is lost. For instance, if you invest $100 in a certain asset, you can set the stop loss order to $75. Therefore, if the value of your investment decreases past $75, the position will automatically close, thus saving $75 before further losses are incurred. Stop loss levels can usually be set in pips, percentage points, or at specific price levels too.


Take Profit

When it comes to stop loss & take profit, one half of this important trading factor is of course take profit. Take profit or target price refers to placing an order where you inform your broker to close a trading position when a certain ROI or profit level has been reached. For instance, if you make an investment of $100, you can set the take profit level at $125 or 25%. This means that the trade will automatically close when that specific target is met. It’s a good way to ensure that you secure profits before things turn south. You can usually set a take profit order in percent or at a specific price level.


Cut Your Losses & Don’t Get Greedy

The important thing to note about stop loss & take profit levels is that they allow you to cut your losses or make sure that you walk away with profits. In terms of stop loss, setting a stop loss level allows you to salvage part of an investment before even more money is loss. A take profit order is great because it ensures that you walk away with a certain level of profits before a trade potentially turns south. It’s all about ensuring profits and minimizing losses.


Stop Loss & Take Profit – Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is indeed very important to be familiar with stop loss & take profit. This is an essential part of Forex and other kinds of trading. It comes in handy for minimizing losses and ensuring that you walk away with some profits. This is something that we here at the Income Mentor Box Trading Academy really cannot stress enough.

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