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People have always loved pot, marijuana, weed, or whatever else you want to call it, and now is the time to look at cannabis stocks. Canada just legalized recreational weed, and the USA is doing so for the most part as well. This means that cannabis stocks are currently a big time investment opportunity for anybody interested in stock market investing.

cannabis stocks

There are dozens of existing and new companies, all of which are investing countless millions into the legal marijuana market. This is a brand new market with ample opportunities for anybody and everybody to make huge profits. Cannabis stocks are undoubtedly going to explode in value, especially as the market continues to grow and more countries around the world legalize it.

Here at the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, we know that you guys are always on the hunt for new money making opportunities. This is why we are here today, to talk about some of the biggest Cannabis stocks that you need to keep your eyes on. Whatever you want to call them, whether weed stocks, cannabis stocks, or pot stocks, the fact of the matter is that there are piles of cash to be made here!Income Mentor Box - Cannabis Stocks


Cronos Group INC.

TSX:CRON: Share Value – Approx. $28

The Cronos Group is a large Canadian cannabis company and it is at this time one of the very biggest cannabis stocks to keep your eyes on. This company is investing in establishments which produce and retail legalized marijuana. Cronos Group INC. focuses its investments in Canadian companies and operates through subsidiaries. The company also has a wide variety of international production and distribution platforms.

Cronos Group

Some of their holdings include Peace Naturals, Original BC, and Whistler Medical Marijuana Company. Cronos Group INC. is estimated to be able to product roughly 42,000 KG of retail ready marijuana, with an expansion underway that will increase their yearly production capacity to nearly 80,000 KG. Just recently, the Altria Group (NYSE:MO) has invested $2.4 billion into Cronos. At this time, with the exploding legalized marijuana market in Canada, Cronos is undoubtedly a fantastic investment opportunity out there. When it comes to cannabis stocks, it absolutely has great potential with awesome growth predicted.

Market Cap: $5.0 Billion

Revenue: $3.8 Million (Q3 – 2018)

1 Month Return: +55.3%

1 Year Return: +203.5%


Canopy Growth Corp

TSX:WEED: Share Value – Approx. $63

The Canopy Growth Corp is an absolutely massive multi-brand cannabis company with a number of sub-brands under their belt. When it comes to cannabis stocks, this one is another massive one to keep your eyes on. Yes, the shares are currently worth quite a bit, but there is big time growth in the forecast for these guys. With over 600,000 square feet of production space, the Canopy Growth Corp currently pumps out 67,500 KG of cannabis and cannabis related products.

canopy growth corporation

Within the next couple years, the plan is to increase production space to a whopping 5,000,000 square feet, thus increasing production capacity by nearly 10 times. The company is also licensed in the state of New York to produce hemp, with over $150 million set to be invested into the New York production line. Yes, the buy in for Canopy Growth Corp shares is already quite high, but growth is set to exponential over the next years. There is no arguing that cannabis stocks like these present investors with massive opportunities for big time ROI.

Market Cap: $21.6 Billion

Revenue: $23.3 Million (Q2 2019)

1 Month Return: +10.1%

1 Year Return: +131.3%


Aurora Cannabis INC.

TSX: ACB: Share Value – Approx. $9.30

Aurora Cannabis is at this time one of the largest producers and retailers of medicinal cannabis in Canada. ACB is set to have roughly 1,000,000 square feet of production space by the end of 2019, and the goal is to produce 270,000 KG of cannabis per year. Aurora Cannabis INC also owns 20% of Liquor Stores N.A, many of which it plans to convert or partially convert into cannabis retail space, thus increasing their reach even more. ACB has also signed deals and supply agreements with 12 Canadian Provinces which will account for a whopping 98% of the population.

aurora cannabis

This another one of those massive cannabis stocks that is going to see massive growth in the next few years. What is crazy here is that ACB is currently in talks with none other than Coca Cola. The plan is to work together to make cannabis infused sodas and drinks, something which is sure to sell like hotcakes. In early February, ACB released its Q2 results, with revenue of over $54 million, up a massive 83% from the previous quarter. As you might notice, the returns do not look good, but with the increase in production space and a deal with Coca Cola in the works, when it comes to cannabis stocks, ACB is definitely quite promising.

Market Cap: $9.3 Billion

Revenue: $54.3 Million (Q2 – 2019)

1 Month Return: -3%

1 Year Return: -6.9%

Other Cannabis Stocks To Look Out For

There are so many cannabis stocks out there that we cannot possibly list them all. However, here are some other really promising cannabis stocks to look out for, all of which have massive potential for serious and lighting quick growth.

  1. FSD Pharma: (CSE:HUGE): $0.27: Market Cap – $364 Million
  2. Supreme Cannabis Company INC: (TSXV:FIRE): $1.85: Market Cap – $536 Million
  3. Liberty Health Sciences: (CSE:LHS): $1.10: Market Cap – $312 Million
  4. Cannex Capital Holdings INC: (CSE:CNNX): $1.17: Market Cap – $215 Million
  5. Aphria INC: (TSX:APHA): $12.68: Market Cap – $3.2 Billion


Cannabis Stocks & Profit Potential

Here at Income Mentor Box, we want you to be a profitable trader, which is why these cannabis stocks are ones you should look at. As the stigma disappears, it becomes legalized around the world, and as these companies continue to sprout of the snow, the potential to make massive profits through cannabis stocks is becoming ever more realistic!

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